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Content Marketing Can Include Storytelling

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Content Marketing Can Include Storytelling

Content Marketing Storytelling

The best content connects with the reader on a human level and features storytelling. It is relatable and can prompt action.

A lot of time a content marketing strategy will focus on the end goal of turning a visitor into a customer and crossing the finish line by making a purchase. However, there is room in content marketing for storytelling. Some of the best content is based on real stories. Stories that create human interest and reach people on a different level with an added sense of perspective.

Today, we will look at how your content marketing can include storytelling elements and some ideas for making your content unique and original through storytelling.

A quality of effective content marketing is when it engages with the audience. There are many brands that don’t focus on that and don’t tell stories because they don’t believe they are storytellers.

The key is finding a balance between being a storyteller and infusing data into your storytelling that still adds value and helps you make the most of your content with traffic, social sharing and eventually conversion rate.

Here are a few story ideas that blend these two sides of content marketing and storytelling together effectively.

SEO Search Journey

It’s a storytelling type that puts user intent in the spotlight. With Google, you can now use AI to predict where people are at in their own search journey. This is a closer and more unique look at the buyer’s journey and the various stages that make it up, going from being aware of a problem to discovering and becoming aware a product to finding a solution and making a purchase. This can help you create content that profiles each step of the customer’s journey.

Debunking False Beliefs

One thing every industry has in common is there is a laundry list of false beliefs that people have about the industry that they assume. Use this opportunity to create some stories that debunk these myths and false beliefs and educate your audience. People who are searching for terms surrounding your industry don’t just want to be wooed and enticed by your products or services. They want to be informed.

For example, someone searching for SEO tips might believe that the most important aspect of SEO is rankings when, in reality, traffic and conversion rates are just as important. Use something similar to a talking point and start informing your customers about things within the industry that many people may not know.

Content Marketing Storytelling

The “Epiphany Bridge”

Author Russell Brunson coined the term “Epiphany Bridge,” and it comes from the idea that everyone, at some point or another, has seen something and had the realization that they need to have it. There is no consideration, no browsing, no making comparisons, it’s the perfect item and you have to have it.

If you are going to go for this concept and use the “Epiphany Bridge” to your advantage, you need to connect on an emotional level with the reader. Don’t focus on being technical and trying to infuse the proper language into the content, just be real. That is more likely to draw that “Wow” moment that you are looking for.

The Underdog Story

You probably have heard of the story of David and Goliath, or as we in Philadelphia like to reference, the story of Rocky Balboa. The bottom line is that people love an underdog. Chances are the services you offer or the products you sell are similar to someone with much more national recognition and a bigger brand. But what if you play the underdog card and use it as a positioning tactic. This can actually be a great selling point as a smaller brand because you can promote more individual services like better customer service, more interaction with your customers, potentially faster delivery and better prices.

Email Marketing

People often think of storytelling as long-form content. That’s not always the case, especially when it comes to connecting with potential customers. For example, consider email marketing as an opportunity to tell a story. Instead of sending one email every week or month, string together emails over the course of a month and send your subscribers on a journey. Breaking up the story through multiple emails can be easier to digest on a day-to-day basis as opposed to long-form content.

At 1Digital Agency, we can help you get on a content marketing strategy that ties in all of the traditional marketing tactics and storytelling as well with well-written content that reaches your audience, interacts with them and ultimately sells your business and your brand. Contact 1Digital Agency for more information about how you can get started on an eCommerce SEO and content marketing strategy that delivers results for you.

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