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BigCommerce Enterprise vs. Shopify Plus



At 1Digital Agency we specialize in helping eCommerce stores grow. When a client who came to us with a small template store gets to a position where they need to upgrade to an enterprise eCommerce system, that’s the kind of problem we’re excited to have to solve! Based on the specifics of your business we might recommend one or two platforms out of the many enterprise options available. If your store needs to make that move, and you’re weighing BigCommerce Enterprise VS Shopify Plus as options, 1Digital® can help make that choice more clear.

BigCommerce Enterprise

BigCommerce Enterprise is the top tier plan from BigCommerce. It is designed for eCommerce stores that do 1 million or more in sales every year. We’ve found that BigCommerce is often the best fit for businesses with robust catalogs of products and categories.

An agency like 1Digital®, which knows how to play the BigCommerce admin area like a violin, can create almost endless variations in product variants and option values to compliment a really complex product catalog. BigCommerce Enterprise also comes with custom faceted search as a native feature. This allows you to create specific search variables that allow your customers to whittle your catalog down to exactly what they’re looking for.

For businesses with this sort of large inventory, a third-party management system is often necessary. BigCommerce’s open API makes it easy for an enterprise development agency like us to allow all your other systems to run seamlessly with your eCommerce store. BigCommerce Enterprise also makes it easy to run a wholesale or blended business by allowing for easy setup of separate customer groups.

When it comes to BigCommerce Enterprise vs. Shopify Plus, we will often recommend BigCommerce to growing merchants that work in high volume sales and complex product catalogs. However our direction often weighs on exact requirements.

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Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is the newest offering from Shopify. Built for merchants doing at least 1 million per year online, for whom Shopify Core would simply not be robust enough. We often recommend Shopify Plus to merchants when international deployment and third-party connections are of paramount importance.

Unique to the Shopify Plus offering is the availability of 10 clone stores at no extra cost. This means that if your business operates over many countries and many languages you can easily deploy a clone of your site in 10 different languages for 10 different audiences without having to rebuild the store you already have or pay for multiple hosting instances. All these stores are easily managed from your one Shopify Plus admin area. Shopify Plus stores also enjoy the benefit of being attached to the Shopify App Marketplace, the largest ecosystem of third-party plugins available for eCommerce.

Like BigCommerce, Shopify Plus has an open API that we can use to create custom connections if you need them, but these can sometimes be time-consuming and costly. If you need a connection to third-party software, chances are good that a pre-built connector already exists in the Shopify App Store which could be added to your store with just a few clicks.

Shopify Plus also offers predictable pricing. Shopify Plus plans start at $2,000 per month, but the price you pay when you sign on stays your monthly fee, no matter how much your business grows.

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Arguing about BigCommerce Enterprise VS Shopify Plus may seem like wasted breath to some eCommerce professionals because, in truth, these systems are more similar than they are different. Especially when compared to the open source platforms like Magento and Demandware that had dominated the enterprise eCommerce space until recently. When you opt for a hosted solution over an open source one you get some significant advantages.

Hosted solutions like BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus are shockingly reliable. They both boast more the 99% uptime rates and the best site security available. This saves your business the expense of IT personnel to load test servers and upgrade security patches. Hosted platforms are also infinitely scalable. When you get to the enterprise level your site could be dealing with hundreds of thousands of visitors every day. These two systems host your site in the cloud so that your store won’t go down from an unexpected traffic spike and you won’t need an employee trained in server architecture. All these benefits of hosted systems help you save the opportunity cost of development focused work and invest your time and energy into marketing, inventory, personnel, and all the other things that make your business run.


Though we may build more sites on hosted platforms like BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus, we are still experts in working with open source solutions for those who need something really custom. Magento Enterprise is a self-hosted platform with intuitive navigation and flexibility.

Magento Enterprise

With Magento Enterprise’s templating, you can customize literally any aspect of your site. Magento is open source, so the Magento Marketplace is brimming with pre-built plugins for every third-party system and feature under the sun. Magento also has the most extensive list of out of the box features in the business. If you’ve already looked into hosted solutions and found that what you want just isn’t possible, eCommerce development experts like 1Digital® can make it possible on Magento. If you run a larger business and need some truly unique custom functionality, Magento is your best eCommerce enterprise platform option. Learn more about Magento Enterprise if you need ultimate customization with an open sourced platform.

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1Digital® Can Help you decide

In the debate of BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus, you don’t need to make this decision alone. 1Digital Agency has partnerships with both Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise, as well as a long history with Magento Enterprise. We understand the different applications of each platform, and we know how to address these different perks to better help your business. 1Digital® can help with web design, development, and digital marketing. If you think that your business could benefit from one of these platforms, contact us today, and let’s find out which one is right for you.

Let’s talk shop and get a game plan together for your eCommerce enterprise store. We can help build a roadmap, plan and then execute on your vision.

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