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Every Migration is Different

While the process detailed on this page and created by 1Digital is the general and most common procedure when it comes to platform migration projects, it is also not a blanket statement that forces all migrations towards only one specific path. Just as every website is different and every online merchant is different, every migration project differs in more than one way when compared to a different migration. Each unique project typically deviates from the standard process in some way, as data is always structured in unique methods, functionality requirements differ from one site to another, and particular obstacles require individual and custom solutions. 1Digital’s “migration process” chronicles the general path we intend to implement, however, it is always important to keep in mind that 1Digital will custom tailor your project specifically for your transition.

Why 1Digital® Migration?

1Digital® has migrated hundreds of stores from old outdated platforms to new eCommerce platforms. The difference in eCommerce platforms can be night and day. We’ve helped migrate clients from outdated Yahoo carts to BigCommerce or Magento, and we’ve seen 10x improvements! From usability to SEO, client engagement, e.g. You can’t afford not to move! Let 1Digital® help migrate your precious data from your old shopping cart to a new one we’ll pick together!

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