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Near Me Keywords

There have been countless assumptions tossed around in the eCommerce industry in recent years, one of the many being that “near me” keywords have a positive impact on your visibility to potential clients.

But, is that actually the case? In this episode, Espo and I dove into the nitty gritty that is the “near me” keyword SEO conundrum.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

  • The Google update Possum in 2016: its main goal and what it sparked in Google searches and results
  • Local searches and what factors into your results (“open now,” time of day, your search intent, etc.).
  • How to use “near me” keywords (and how not to) for your business
  • The #1 black hat SEO tactic in business listings for “near me” keywords
  • Why NAP and hours are so vital for your business listing
  • How to target “near me” keywords
  • Why does Google keep some information hidden from the public?
  • What businesses should focus more so on than stuffing “near me” everywhere
  • And plenty more!

Did we answer all of your questions about “near me” and other similar keyword modifiers? Let us know if we missed anything!

For your next SEO project, be sure to keep us here at 1Digital® Agency in mind! Our team of diligent, professional, and knowledgeable experts knows how to cater keywords to your– and your business’– advantage!

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