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The combination of email marketing and eCommerce SEO can work well together to get you better results and achieve more success when taking the proper strategy. Email can certainly have an impact on what building your SEO results, but getting them to work together takes time and effort.

1Digital Agency specializes in eCommerce SEO and can also help you with email marketing. Find out a few ways you can combine these efforts for more successful marketing.

Use Newsletter Content – Many email newsletters are sent out with the promise of receiving more exclusive content. Follow up on that offer. Create exclusive content for subscribers only that makes them feel special. You can always use that content again later as a blog post or infographic or some other form of content. This also helps with SEO. Google takes great content and helps it rank in search engine results. By repurposing the content in a different format, the content has a better chance of ranking, but only if you are following the best SEO practices.

Quality Content – Creating quality content is well understood by now to be essential to good ranking among search engines. But the reason content is so important is for the things Google doesn’t directly factor into algorithms that can still help improve your on-site performance. For example, bounce rate is not a statistic that is directly used in rankings, but you want to have content that draws people to you and keeps them reading. Start by having a good headline, and then build out your content with writing that can answer questions, is useful to the reader and matches the user’s intention of reading the article in the first place. Add in good visuals and link to existing content that relates and you should be rewarded on search engines for having quality content that holds the attention of readers.

Create Personalized Content – People who subscribe to your email list like to receive content that is personalized specifically for them. So how can you get personal with your emails and build SEO in the process? First, a great way to know what people want is to create a survey and get responses from your audience. Give users the option to get content that they want. Studies show that readers and visitors you get to your website from emails are typically more engaged and involved than other visitors, so let them get involved and get personal with them and the content they want to receive. This helps you stay relevant with your audience. Google loves relevance in content, which is why it factors into how you rank, so by keeping your content personalized, you increase your SEO and keep your visitors coming to read and enjoying the content they are reading.

Request Reviews from Subscribers – While many SEO campaigns focus on the national scope, the local results are also important. There isn’t anything that says more about your business than someone else’s review of your product or service. Reviews account for 13 percent of local search ranking factors. Some businesses find ranking locally more important because they depend on community involvement, people coming and making purchases. Part of the challenge is getting people to leave a review. Send them a link to a third-party review website and make it compelling with a call to action to prompts them to click forward and leave a review. It seems like such a simple task, but it can have a great impact on your SEO and tell you what parts of your business are in need of some improvements.

Having quality SEO takes time and patience, but you can certainly do your part with the content that is on your website and how you promote it. Combining the efforts of email marketing and SEO can have a great impact on your business.

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