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eCommerce Optimization Methods to Drive Conversion Rates

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eCommerce Optimization Methods to Drive Conversion Rates

Improving your conversion rate from shoppers to buyers is something an eCommerce company looks to constantly refine. In order to do this, your eCommerce web page is constantly going through tweaks and changes in order to optimize customer experience and increase sales.

Running an online store does come with its share of challenges, but finding creative solutions can help to bring in more conversions and help you sell more. The solutions take on various challenges and problems such as building email lists, decreasing shopping cart abandonment, promo box myths, and increasing earnings per visitor.


Building Email Subscriber Lists

Collecting customer emails is arguably one of the most important things an eCommerce site must do. Email lists provide valuable information for various marketing initiatives, but also allows you as an eCommerce retailer information regarding purchase patterns and histories.

There are many ways to collect more email subscribers. The key is to incentivize your customers and make them want to offer up their email in exchange for an incentive. For example, many companies have a pop-up show up once their homepage has loaded asking to join the email list. Rather than just ask, provide an incentive. Offering a % off coupon code, makes your customer want to join your email list in order to take advantage of this special discount.

You can even go as far as offering the chance to win special prizes in exchange for an email address. Just by offering a chance to win a free prize, you’re giving your customer incentive to join so they can take part in your offering.

If you don’t want to offer a discount, there is still another way to increase your email list. Simply changing the way you ask for an email list can make a big difference. For example, using “learn about sales, promos, and new products” can really help. You’re basically telling your customer that in the near future there will be ways to save money, and in order to take advantage of that, they should subscribe to your email list to know exactly when.


Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems eCommerce websites face today. In 2015 alone, the average rate of shopping cart abandonment was 73%! Shopping cart abandonment can happen for a variety of reasons. A customer can put a bunch of items in their carts and proceed to the checkout page, but they’ll exit the page and try to find a coupon without any luck. When they don’t find a coupon, they just won’t return to your website again. Or, a customer can fill up their cart only to realize that the shipping and handling fees are too much and this will make them reconsider their purchases.

With shopping cart abandonment an ongoing problem, eCommerce companies are actively looking for ways to fight back and make the sale. An exit intent offer is a great last minute effort from you, for your customers to finish the checkout process. An exit intent offer is a pop-up that shows up right when your customer is considering leaving your site. Usually, the pop-up contains a certain % off if they finish the transaction right then and there. An exit intent offer allows the customer to rethink not proceeding with the transaction and can be a last minute effort to make the sale. Your exit intent offer gives incentive to the customer to finish the transaction.


Promotions and Coupon Boxes at Checkout

Many think that having too many check out options such as “gift card”, “special offer”, or “discount code” boxes are driving potential buyers away. This is because too many options are confusing the customer and allowing them to give up altogether and not finish the transaction. Many eCommerce companies are noting this obstacle and trying to actively find a solution for it.

Eliminating promo code and gift card boxes can be dangerous all together as a customer doesn’t have an incentive to finish their purchase. Rather eCommerce companies are looking at different options they can utilize. Some eCommerce companies are offering discount codes, or % off right on their website in the form of a pop-up window. This eliminates the need for a customer to leave the eCommerce stores to find a discount code which interrupts the conversion process. Having it right on the web page streamlines the process and helps customers complete the checkout process. Some eCommerce companies are even testing having discount codes right on product pages. If an item qualifies for a discount, an offer button appears right on the window and once clicked, the discount automatically applies to that product. Again, this gives incentive to the customer to finish and actually check out.


Revenue Per Visitor

Aside from shopping cart abandonment, there are many little quirks that are drastically reducing the number of your conversions from shoppers to buyers. The best way to combat this is to test your eCommerce web page. While this doesn’t sound completely ideal, because not everyone wants to make continuous changes to their eCommerce store. But if you would like to increase sales, making minor changes and tweaks could drastically improve your revenue per visitor. For example, removing a large overhead banner could increase revenue because customers are not distracted by it. Rather they are able to view the products offered in a cleaner, more presentable manner.

Your checkout page is the most important page of your eCommerce website. This is the final step in completing a transaction as well as where conversions happen. Having a completely up to date checkout page that is not overbearing or cluttered is vital. Removing unnecessary clutter from your checkout page can help increase sales. A streamlined checkout process can increase sales as customers won’t be confused by all the unnecessary information. A cleaner and more deliberate design can really drive conversions.
There are many eCommerce optimization methods that you can try to drive conversions. Whether they’re fairly big changes like adding incentive pop-ups or small tweaks like removing clutter from your checkout pages, these changes work. 1Digital can help you make these changes to your eCommerce site no matter the size of the issue. We can help you create discount pop-ups, or adding/removing minor items on your web page. We strive to create the very best web pages in eCommerce. Contact us today and find out how we can help you!  

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