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How do we overcome development constraints?

We Created Our Own Tool: 1DBox

SAAS platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify PLUS are fantastic for eCommerce merchants of all sizes, in all industries. It’s hard to argue with the kind of reliability, security, and ease of use that they provide. Unfortunately, we talk to a lot of merchants who think that the benefits of a SAAS platform are beyond their reach because they’ve been told that the customizations they require to run their business are beyond their chosen platform’s limitations.

We’re here to tell you that there is another way. That you can actually have the best of both worlds, and all it takes is 1DBox; our custom web development tool kit. For years 1Digital Agency has been helping unique eCommerce businesses work on BigCommerce and Shopify PLUS by providing them with a custom solution for just the parts of their site that are beyond their platform’s capabilities. If you have customization that you think is simply out of the question, talk to us about it!

Chances are good that 1DBox can make it happen.

Out-of-the-box limitations preventing advanced development

  • Function A – C
    default eCommerce platform functions available to all clients
  • Function D – E
    default eCommerce platform functions available to “Pro” clients
  • Function X
    non-existent function(s), not available in platform software; or restricted to all client
  • Function F
    possible through 1DBox Dev Tool Kit

1Digital® 1DBox dashboard allows custom advanced functions

Create advanced eCommerce functions for robust products on your webstore.

1DBox works because it is connected to your platform store, without being hosted on your platform store. That way you can run 90% of your site’s eCommerce functionality with what your platform provides. For the rest, we build you a custom admin area, hosted on a 3rd party server, and synced seamlessly with your store via API. You can manage your custom system through the dashboard we provide, and your customers never have to leave your site in order to access the functionality that is hosted there. 1DBox is highly flexible and can be fitted, by our expert eCommerce developers, to perform just about any task, no matter how specific.

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1DBox in Action

Client 1

This client needed additional functionality for their product options, beyond what their platform was able to provide. Their products are highly variable and customizable through product options. We created a 1DBox custom dashboard so that the client could set custom tooltips to explain each option and teach their customers how best to go through the ordering process.

The entire product catalog can be uploaded to the 1DBox dashboard so that tooltips can be assigned.

The tooltips are customizable from the 1DBox dashboard area and then passed back into the client’s platform store once created.

Client 2

This client sells auto parts and accessories and needed an advanced search function that would allow their customers to search for parts by the make, model and year of their vehicle. We built a 1DBox custom dashboard to resolve two distinct parts of that search functionality.

First, the client is able to bulk upload all their products into our custom dashboard so that they can be sorted by their make, model and year.

The client can then use the 1DBox dashboard to set the make, model, and year values for any products which do not have the information attached, so that the correct products appear in customer’s search results.

Client 3

This client wanted to use their platform eCommerce store as a tool for their sales reps rather than a straightforward online shopping experience. They needed to give their sales reps the ability to edit prices and products on the fly while in the process of making a sale.

Our 1DBox custom dashboard allows for the creation of special Sales Representative user roles.

Each salesperson can use the dashboard to edit prices, edit quantities, generate invoices, etc. The 1DBox dashboard even creates customized reports for each Sales Representative user.

Collaborating with the Best

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  • magento
  • bigcommerce
  • volusion
  • woocommerce

We can integrate 1DBox with these Partner Platforms

Our focus at 1Digital® is 100% eCommerce and when it comes to meeting our clients custom web development needs, we’re always first class in our approach. From brainstorming custom solutions, to complex eCommerce integrations. 1Digital® is known for creative approaches. We know eCommerce so well, that we’re constantly coming up with best in class custom development solutions. When it comes to eCommerce custom development you’ve reached the right team.

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Ready to Push the Boundaries?

If you think you’re out of options, that the customization you want just can’t be done, you owe it to your business to give us a call. Our eCommerce custom web development taskforce built this tool kit, and they can shape it in almost any way they need to. We created 1DBox to provide eCommerce merchants on SAAS platforms with an option to stay in the platform they love and still do the work they need to. Tell us about what you need to accomplish and 1DBox will take care of the rest.

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