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Digital Marketing Tips For Consumer Electronics Stores

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Digital Marketing Tips For Consumer Electronics Stores

Electronics Marketing Tips

Digital marketing is an essential part of operating a successful eCommerce business no matter what industry you are in. Some industries, however, are more competitive than others and may require a more sophisticated approach.

The right electronics marketing techniques can make all the difference between a bustling or lackluster year. Consumer electronics is an industry that dominates the eCommerce scene, and since so many different outlets sell these high-demand products, competing for a share of the traffic and sales can be brutal if you don’t have a proper strategy in place.

If you sell consumer electronics online or if you simply want to increase your traffic and sales in a tough niche, the following electronics marketing guide can help.

Why Digital Marketing is a Must in the Consumer Electronics Industry

Computers, video game systems, smartphones, and televisions are all massively popular items that have become an integral part of our everyday lives. If you sell home electronics or consumer technology, you likely know how saturated the market is and how difficult it can be to make inroads for your brand.

What makes the electronics sector so different than other areas of eCommerce is that there are only so many products available. Everyone wants them, and they are all readily available from big-name outlets like Amazon and Walmart. Competing with these giants often requires a very specific kind of eCommerce digital marketing strategy that is both smart and aggressive at the same time.

Video game systems marketing
Consumer electronics such as smartphones and video game consoles are incredibly popular but readily available in a variety of stores. You have to be aggressive with your marketing tactics and learn how to separate yourself from the competition using a smart marketing strategy.

Even if you niche down and focus your store around a handful of very specific high-quality items, you still might be competing against much larger websites that will outrank you in the search results and outspend you in your ad campaigns. If you aren’t investing the right amount of time, money, and effort in your marketing strategy, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to find the kind of success you are looking for.

Effective eCommerce Digital Marketing Tips For Your Store

Whether you are new to eCommerce digital marketing or a seasoned veteran, things online are rapidly changing and you have to make sure you are keeping up with the latest tactics and trends if you want to grow your business. In such a competitive industry as consumer electronics, you need to leverage every digital marketing tool that you have access to in order to achieve your goals.

The following electronics marketing tips will enable you to construct a workable strategy even if you find yourself in an extremely competitive niche. The key to finding success with these techniques is to utilize them together to form a comprehensive plan rather than putting all of your efforts into one avenue.

Ride The Trends

The consumer electronics industry is very trend-dependent. As different devices get released, they replace older, more outdated ones. A video game console might have a boost in popularity when a certain game gets released, for example. Likewise, a certain smartphone may see renewed interest simply because a competitor released a similar product.

As a store owner in this industry, you have to be acutely aware of the trends and ride them as best as you can. This is not one of those industries where you can afford to sit on your hands and just keep the same ads going all year long. With each new release or fluctuation in the market, you want to be well aware of which products are hot and which are not. This way, you can tailor your marketing strategy accordingly.

Being aware of trends is important for lasting brand appeal. Many products that fall into the category of home electronics are truly on the cutting edge and are like status symbols. Influencers will use these devices and affiliate marketers will review them. It’s all part of the electronics ecosystem that exists online and you should be fully invested in its ebbs and flows.

With this in mind, you can see how advertising an outdated product on your website or on your social feed might harm your brand appeal. Consumer electronics shoppers are extremely knowledgeable about the products that they buy, which is another reason why marketing in this sector can be difficult. Due to the nature of these products, consumers are often tasked with diligent research as a part of the buying process. If you want to stay one step ahead and be in tune with your shoppers, you have to perform just as much research, if not more. This way you will be able to craft powerful ads and email blasts that are accurate and punchy.

Use an Aggressive SEO Strategy

Another important electronics marketing tip you need to consider is to be more aggressive in the way you approach SEO. While some businesses can get away with small search engine optimization campaigns, this is not an industry you can afford to go small in.

Depending on the size of your store and the products you sell, you may need to boost the size and scope of your SEO campaign. By targeting more keywords and expanding your selection, you increase your chances of ranking. However, this requires more attention to each page of your website in terms of the meta titles and content and may require a higher degree of backlink cultivation. You may also need to start upping the amount of content you place on your blog.

In most cases, the only smart and reliable way to improve in this area is with a professional eCommerce SEO campaign managed by a capable agency. If you are interested in giving your business a powerful boost in this area, we recommend hopping on the phone with one of our SEO experts.

Increase Sales With PPC Advertising

PPC can be incredibly useful for selling consumer electronics because you can use it to hop on trends as they arise and continuously send traffic to your hottest products regardless of how well you rank for them in Google.

Like any other form of eCommerce digital marketing, you want to use plenty of caution here and go in with a decent strategy. Your shoppers likely already know that they can find most of what they are looking for simply by shopping on Amazon or another big-name store, so you have to drill down and be smarter about your PPC strategy. When crafting your ads, you want to do what you can to target the needs of your audience and differentiate yourself as a business using crafty sales copy and attractive imagery.

If you already run ads for your products and aren’t satisfied with the results, you may need to adjust your strategy a bit. Unlike with SEO, a more aggressive strategy here is not necessarily what you want. Poor results with PPC is more than likely a case of improper targeting or an ineffective ad. Your website design can also be a factor, as the design and aesthetics of your product or landing pages can certainly influence consumer behavior. The worst mistake you can make with an ad campaign is to push traffic to an amateurish-looking website.

Organic Social Media Tactics

While not always the best use of your marketing resources, social media can be used to leverage the power of your community and fill in the gaps that SEO and PPC don’t always cover.

For instance, you can use Facebook and Instagram to run on-the-spot contests and promotions based on one of your newest products. This is one way that you could get a leg up on sales for this item even if the big stores are hogging all the Google traffic. If you have taken the time to cultivate a community that trusts your advice, you can use timely organic social media posts to push your users to act on a certain sale or offer. While this tactic can only be used sparingly, it can be extremely effective.

Organic Social Media Marketing
Running a timely social media promotion might be just what you need to give your sales a boost.

To utilize this tip to the fullest, make sure you are putting a lot of effort into your posts and continue to keep trends in mind. Just because your competitors are pushing a new hot product doesn’t mean you can’t do the same for the very same product. In consumer electronics, it’s all about visibility and brand loyalty. Shoppers that want the latest smartphone or television are going to purchase the item regardless. It’s your job to be more visible and more trustworthy than the competition, and that means being mindful of the trends and using every avenue of digital marketing to your advantage.

Running Ads on Facebook and Other Platforms

Alongside your social media contests and offers, don’t forget to run well-timed ads here too. A Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram ad centered around a single popular or trending product can help you explode your traffic and rake in sales. You can even use features like Facebook and Instagram’s post promotions to run a contest or similar tactic and boost the post in order to give it initial traction. This seamless combination of organic and paid engagement is what social media marketing is all about.

Take a look at our guide on social media marketing trends for more information.

Don’t Forget Your Email List

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to utilize the email list you have been building in order to send traffic to select products. If you haven’t been building a following through email marketing, now is the time to start. If your website is on the smaller side and you don’t yet receive much in the way of traffic and sales, even a small email list could buoy your business if used properly.

One way you can get the most out of your email list is to use it for “exclusive” offers and deals that aren’t available on your social media channels or ads. This will not only give users an incentive to sign up and look at your emails, but you can also use this tactic to build your brand and make money at the same time. Items like video game consoles are also the perfect items for giveaways and similar offers because when they are hot it can be difficult to get them even at big-name stores. If you time your offers right and manage your stock properly, you stand to make a lot of money with this method.

How an eCommerce Marketing Agency Can Help You Build a Strategy

While these electronics marketing tips are a great place to start, getting more traffic and growing your brand in such a competitive industry can be difficult. If you want to see real growth, you may want to consider hiring an adept electronics SEO agency that can build a powerful eCommerce marketing strategy for you that covers everything.

Even a modest-sized SEO campaign is no small undertaking, especially when you are going up against the likes of Amazon and similar stores. When you include eCommerce PPC management, social media marketing, and email list building on top of it, you have quite a lot to deal with, and it can be hard to know where to begin or what to focus on.

Here at 1Digital®, we excel at providing solutions for eCommerce businesses in every industry, including consumer electronics. Our digital marketing experts can help you get the kind of traffic and sales you want, through powerful SEO campaigns, smart PPC tactics, and an array of other digital marketing services that encompass all of the major social media platforms as well as email blasts and ongoing eCommerce website support in case you run into any design snags.

No matter what your individual needs are for growing your eCommerce store and succeeding online, 1Digital® is the team that can make it happen for you. Get in touch with us today if you want to carve out a path to success for your business.

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