Customize Volusion

There are many advantages to using the Volusion platform for your eCommerce business. This is why it’s one of the most recommended platforms that we work with. For beginner eCommerce merchants it’s easy to use, while at the same time it’s great for medium to larger business with the need for specific customizations.

Let’s focus on the total purchasing experience, from the order process to checkout page and shipping options for Volusion. Here’s a rundown of standard offerings, quick customizations and more complicated customizations that we have made.


The list below comes standard on Volusion’s websites and runs the gamut of shipping needs for your line of business.

  • Fixed Shipping – Each product is able to have an exact cost. There will be a fixed amount added to the total shipping every time something is added to the shopping cart.
  • Free Shipping – This can be offered as a promotion, on specific products, a shipping threshold, limited free shipping and free shipping to certain locations.
  • Tiered Shipping – This is useful for determining rates based on order weight and can be connected to a live rate.
  • In-store Pickup –  Offer customers in-store pick up and limit it to in-state and neighboring states.
  • Negotiated Lives Rates – If your business has negotiated a live rate with a shipping carrier, you may pull these rates to offer to your customer.
  • Advanced Shipping Rates – Add cost for additional weight on orders, insure your packages and choose delivery confirmation.



These are simple customization that you may have not know were possible on Volusion. If you rather leave these customization up to a professional, call us today and we can help you work out your specific needs.

  • Enhanced Shopping cart and one page checkout feature: It is possible to activate, deactivate and enhance shopping cart and the one page checkout feature. Some free templates already have this function so be sure to check first.
  • Fixing misaligned checkout page sections: Certain customized templates can have formatting issues when it comes to your order section. Luckily this can be fixed.
  • Shipping dropdown cuts off text of shipping options. If you are experiencing this problem we can help you solve it.
  • Adding the clear cart functionality is a customization we can easily handle.



With the wide range of businesses selling online, everyday we hear new questions from Volusion users about their specific customization needs.

  • Customizing layout on the checkout page: This is a very expansive topic. In the past we have created “sticky buttons” similar to call to action buttons, that remain on every screen. These are designed to assist customers through their total purchase experience.
  • Advance shipping customization: Do you need to be able to offer shipping to multiple destination within one order? Perhaps you’re B2B business with clients that have several store thus several shipping destinations. We have solved this problem many times before and would be happy to help make those changes again.
  • Customization of the enhanced view: You can reskin on restyle the way your enhanced view looks, so it seamlessly fits in with the look and feel of the rest of your site.

Call us today to explore Volusion’s standard features, quick customizations that you may not have known existed or to discuss any more in depth customization requirements. Our expert development team at 1Digital Agency loves to solve both new and familiar customization needs.