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SEO content strategy

Content is the driver of your SEO efforts. Choosing keywords that are related to your business and creating content centered around those keywords is what helps drive organic traffic to your website and improve your rankings.

Creating the right content marketing strategy to boost your SEO results can seem difficult. Far too often, businesses will create content at random, choosing various topics and keywords and hoping they will work. It’s why a great SEO plan is rooted in keyword research. Blog posts and other content you create should accomplish two things: provide valuable information that the reader is looking for and reach search engines with proper SEO tactics.

How do you create an SEO content strategy that delivers results? You have to start at the very beginning. Here are a few steps that you should take to create your content marketing strategy.

Find a Topic Area

What is your brand’s purpose and expertise? What do you do better than anybody else in your area that you want people to know about? This is how you define a topic area. Your topic area is going to be the area that you are an expert in and know the most about that you can provide to readers. Many searches are specific questions where the reader simply wants to find an answer. If you have that answer, you instantly earn credibility in the eyes of the reader.

Discover Your Audience

Knowing your audience is the next step. Who is searching for results where you can provide answers and be that expert? There are a few ways you can narrow down your audience. Look at the people who are already customers of yours and see what similarities they share. Do some research on your competition and see who they are targeting. Know your products and the benefits they offer and who can benefit from using the product. Survey your current customers to get some ideas as to what they think of the product and some common questions you can answer in your content. All of these can be extremely helpful in defining your target audience.

SEO content marketing

Keyword Research

Once you know what you are an expert in and what you have to offer to customers, it’s time to do some research on the search terms with opportunity. The best way to do this is to start with a broad term and narrow it down based on other factors such as keyword variations, the features of your product, the products that are best selling for your business and a list of questions potential customers may ask on Google. This helps you create a list of specific keywords to target so you can have a better chance of ranking higher and drawing in new customers.


Putting your keywords to use involves more than just building your content around specific keywords. You also need to take action and optimize your website to include these keywords in other areas that also improve your rankings. Make sure you are using your target keyword in H1s, H2s and meta descriptions. Keep your content relevant and offer something of value in it. Publish new content consistently and keep track using a schedule.

Publish on Your Own Platform

Your website content needs to be able to build authority, be relevant, and gain the trust of your customers. It’s why publishing on your own platform, meaning your own website, is most important. It’s great to have content published on secondary websites that can help create backlinks, but if those websites disappeared tomorrow, so does your hard work preparing a post that is published there. As long as you still have a website and a blog within that website, you have a home for your content. Everything you write and publish is under control. This makes publishing your own content to your own website an essential part of a content marketing SEO strategy.

With 1Digital Agency, you can get the help you need from start to finish by combining a content marketing and SEO strategy.

We start with extensive keyword research and analyze your website for the areas where optimization can be improved. Once we have an approved list of keywords, we implement them into a content marketing strategy that produces a balance of on-page content, blog posts and offsite content for building backlinks, attacking SEO at all ends to give you better search rankings and more organic traffic.

Contact 1Digital Agency today at 888-982-8269 to learn more about how you can get started in getting the help you need to be on top of SEO and earning the results you deserve.


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