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Does Your Website Need Development?

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Does Your Website Need Development?

Whether you’re new to the world of eCommerce or your business has been online for years, knowing the ins and outs of website development is crucial to succeeding in the online market. Many companies will hire a graphic designer to update the look of their eCommerce pages. While a gorgeous site is a big step in the right direction, painting flames on a lemon won’t make it drive like a sports car.

This is where development comes in. Developers are the mechanics of your website. They get into the programming of your site and tune it up with all the bells and whistles users expect. With the internet quickly becoming the main venue for consumers to find the products they need, investing in a well-developed website is crucial to keep users engaged.

So what can website development do for your business? While more and more platforms are offering some development options packaged with their services, it can be difficult for the inexperienced user to comprehend. Having a developer working on your website can make a huge difference. So what services can a developer offer your business?

Responsive Design

Screens come in all shapes and sizes, but there are customers behind all of them. Responsive design ensures that your website can reach them all and look great doing it.

The easiest way to see the impact of responsive design is to grab a browser window on any website, then alternate making it larger and smaller. If the website starts to disappear in chunks, there is no responsive design. A website with a responsive design will adjust image size, text space, and menu orientation to find into a smaller space while retaining a professional appearance.

See how our website can compress and expand while still presenting the same information and functions? That’s the power of responsive design.

Custom Functionality

Sometimes you need your website to have a feature that your provider just doesn’t offer. This is never the end of the road. Platforms typically give you a plethora of options for your site, but when you want to color outside of those lines, you need a programmer.

Whether you want to integrate a 3rd party service or design an entirely new function for your website, having a team of developers familiar with your eCommerce platform is the key to success.

Functions like mega menus, comprehensive drop-down menus which display a wide list of categories and sub-categories, are an amazing option to make navigating your website simple for users. Sadly, implementing these menus can be tricky on many platforms. A developer can improve the interface of your eCommerce page with these advanced custom features.

The simple drop-down menu on the left is a feature that will be baked into your eCommerce platform. For more advanced menu options like subcategories and images, like the large menu on the right, will require a developer to code.

Data Migration

Sometimes you need to move to a new eCommerce platform. Whether you’re experiencing limitations with your current platform or you are just looking for new features, finding the right platform can help your business thrive. Data migration of your business’ information from one platform to another is no simple task. Product descriptions, company information, and client profiles will have to be transferred correctly to avoid headaches.

Once you move all of your information, you also need to make sure it all still functions as intended. Having a developer who understands all of the nuances of your new platform is the best way to make your migration a smooth one.

Improper migration can result in losing valuable resources like any positive backlinks to your business. Maintaining these links requires having a developer implement a redirection strategy. Solutions like this are key to making sure you’re migration doesn’t hurt your business.

At 1Digital Agency we have close partnerships with all of the major eCommerce platforms. Our website development team can help your business make sure that its website offers users every bit of function they demand. Whether that means moving to a new platform or just adding more features to your interface, our experts have the experience you need. Give our team a call today at 888-982-8269 and let us help you build the perfect page for your business.

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