Is Your eCommerce Brand Likable?

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Is Your eCommerce Brand Likable?

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Is Your eCommerce Brand Likable?

It’s no surprise that social media marketing is important if not a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Social media helps build brand awareness as well creating a platform for customers to engage with your company. As a brand, you want to create a social media presence that is friendly and approachable as well. In a sense, you want to make sure your brand is likable. So how do you achieve that? Here’re 4 ways to achieve social media likeability. 

A Mix of Content

First thing first, the content you share should be specifically tailored to your brand and products. What you share is crucial in your likeability as a brand. A mix of content that includes promotional posts, as well as engaging content like blog posts and graphics can help you reach more customers. A good mix of content shows your customers you don’t just want to sell to them, you want to invest in them as well. As a brand only posting promotional material such as discount codes and coupons could be a huge turn off to your customers. Take it a step further and add visual content to your written content as well. Adding a good mix will increase your ROI’s.

Discussion and Engagement

One of the best things about social media is the fact that it directly reaches your customer. Whether on their desktops or smartphones, your customers are able to interact with your brand directly. Utilize this by facilitating engagement and discussion. There are many ways to entice engagement and discussion. You can ask questions, start twitter polls, and even share blog content that evokes conversation. Engagement on your social media pages can lead traffic back to your eCommerce website because your customers are invested in your brand.

Take Negative Feedback

No one wants or even likes negative feedback. But as a company, it is important to take the negative feedback and learn from it. Many companies and brands choose to either ignore their negative comments and feedback or delete it all together to make it look like they are perfect.  Every brand wants 100% customer satisfaction but that isn’t always possible. It might be scary to have negative remarks but you should take these comments and feedback and use it to make your brand that much better. Not only are you constantly improving your brand, your customers see that you take their opinions into consideration and this, in turn, can increase your ROI.

Tell Your Story

The best way to really connect with your customers is to simply tell your story. The history of your brand and what you are as a company is the best way to create investment in your company. Your customers want to know they are buying from and you want your customers to know who you really are and what value you offer. Being authentic and true to your brand’s vision will help customers connect with you and have them coming back over and over again.


There are many things you can do to increase your likability on social media. Whether you’re providing a mix of content, facilitating engagement, or even telling your story, your social media activity should help increase ROI in some way. Do you need some help in creating a strong social media strategy, contact 1Digital today and we can help you in achieving your social media marketing goals!  

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