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Custom Development

eCommerce platforms are easier to use and are more reliable, but they’re built to be one size fits all. When you need your eCommerce store to adapt to the unique way you do business, let us be your guide.

Responsive Development

More eCommerce transactions happen on mobile and tablet devices than on desktops. Our advanced responsive development allows you to plan for mobile first.

eCommerce ADA Compliance

We’ve seen eCommerce businesses around the country hit with lawsuits for failure to meet ADA compliance guidelines. We can help with eCommerce ADA compliance.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps allow you to take your customer relationship even further. We build easy to use apps that break down barriers between your store and it’s best customers.

API Development & Integration

An API connection is the part of your store that’s so important that you hope you never need to think about it. We build connections that work flawlessly in the background so you don’t have to worry about your data.

Platform & Data Migration

Learning that the limitations of your current eCommerce platform? Perhaps you’re working with a proprietary system whose constraints have fenced you in for too long, and you want the unleash your full potential?

eCommerce Website Development Redefined

With a laser focus on top eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify Plus and Magento, we have the tools to develop custom solutions for your eCommerce store. From simple eCommerce custom development like homepage popups that encourage account creation, to robust integration with your CRM, our team of expert developers can design and program any tool you need. We specialize in the mid-market enterprise space, and work with a number of top platforms like Shopify Plus, BigCommerce Enterprise, Magento, Volusion, WooCommerce, 3dcart custom development, but are familiar with other platforms as well.

eCommerce Web Development Services

Our focus at 1Digital is 100% eCommerce and when it comes to meeting our clients unique web development needs, we’re always first class in our approach. From brainstorming custom solutions, to complex eCommerce integrations. 1Digital is known for creative approaches. We know eCommerce so well, that we’re constantly coming up with best in class custom development solutions. When it comes to eCommerce custom development you’ve reached the right team.

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Some of our favorite projects


Design: When Claude from eCowhides first reached out to 1Digital Agency, he had a precise vision for what his redesigned site would look like. While double checking to be sure each of his design notes was compatible with modern eCommerce best practices, we were able to take Claude’s exact vision and bring it to life on the BigCommerce platform.

Development: Because the design vision for the site was so well defined at the outset of the project, we were able to anticipate much of the custom development that eCowhides would need in order to deliver the site that Claude envisioned. However, during the process, we remained flexible through change orders and tickets to add and change functionality when requested. This lead to a project with a strong central vision, that was also agile enough to adapt when necessary.

Post Project Support: The eCowhides site has very custom product pages which would not be possible with the out of the box BigCommerce system. We created this product page template from scratch, but we knew it would not be as easy to manage as a standard platform product page. 1Digital provided training and instructions so that eCowhides can manage this complex product page on their own in the future. We also provide assistance beyond our included 30 days of free support, through our ongoing monthly support retainer contracts.

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Resonate Gifts

Branding: When Logan McAlister reached out to us at 1Digital Agency he was considering a total rebrand for his business. His site, under the name Welcome Home Joe, was a very simple WordPress template site with no eCommerce functionality. Logan was considering launching a completely fresh site with a new look, under a new name, that would allow his customers to purchase his services directly through an eCommerce cart. After extensive discussions about his requirements, we were able to find a suitable eCommerce platform which could provide the custom functionality he needed, as well as settle on a new look to go along with the new name, Resonate Gifts.

Development: Resonate Gifts is not a typical eCommerce store. They sell gift packages, meant to be sent out over a period of weeks and months. So naturally, Logan needed a lot of changes to the out of the box BigCommerce functionality. Our developers were able to build a complex step by step process that allows Resonate Gifts customers to create and customize their gift packages, all within fields that Logan can manage in the BigCommerce admin area.

Design: The Resonate Gifts site needed a fresh, modern look in order to differentiate it from the old branding, but it also needed much more than that. Since this is an unconventional eCommerce product with an unconventional purchasing process, we wanted the site to explain clearly to every customer exactly what they were in for. The simple, clean design takes every opportunity to explain the steps of the process and make clear the difference between each of Resonate Gifts different packages.

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Casa M Spice

Design: When Mike and Manny from Casa M first reached out to 1Digital they were starting a new business from scratch and they knew they would need to start things off on the right foot. One of those things would be to settle on a design language that would be carried through to the rest of their brand. That’s what we set out to do when creating Casa M’s home on the web. We gave their images of delicious food spotlight on this site, while also packing a lot of content into the most eye-catching places. This design is structured to easily educate customers about what makes Casa M’s rubs different, while also making you hungry!

Copywriting: As a new brand, Casa M was working on finding their voice. They knew that in order to convert, the site would have to clearly explain to customers why these blends were superior to ones already on the market. Our copywriters took briefs on the company, the process, and the products and turned them into a captivating and informative copy for the site.

Digital Marketing: For any new brand, starting marketing right away is crucial. A new domain is going to take a lot more work to put on the map than a revamp of an old site would. For Casa M we had keyword research done during the design and development process so that our marketing team was ready to begin building traffic as soon as the site went live.

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Support & Maintenance

Moving your eCommerce site to the next level requires a next level team that knows how to support and maintain your website or project. We have monthly engagement plans that will allow us to become your extended Ecommerce team. We have designers, developers and a marketing team that can integrate into your company. Let’s talk about how 1Digital can help your company with our extended monthly support plans.

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