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2022 eCommerce Trends You Need to Know

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Tune into this week's podcast to get the lowdown on some top eCommerce trends for 2022.

The internet is constantly evolving to best fit all of our needs, desires, and queries. Having an eCommerce business, then, means that you need to be vigilant in staying on top of eCommerce trends that will bring the most profit and visibility to you.

But, that is significantly easier said than done. As we begin our journey through 2022, getting acquainted with some key eCommerce marketing trends is ideal so that you can stay on top of your industry instead of falling behind your competitors.

In this episode, we met with one of our head content producers here at 1Digital Agency, Michael “Espo” Esposito, to chew over eCommerce marketing trends for 2022.

Key Takeaways and eCommerce Trends from Our Discussion Include

  • The definition of “eCommerce” simplified and explained
  • 3 eCommerce marketing trends that businesses should be focusing on in 2022
  • Social media’s humble beginnings and its steadfast role in eCommerce today– and its potential importance in 2022 and beyond
  • The difference between paid and organic digital marketing– and why the latter might be more profitable than the former this year
  • “Merit” is greater than “money” in 2022
  • A glossing over of the Metaverse, augmented reality, and virtual reality (near-future lickable touchscreens?)
  • How imagination will dictate digital marketing in 2022
  • One “cringe-worthy” thing that eCommerce businesses do and need to stop doing immediately
  • One simple yet key piece of advice for all eCommerce business owners

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