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The Metaverse and What It Means for eCommerce

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What is the Metaverse? We'll explore this and other relevant topics in this recent podcast!

If you have ever thought that the current state of the internet was steadfast to never change, it’s time to think again. The internet is evolving at an unprecedented rate, so much so that we can now buy real estate on the internet itself. We are talking about, of course, the Metaverse.

The word has gained massive popularity as of late due to Mark Zuckerberg’s recent unveiling of Facebook being renamed “Meta.” But, what is the Metaverse?

In this episode, Michael Prusich, the Director of Business Development here at 1Digital® Agency, joined us. He is responsible for conducting a host of tasks, such as consulting with clients about their eCommerce goals, eCommerce site migrations, and much more.

On top of his knowledge of all things eCommerce, he is exceptionally passionate about the Metaverse and various other entities that coincide with it.

Key Takeaways from Our Conversation:

  • What the Metaverse is (and no, it’s not like the Sims)
  • The difference between virtual reality and augmented reality– and how the Metaverse will utilize both at once
  • How augmented reality is currently being used in the eCommerce space
  • What is so exciting about it
  • How people will make purchases on the Metaverse and what exactly they will buy (hint: no tangible items!)
  • A brief explanation of cryptocurrency and NFTs
  • What big brands are doing in the Metaverse right now
  • Potential issues that could arise– and do the “pros” really outweigh the “cons?”
  • A quick reminiscing about Myspace!
  • Mike’s knowledgeable advice for all eCommerce businesses

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