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Relevancy: The Key Ingredient for Social Media Strategy

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Social Media Strategy Do's and Don'ts

Social media has become an integral part of all of our lives, regardless of how often we use it and our reasonings for doing so. For those with eCommerce businesses, however, it can be difficult to keep up with ever-evolving social media trends in order to reap the most benefits of this highly popular phenomenon. That is where a good and up-to-date social media strategy comes in to help.

In this episode, we met and spoke with Emma Kuliczkowski. Here at 1Digital Agency, she plays several key roles, including content production, content coordination, and social media strategy. We mainly focused on social media in digital marketing, the strategy that goes into a successful campaign, and much more.

Key Takeaways from the Conversation:

  • The most popular social media platforms today
  • Which social media platforms are best for younger vs. older audiences
  • Why eCommerce businesses don’t need to be on every single social media platform (and how to pick the right ones based on your target audience)
  • Key analytics and data points to observe to reach your business goals
  • What “impressions” are and how they’re different from other analytics (and why they matter!)
  • The input needed from the client for a social media strategist for success (hint: patience is a virtue!)
  • How long it really takes to see organic success on social media platforms
  • The distorted view of how getting popular on social media can be dangerous
  • MEMES! What “memes” are and why these hilarious “inside jokes” are so popular with younger audiences (yes, it is quite psychological!)
  • Key ways eCommerce businesses can take the most advantage of this viral trend of “memes,” but also “reels” and “TikToks”
  • The refreshing and humanizing “meme bandwagon” and why nearly any brand can jump on!
  • A guy on a skateboard, a bottle of Ocean Spray cranberry juice, and Fleetwood Mac: the trifecta for a viral TikTok– and how it ended in majorly raising brand awareness for Ocean Spray (here’s the wholesome TikTok if you haven’t watched!)
  • Wholesome and heart-felt content above all else!
  • Other underused concepts for social media campaigns

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Here are the meme examples we promised at the end of the episode:

And a tweet from Dunkin Donuts for good measure:

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