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Enterprise Platforms

Ecommerce Enterprise Platforms

Intro to Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms


Enterprise platforms are specifically designed to meet the requirements of mid-market to large eCommerce businesses. If you’re doing one million or more per year in sales online, you should be considering an enterprise eCommerce solution. There are plenty to choose from, but here at 1Digital we suggest these three as the best of the best. Each platform has its own unique capabilities, and each platform’s uniqueness lends itself to different kinds of businesses. Take the time to get to know these three platforms, and we can help you get up and running enterprise eCommerce platform that’s right for you!

Ecommerce Enterprise Platforms

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a newcomer to the enterprise market, but has come out swinging, with a ton of capabilities. Shopify Plus comes with a flat fixed cost, dedicated APIs, and is far more customizable the core Shopify. It’s also great for taking new brands to market quickly and globally. With nine extra clone sites included with your regular site, you can focus on global enterprise and watch your business expand to its fullest potential.


BigCommerce Enterprise

BigCommerce Enterprise has staked its claim as the perfect solution for business in the mid market. With BigCommerce, any business can easily manage their site with a plethora of built-in features. These features are contained in a streamlined and easy to use interface for an incredible price. And since BigCommerce is cloud hosted you’ll enjoy 99.99% uptime with no need to pay for additional server costs. BigCommerce Enterprise is perfect for mid-market businesses looking to scale up quickly.


Magento Enterprise

Magento Enterprise is a self-hosted platform with intuitive navigation and flexibility. With Magento Enterprise’s templating, you can customise literally any aspect of your site. Magento is open source, so the Magento Marketplace is brimming with pre-built plugins for every thrid party system and feature under the sun. Magento also has the most extensive list of out of the box features in the business. If you run a larger business, and need some unique custom functionality, Magento is your best eCommere enterprise platform option.



How 1Digital Can Help

1Digital Agency has partnerships with both Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise, as well as a long history with Magento Enterprise. We understand the different applications of each platform, and we know how to address these different perks to better help your business. 1Digital can help with web design, development, and digital marketing. If you think that your business could benefit from one of these platforms, contact us today, and let’s find out which one is right for you.

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Enterprise Migration Services

Here at 1Digital, we take pride in our expertise on migrating from platform to platform. If you wish to migrate to a new enterprise eCommerce platform, we can make sure that your data migration goes smoothly. When working with high volume migration, our proprietary migration techniques make a difficult process as easy and painless as possible.

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