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3 Tips to Writing Engaging Content

Creating engaging and informative content is imperative to your success in eCommerce. People want to know that you’re an authority on your products and your industry, and the best way to do that is to keep them updated with fun and appealing blogs and social media posts. For some, this is as simple as hiring a copywriter to take care of all content creation. For those that are on a budget, that is simply not an option.

So what do you do? Well, you can either give up entirely and do worse by your business, or you can learn to create that content yourself. 1Digital Agency enjoys the benefit of some beautiful, handsome, charming, talented, and certainly not vain copywriters that can give you a few pointers. Also, we have flawless skin and vibrant hair, but I digress. Here are three tips for creating content that reels in your audience and boosts your sales.


People don’t want to read content that’s there for content’s sake. Write something that you would read yourself. You know what people love? Stories. There’s nothing better than a storyteller. If you’re going to explain to someone why a product or an industry is important, start with your own personal experience.

If I’m selling hot sauce, I’m going to reflect that moment that my father thought Thai chili peppers were comparable to jalapenos and dared me to eat one in a single bite. Then I’d explain the hilarity of my mother screaming at him as I sobbed and sprinted around my household cramming ice cubes into my mouth. I’d end with a simple, “needless to say, ice cubes won’t save you from this hot sauce, and they certainly couldn’t save me from my dad’s ignorance.” There! Boom! You’ve got engaging content.



Most people do not enjoy reading. Period. That’s not to say that there aren’t those who love to sit down with a good book (I know I do!), but today’s society enjoys the quick information that’s easy to digest. When the reader sees a huge block of text, they get discouraged. Litter your blogs with visual media that give people the stimulation they need to stick around. Feeling bored? Here’s a puppy!

See? Now that you’ve enjoyed that puppy, you’re ready to read some more. Always remember that content is only worthwhile if it maintains the reader’s attention!


Be the Solution

With so much clickbait in the world, do you really want to be part of the problem? Imagine all of the times that you’ve clicked on an article, only to find that it’s devoid of any substance. Infuriating, is it not? Don’t be clickbait. Be a solution. Make sure that the content you produce contains information that improves your customer’s lives. Give them a few tips on how to better use their products or further navigate your industry. If your article lacks the tangible help that people crave, you’ll do more harm than good by writing it.

The 1Digital Boost

So, there you have it! These tips will set you on the right track to creating better, well-rounded content that your audience actually wants to read. For the sake of good content, I’ll even throw in an extra tip: end with a call-to-arms! Explain to your audience that they themselves can take action, like this:

1Digital Agency isn’t just an authority on eCommerce, we’re also an authority on content creation. If you think that your business could use some excellent copy, take advantage of our premium services and contact us today!