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With a custom web design from 1Digital Agency, your vision can become a reality. Free from the limitations of templates; our web designers and developers work together to create a unique and polished look that encompasses the branding of your business, and displays it throughout your site for unbeatable user experience.

Multi-Aspect eCommerce Design


Mobile First Design

We help our clients go beyond the limitations of platform templates with a full suite of custom eCommerce website design services.

Website Redesign

Our web designers modernize older sites by applying the newest thinking in eCommerce design, engagement and conversion.

Responsive Design

We know how crucial the responsive experience is for eCommerce. All 1Digital® sites are laid out to fit perfectly on any screen.

Newsletter Design

It’s crucial to standardize your branding everywhere you interact with your customers. Our custom newsletter designs help your marketing harmonize perfectly.

Premium Templates

When speed is as much a priority as great eCommerce design, we have a selection of premium templates that integrate with any platform and are ready to expedite your launch.

Branding and Logo Design

Your entire design language flows from the logo. We make sure it gets off on the right foot, with versatile, modern logo designs.


1Digital® is a Philadelphia based digital marketing agency that employs a talented team of eCommerce web design experts and professionals. We have been tackling unique eCommerce website design challenges to create gorgeous and easy to navigate eCommerce websites since 2012. Our agency clients are global and we’ve designed eCommerce stores for the who’s who of clientele across all of the major eCommerce platforms. We’re ultra focused on eCommerce and our abilities in the field are known as we’ve won numerous awards for our eCommerce expertise. Our founder and CEO, Dan Kogan, has been involved with eCommerce website design, web development and best in class eCommerce SEO since the late 1990s and he’s carved out our path to being the best in the eCommerce space ever since. If you’ve been looking for a best in class eCommerce agency with an intimate knowledge of eCommerce website design, you’ve found it.

Best eCommerce Website Design

Since we started eCommerce custom design services at 1Digital® we’ve been lucky to employ an expert team of web designers. By staying on top of current trends in eCommerce site designs, our designers can craft the perfect eCommerce site to engage your customers. Our go-to website design team has years of experience with eCommerce conversion rate optimization (CRO), eCommerce best practice design and top eCommerce UX and UI design, marrying our top skills with our highly rated eCommerce SEO services.

Partnered with the best

Partnering with platforms like BigCommerce & Shopify Plus allow us to help our clients scale their eCommerce businesses with custom eCommerce solutions. We’ve designed hundreds of beautiful eCommerce stores for satisfied clients. Each new project carves, shapes and tweaks our process for the better. We’re constantly developing new ways to identify and eliminate anything that causes delays, creates confusion, misinterprets ideas, or adds expense – anything that puts your absolute satisfaction at risk. And more importantly, we’re constantly pushing the envelope on eCommerce web design language with user behavior to ultimately drive higher conversion and customer satisfaction. We’re experts when it comes to eCommerce website design & eCommerce user experience.

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We’ve designed hundreds of beautiful eCommerce stores for satisfied clients. Every design project we complete brings more value to the customers we serve.

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ECommerce Redesign: A Case Study

Have you ever wondered what makes one website layout more effective than another? This case study goes deep into four 1Digital® redesigns, explains why they work and what approach our professional design team uses when planning out a new eCommerce redesign. Our thorough explanation can show you how to evaluate the effectiveness of any eCommerce design.

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