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Experts in eCommerce Website Development

Powering Your Online Store

Platform & Data Migration

Sometimes the limitations of your platform leave you with little choice other than to migrate your website to a new eCommerce platform. As you can imagine, there are many details to manage throughout a migration, but our migration process has served us and our clients well, hundreds of times. More »

Responsive Development

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to be competitive in the online marketplace without an effective mobile website. Our team will develop a responsive design for your website that will scale aesthetically to the dimensions of the devices your visitors are using. More »

eCommerce ADA Compliance

eCommerce websites are seen as places of business, at least in the sense that they need to be compliant with the terms of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Avoid a potentially expensive legal situation; let our team bring you back up to ADA compliance. More »

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps allow you to take your customer relationship even further. We build easy to use apps that break down barriers between your store and its best customers. More »

API Development & Integration

In order for your website to function seamlessly, it needs to be integrated properly, whether it’s with a truly custom tool or just with a third-party app. We have completed API integrations countless times in the past, delighting our customers, and theirs. More »

Advanced Development

For those times when you can envision a solution but don’t know how to get it done, you can rely on 1Digital® Agency’s expert design team to solve the puzzle. Whatever type of functionality, tool or customization you want to complete for your website, a partnership with us will be your greatest asset. More »

eCommerce Website Development Redefined

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Qualified and Certified eCommerce Developers

High-Quality eCommerce Website Development

We’ve developed successful eCommerce websites across several industries, including:

  • Fashion and Designer Clothing

  • Outdoor / Sporting Goods and Supplies

  • Electronics, Gaming, Computer Accessories and Equipment

  • HVAC, Construction, Industrial Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Baking, Confectionery, Other Culinary Business

  • Home, Garden, Pool Supplies

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Advanced eCommerce Development

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Podio Advanced Development + Customization

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eCommerce Web Development FAQs

What is eCommerce web development and why is it important?

eCommerce web development is the process of creating a website that is optimized for user experience and provides a user interface that is convenient, easy to use, and adds value to that experience. Think of design as the collection of visual elements and development as the behind the scenes work that makes everything work together seamlessly.

How can eCommerce website development help my online business?

Without eCommerce website development, your site may look beautiful but not work cohesively. Development ensures that the elements of your website design display where they should and when they should. It ensures that your business-critical apps function properly and effectively, and it ensures that your overall user experience is enjoyable and seamless.

What are the most important elements of eCommerce web development?

It’s hard to point to one single element as the most important aspect of eCommerce web development, as they all work together. Additionally, since all eCommerce websites are different, one website may have a more pressing need for responsive development than another. It’s a case by case basis, but some of the most important elements of development across the board are app development and integration, responsive development for mobile shoppers along with development of site navigation, payment gateways, and checkout processes.

What information do I need to provide before my eCommerce web development project begins?

Having a general knowledge and understanding as to what website developed work you need done is important. Whether that’s inventory management or secure payment gateways, custom search functionality, or enhancing customer accounts, our experts can help you with all your eCommerce site development needs. We’ll work with you to carry out the essential end goal: improve your website’s overall functionality to provide a better shopping experience for your customers.

Will my eCommerce platform impact my site’s potential development features?

Every eCommerce platform provides business owners with its own suite of functionality. Coding might vary depending on the platform being used, but the biggest influence that your platform will have is determining what features will require custom eCommerce development. Our development team has helped businesses from all major eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify and BigCommerce, develop custom features for their websites.

Will my website experience any downtime?

Depending on the nature of your development project, you can expect an appropriate amount of downtime. We take stringent measures during every project to ensure minimal interruption to key services, and all measures are taken to properly inform your visitors of what to expect and how to get in touch with you while the site is under maintenance.

What happens if I want to change my platform at a later date?

Our team can assist you with a full-scale website migration as needed, and the option is always available to you. With 1Digital®, your eCommerce store is never tied down to one specific platform, although many features of your site may be platform-specific based on your level of custom development and the apps you are using. Get in touch with us for more details.

What eCommerce web development services does 1Digital® offer?

1Digital® Agency offers a host of eCommerce web development services that will result in an efficient and effective online store for your business. Among our many web development services are response development, platform and data migrations services and support, app development, API development and integration, and more. For advanced development projects, we created our own tool, 1DBOX, which gives us and our clients additional functionality to overcome any of the restraints which their current platform presents. 1DBOX enables us to provide custom solutions to our clients that are outside of their current platform’s capabilities.

Does 1Digital® offer app development services?

Yes, 1Digital® Agency offers not only app and API integration services but app development services as well. We’ve even created custom apps for clients in the past who needed a solution to work around the constraints of the platform they were using. If you have a vision for your online business and its processes but need the help of experts to make it a reality, contact our team to learn more about how our app development services can benefit your business.

How long will my project with 1Digital® Agency take?

It can be difficult to quantify such a question, as every development project will be unique in its scope. Some projects will take longer than others, but 1Digital® Agency prides itself on the consistency and thoroughness of the work we do for our clients. To get a more specific answer on a development project you would like to see scoped and completed for your business, contact our team.

Will I be able to talk one-on-one with an eCommerce website developer to get the desired results?

At 1Digital®, we take a personal approach to business with our clients. Whether you partner with us for a development project or a digital marketing campaign, our team will be accessible to you from the beginning of the project through the end, and through any extended support. All of our clients all have access to our CRM system where they can track the progress of the project and communicate with their dedicated project manager along the way.

Can 1Digital® help make my store more responsive?

Mobile responsiveness is an important part of both user experience and SEO, so our team takes important steps to ensure that all of our eCommerce development projects are optimized for mobile viewing and functionality. You can be sure that your website is outfitted with the latest design conventions that both your users and search engines are looking for.

Does 1Digital® offer support after projects are completed or delivered?

Yes, 1Digital® Agency offers digital support services once projects are completed and delivered. Typically, we offer 30 days of free support after the completion or delivery of a project, but some projects receive 15, 30, 45, or even 60 days of support. This will vary by the nature and complexity of the project, but our support services are always available and, once a project has been completed, your project workspace within our CRM will always be available for you to easily reach out. We even offer support services for businesses that don’t need any full design or development work, but instead just need some eCommerce support.

Will eCommerce web development impact my SEO?

1Digital® Agency does everything with SEO in mind, including design and development. Design and development projects can have a big impact on SEO, but as experts who dedicate a large portion of resources to the execution of successful SEO campaigns, we know the best practices to implement and follow during design and development to prevent adverse effects to your SEO.

Do I need to be local to work with 1DA for this project?

You do not need to be local to work with 1Digital® for your eCommerce web development project. We have worked with clients from all over the world and across a wide variety of industries by assisting in developing effective and responsive eCommerce websites for their businesses. We are an eCommerce development company that is here to help all eCommerce businesses with their web development needs.

Can 1Digital® work around my website’s existing custom features?

If you already have custom-built features on your website, our team can work around them or even help you improve them. We’ve helped clients with advanced product building features migrate those applications and help them match custom design features for an overall better website and shopping experience.

Can 1Digital® help me develop advanced search functions?

Advanced search is a custom development option that many of our customers request. Businesses with very specific products need to give customers the ability to filter based on several factors. This need usually exceeds the search functions that most platforms offer. We can help you make whatever specialized search features you need and help you implement them on your site.

Does 1Digital® own my website or do I have control over my digital assets?

Everything we do for our clients here at 1Digital® belongs to them. Every asset that we generate for use on your website is yours, so you can be sure that developing your eCommerce website with us is a long term investment that will stay with you no matter the circumstances or what you want to do with your store down the road.

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