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Amazing Branding and Unique Custom Theme for Your eCommerce Store

Experience the Transformations

Insightful eCommerce Web Design

Website Design Services That Empower Brands and Elevate User Experience

Branding & Logo Design

Brands and logos are an extension of your professional image and a visual representation that conveys your value. Our team creates powerful brands and logos for our customers. More »

Website Redesign

The pace at which trends in online design best practices and consumer behavior change is impressive. We’ll keep you ahead of those changes with a stunning, engaging redesign. More »

Responsive Design

Every year, more and more shoppers turn to mobile devices to consume content and shop online. Without a responsive design, you’ll miss opportunities to capture mobile shoppers. More »

Newsletter Design

Consistency is a cornerstone of good branding, and it’s required across all visual aspects of your online business. We’ll create a brand-integrated newsletter design for your website that will consolidate your brand image. More »

eBrand Appraisal

Despite the intangibles associated with a brand, there are plenty of measurable aspects. A 1Digital® Brand Appraisal will give you real insight into your brand, uncovering opportunities for improvement. More »

Packaging Design & Product Branding

Our experienced designers will create branded product packaging that will consolidate your brand’s impression and leave a mark on the memory of your consumers. More »

Web Design Company with a Process That Gets It Done

Best eCommerce Website Design

We’re created custom eCommerce website designs for clients including, but not limited to, the following industries:

  • Jewelry, Fashion, Designer Clothing

  • Outdoors and Sporting Goods

  • Hardware and Building Materials

  • Baby and Nursery Supplies

  • Food, Supplements, Specialty Culinary Interests

  • Computers and Peripherals

  • Health and Wellness Products

  • Furniture, HVAC, Lighting

  • Office Supplies

eCommerce Web Design FAQs

What is eCommerce website design and why is it important?

eCommerce website design incorporates all of the visual elements of your website, including how it’s branded, how it’s laid out, how it presents your products, and how visitors interact with it. Everything from where and how you include navigational features to the apps you use that enable reviews or facilitate checkout are a part of your website’s design. Web design is likely the single greatest impactor of user experience (UX) and has a significant effect on bounce rate, conversion rate, and even shopping cart abandonment.

How can an eCommerce website company help my online business?

An eCommerce website company brings with it years of experience and insight that come from working on complex projects. Our customers have experienced problems with brand integration, low conversion rates and high bounce rates, app integration, online visibility, and much more. We’ve seen many numerous problems and can leverage our experience to your benefit, making suggestions for improvement, and helping your dream website become reality.

What eCommerce web design services does 1Digital® offer?

We offer a comprehensive list of eCommerce website design services, including but not limited to branding and logo design, graphic design, e-brand appraisal, website redesign and enhancements, API development, custom coding and integration, and more. You may need something as relatively simple as a solution to improve the navigational hierarchy or as complex as a full-blown rebrand and refresh of your website; we can offer both and everything in between.

Will eCommerce website design improve my brand?

Brand image is an essential element to any successful eCommerce website. We design client websites with impactful on-target branding that will help their store resonate with customers and increase trust. From logo design, attractive carousel and mega-menu options, product page layouts, font choices, color schemes, and more, our team crafts websites that communicate proper brand messaging during every step of the design process.

About how long should I expect my eCommerce website design project with 1Digital® to take?

While our team emphasizes consistency to meet your eCommerce web design needs, it is difficult to determine the exact length of time it will take to complete your website design project. Depending on the scope of work and client cooperation and communication, we can often determine a time frame of when a project is expected to be completed by and ready to be pushed live.

How will the cost of my eCommerce website design project be determined?

The cost of your eCommerce website design project can vary depending on the specifications of the project. Whether you’re looking for a full website redesign or a small retainer project to tackle a few issues, our account managers are here to help you determine what is and isn’t working with your site and to present a wide variety of options to meet your needs. Reach out to us to get a quote and start your project today!

Will my eCommerce website load faster?

Our website design experts are aware of how page speed affects user experience and search engine optimization, which is why we work hard to create fast and responsive websites that perform well above average. We offer fully customized design solutions and utilize current web design best practices to ensure your users have an amazing experience.

Will my eCommerce website also be designed for mobile?

Our design experts prioritize user experience with every project, and designing for mobile is at the top of their list. With most users using mobile, nowadays, to search for goods and services online, ensuring your site is built responsively and accessible in different forms is something our designers and developers are always sure to integrate and test.

What are the most important elements of eCommerce web design?

It’s hard to limit the question to a few of the most important elements of design, since design encompasses the holistic interface of your website and layout. However, some of the most important features of a well-designed eCommerce website are easy navigation, brand consistency of the visual elements, and a good mix of engaging content that holds attention and meshes with your brand. In addition, integrating third-party apps that streamline the shopping experience, the checkout process, or encourage customer engagement and interactivity can be invaluable elements of design.

How do eCommerce website design and eCommerce development work together?

Website development and design go hand in hand, because whereas the design respects largely the visual aspect of your website, the development of the site works behind the scenes to ensure proper implementation of all design features, applications, and integrations. Every eCommerce platform has its own native functionality, and we have worked with BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and Volusion in order to develop and design eCommerce solutions for our customers.

Will I be able to talk one-on-one with an eCommerce website designer to get the desired results?

When you hire 1Digital® for your site’s design, our team is here to work with you, not just for you. Each of our clients has access to our CRM system where they can follow along with each step of the project and communicate with every 1Digital® team member on a daily basis. We know your site is important to you and that means it’s important to us as well. Our designers and project managers work together to always quickly address any concerns and make sure that your design project is on the right track.

Can you help upgrade the design of an existing template?

Our design team is well versed in modifying existing design templates or building entire websites from scratch. All you have to do is tell us what kind of look or feel you are looking for and we will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that the final product is in line with your vision. If you have a template you love but has a few elements that need changes, our team will work with you to make sure the template you are using maximizes its design and fits seamlessly with your eCommerce store.

Will a redesign affect the custom elements of my website?

When redesigning a website, custom build elements can be a challenge to work around. Luckily, the 1Digital® team includes both expert designers and developers so we can test each new design in our sandbox to ensure all custom features continue to operate flawlessly. If you notice any issues with your site, our team will make tweaks to the site to ensure that all of the features you have invested in keep working as intended.

What custom eCommerce web development services does 1Digital® offer?

Like 1Digital®’s web design services, our development services are comprehensive. Our eCommerce website development services include responsive development, along with mobile app development, and API development and integration. Our eCommerce website builders have crafted custom solutions for businesses in various industries in order to deliver the ideal shopping experience for users. 1Digital® never limits itself to the functionality of a platform, even going so far as to create custom apps to enhance and augment the features of already robust platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify.

Does 1Digital® consider SEO in design and development projects?

1Digital®’s design and development projects always keep SEO in mind. Out experts utilize SEO best practices and SEO-friendly coding in each design. We even perform site speed tuning to keep your site crawlable and search engine friendly. Each eCommerce website has different business goals, but we’re always careful to keep SEO best practices in play during our design and development project so that once your online store goes live, it will be optimized for search engines and user experience.

Will 1Digital® offer ongoing support after my eCommerce website design is complete?

Our goal isn’t simply to design a functional website for you, it’s to forge a lasting relationship that will allow you to safely navigate through the world of eCommerce and find success in your industry. We provide an array of solutions for ongoing eCommerce support for technical as well as design issues for however long you need them, to ensure your website is running optimally.

Platform-Specific Expertise for Your eCommerce Website Design

Our eCommerce website design experts combine years of experience working with all of the major eCommerce platforms to deliver outstanding results that will stun both you and your customers. We’ve mastered BigCommerce, Shopify and Shopify Plus, Magento, Volusion, WooCommerce and many others, and have developed a keen grasp on each platform’s unique features. Whatever platform your website is built on, give us a call today to let our web designers revolutionize your website design!

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