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Custom Design = Your Own Branded Theme

Each major eCommerce platform provides a store owner a collection of themes from which to choose. It may seem like a lot of choices at first, but chances are you won’t find one that is tuned to your brand, nor flexible enough to express the brand language of your products or services. More likely, it’s beyond just finding a theme that can carry your brand well; it’s also about finding a fit to accommodate functionalities that are unique to your eCommerce business.

This is where you need custom design – done right by 1Digital®. We have custom designed hundreds of solutions throughout the years. And with each delivery, we provide a fresh, one-off design that showcases the client’s brand image and functional features. Here are the services included with custom design, as well as some additional services that we offer as add-ons.

1Digital® Custom Web Design Approach

We start with high standards. You can always add more.

Brand Cohesion

Your brand is the suit you wear; it presents to the world your image and your professionalism, your business intentions and your products’ authority.

Brand cohesion maximizes your existing brand, applying best practices for web use while maintaining brand integrity. Choosing the right logo variation, font styles, and enhancing stock or your own existing images are all unified design decisions that come together, creating a cohesive online brand experience.

Additional services: logo design

We Also Design Custom Logos

1Digital® provides complete brand and product identity design.

In addition to custom eCommerce site design, we actually provide many services under the 1Digital® design umbrella. One of these is complete branding design to reflect more closely your products or services. Creating a new logo, or refreshing a current one, can be paired with custom eCommerce design to make a greater visual impact and promote a holistic brand experience.

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Taking Stock

Great photography immediately improves the look of an eCommerce site. High-resolution quality product images can be made into “hero images” and serve to tell engaging stories. But what if you don’t have many unique product images?

Stock photography is great to offset a site that’s heavy on product images – especially if you have low-quality ones. Customers don’t think about just your products or services per se, but rather how their daily lives are positively affected by what you offer.

Additional services: image editing

We Can Go Beyond Basic Stock Images

Offering complex image editing services as an add-on to custom eCommerce design.

You may not have many great images to start with that include your products or services. So, you want “shopped” images made to look a certain way or combined into an alluring and unique composition. We will work with your current gallery, supplement it with stock resources if needed, and create composites that can make the ordinary into extraordinary, showcasing your eCommerce store with even more impact and personality.

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Basic Themes vs. 1Digital® Custom Designs

Basic (before)

Custom design highlights

  • created “hero image” of interesting product, one that would normally be tucked away in product page
  • used unedited but carefully curated stock image to enhance story-telling
  • custom designed mega menu for better navigation / search
  • created “artists highlight” section to feature exclusive collections
  • applied typography to create impression of stylish and high-end, giving perception of “artwork grade” products
  • custom designed icons to fit overall look-and-feel

1digital® custom design

Basic (before)

Custom design highlights

  • selected stock images of same type and applied color adjustments to create unified style
  • due to limited availability of high-quality product images, existing ones were overlaid on simple, clean stock photos to create impression of studio photography
  • applied typography to suggest simplicity and timelessness
  • adjusted color to all stock images to achieve a unified warm and natural color palette
  • custom designed icons to fit overall look-and-feel

1digital® custom design

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