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Beauty Brands in eCommerce: How Do You Stand Out?

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Beauty Brands in eCommerce

With seemingly infinite new businesses in the eCommerce market (and countless joining every day), it can be difficult for certain brands to stand out amongst their competitors. This is especially true for beauty brands in eCommerce.

According to Statista, personal care retail sales in the eCommerce space reached 32 billion dollars during 2020 in the United States alone.

That’s a whole lot of revenue for a whole lot of businesses. That means the competition is fierce for beauty and cosmetics. How, then, can any one business compete with so many others out there?

The answer: the proper and meticulous digital marketing plan.

Emma Kuliczkowski and Marquila Herrera joined the show in order to discuss all things beauty brands in eCommerce, as they both have extensive experience writing copy and producing content for such brands.

Key Takeaways from the Discussion

  • The advantages and disadvantages of both buying and selling beauty products online vs. in-store (customer service in eCommerce and in-store, etc.)
  • The impact copywriting can make in your branding (both good and bad)
  • How to balance “buzzwords” and true substance appropriately in beauty product copywriting
  • Why both seasons and trends make a huge impact on your online presence, as it can effectively meet customer needs and boost revenue
  • Supply what customers need and not so much what they want
  • Legality: how to avoid making any medical claims and other promises for beauty products (while still sounding flattering)
  • Transparency + directness – dramatization = profitable copy for beauty brands
  • High-quality images really matter, too!
  • Why social media presence is a necessity for this industry– and some major do’s and don’ts
  • Why opting for outside digital marketing help could be the right move
  • What beauty brands need to supply copywriters, social media strategists, and other digital marketers to succeed (it’s a team effort!)

Are you looking to make your eCommerce beauty brand stand out? Then work with us here at 1Digital Agency®! We know what it takes to make your beauty brand succeed in the heavily-saturated eCommerce space. Contact us today to get started!

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