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Naaz Boutique

Design: When Sam reached out to us she had owned a brick and mortar store in New Orleans for nearly a decade, and she wanted to diversify her business online. Naaz Boutique had never had an eCommerce store and she wanted their online presence to make a professional first impression. Sam came into our office for a design brainstorming session with our design team. She brought a ton of her eCommerce inspirations to the table, which we synthesized into the light, modern design you see now.

Development: In addition to a strong vision for her design, Sam let us know upfront which functionality pieces she needed to have for the Naaz Boutique site. Each of the additional functionality items, like the alternate image flip effect in the product images, or the custom product color swatches, were chosen for their interactivity. We wanted to give customers more reasons to click and explore further.

Digital Marketing Audit: As part of each of our custom design projects, we provide a complimentary digital marketing audit to help the client start marketing their new site with a game plan. Because Sam’s products are so visually appealing, we recommended Google Shopping and Facebook advertising. Both channels make ample use of the product photos in their targeted ads.

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JB Tools

Branding: JB Tools got in touch with 1Digital Agency when they were planning on a serious revamp of their online presence. They were moving their BigCommerce Blueprint Site to the Stencil framework and we paired that move with a whole new custom design as well as a new direction for their logo. Our design team studied trends in more than 50 other logos from companies in the construction industry to provide JB Tools with a new logo that would also set the direction for their new eCommerce design.

Custom Development: JB tools told us that shopping by brand was extremely important for their customers. After all, these customers need to repair very particular tools so it’s important to get pieces from the matching brand. In the past, JB Tools had carried so many brands that it was cumbersome to sift through and find the one you needed. We created a specialized brand page with a list that was easy to refine and search in order to get customers to the brand they need more quickly.

Domain Change: Part of JB Tools revamp was a new name to go along with their new look. They wanted to change their domain name, but that can be tricky to do and not lose the authority your site has built up over the years. We did 301 redirects to make sure Google registered JB Tools change of address. We also monitored their Google Search Console for a month after changing the domain to make sure no problems cropped up.

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High-Tech Battery

Retainer Support: High-Tech Battery Solutions has been a client with 1Digital Agency since 2015. They originally reached out to handle the technical support for their website on Volusion. We provided this technical work though our support retainer, meaning that any time the site needed an update, a bug fix, or a change the High-Tech Battery team could simply assign us a task and have their ongoing site maintenance taken care of. So when it was time to give the site a redesign on a brand new platform, 1Digital Agency was the obvious choice.

Platform Migration: High-Tech Battery Solutions had been using the Volusion platform for many years, and had begun to feel that they were no longer keeping up with the newest functionality available in the industry. We suggested that they move to BigCommerce. We custom designed a brand new site to launch with on the new platform as well as did a migration of all customer, category, product, and order data into the new system.

Custom Development: We custom coded everything into the latest version of BigCommerce stencil framework. The BigCommerce open API also gave us the opportunity to create a piece of customization that the High-Tech Battery team had been wanting for some time. One of High-Tech Battery’s most popular categories is motorcycle and power sports batteries. We built a custom Make, Model Year search for customers who want to find products specific to the equipment they own. This allows customers to easily find their products with out searching for serial numbers on old or missing equipment.

Custom Design: We used this migration as an opportunity to redo the site’s design, which hadn’t changed much during their years on Volusion. The new design not only looks much more modern, it’s also better organized for conversion and ease of use. The most visited categories are given top real estate on the homepage. This allows customers to easily put themselves into a particular sales funnel and find the batteries associated with the kind of vehicle they own.

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Straight Down

Consulting: When Matthew from Straight Down, a retailer of quality golf apparel, reached out to 1Digital Agency the store had been on a free BigCommerce template for a year. All his local web developers were advising that Straight Down leave BigCommerce and move to WordPress because it was open source and Matt was feeling like he lacked the freedom to make changes that he envisioned for his own site. We counseled against the conventional wisdom. You can make changes to a BigCommerce store pretty freely. You just need a team that knows how to do it. We were able to create the site that the Straight Down Team wanted without the hassle of migrating to another platform.

Design: Straight Down came to us with a good idea of what they wanted their new homepage to look like. They had a basic wireframe detailing each section of their new design. They just needed someone to bring it to life. We were able to use their wireframe to create a Photoshop mockup that would allow the Straight Down team to see their vision with more clarity. After a few rounds of changes and updates, we were approved to develop something pretty close to what they had originally suggested.

Development: In addition to renewing the look of Straight Down’s site, we also added in new functionality items that did not come out of the box with their BigCommerce template store. We added a beautiful high res video to the homepage. We also added easy-to-use color swatches that allow the customer to swap between product variants wherever they find them on the site, whether that be the category listings, featured on the homepage, or in a search result.

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Branding: Peter from Habrevo reached out to 1Digital® for help building a web presence and creating an official brand for his company’s curated apparel business. They had a vision of a brand that would come to represent the place where professional cyclists and hobbyists from all over North America go to purchase innovative, high-quality cycling apparel. They wanted a high-end, professional look with a clean feel, so we helped them take that vision and bring it into focus by creating an original website complete with custom-designed pages, clean B&W; color scheme, and brand new logo. Roadkit is the resulting website and brand that Habrevo envisioned and 1Digital® help build.

Custom Design: When Habrevo approached us, they knew it was paramount that in order to best serve the cycling community in North America, they would need an innovative, brand-focused, high-quality website. 1Digital® brought their website vision to life with stunning imagery and an easy to navigate user interface which was custom-built in BigCommerce. The resulting Roadkit website was both a clean and welcoming website that is the destination apparel shop for Hardcore cyclists that know what they want and beginners who don’t know where to start.

B2B: Habrevo sought us out to help their start-up make its mark as a reliable and trustworthy business that brings innovative, high-quality apparel to professional cyclists and enthusiasts. Our dedicated team worked with Peter to develop a website with a clean, professional look and a brand that represents the best of curated cycling apparel to build a loyal customer base based on trust.

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Office Replacement Parts

Custom Design: Office Replacement Parts had been operating with a store design that was roughly ten years old. 1Digital® was called upon to give the site a design facelift that brought a successful but antiquated design a more exciting modern look and feel, while keeping the B2B customer buyer’s journey prevalent. In addition to bringing the design update with fresh imagery and text, our designers also completely updated the framework to assist in driving customers further into categories then their previous design.

B2B: Office Replacement Parts came to us looking to preserve the mark they have made supplying businesses with top quality replacement parts for their office furniture. We worked with Adam and Sam to develop a site that speaks the specifics of their niche B2B with a fresh professional look.

SEO: To pair with a fresh new design and optimized framework, our team laid out new strategy for SEO. Our team has built content and targeted keywords specifically to attract office managers and people who are in positions to purchase B2B office parts.

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La Española

Custom Design: Founded in 1978, with 14 brick and mortar locations across Puerto Rico, La Española reached out to 1Digital Agency when they were finally ready to join the world of eCommerce. We knew that for a brand as well established as La Española, a template site simply would not square with the image that customers already had of the brand. We synthesized their longtime imagery and branding into a modern eCommerce site that exuded the professionalism already associated with the La Española Beauty name.

Custom Development: The La Española site makes use of BigCommerce’s custom group functionality. La Española has two main customer groups, students and wholesale partners. Both get a discount on the items available in the store. We created two custom from using a third-party service and integrated them with the BigCommerce site. Users can apply to be placed in one of these customer groups by filling out these forms and, if they are accepted by the La Española team, they will see specially tailored products and prices on the site when logged into their user account.

SEO Marketing: After the site was complete we stayed on as La Española Beauty’s partner for SEO Marketing. They want to get their site in front of customers both in the U.S. and Latin America, which takes special consideration when constructing an SEO strategy. We are writing content in both Spanish and English, as well as building Latin American and U.S. based backlinks in order to build La Española’s domain authority in both regions.

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SEO Case Study


eCommerce SEO: When taking on the iDemiGods project we knew they were starting behind the 8-Ball. It can be difficult for a merchant based outside the United States to achieve U.S. rankings. Fortunately, those odds can be beaten with the help of a U.S. based digital marketing firm. We used our network of content publishers to build iDemiGods domain authority inside the United States. Now the majority of their organic search traffic comes from the U.S.

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Buy Rocket Motors

Custom Design: Robert reached out to 1Digital® looking for a design that would skyrocket his store’s sales and keep his fellow rocketeers coming back for more. Our design team crafted a fun design that played on space exploration, while still displaying his products in a highly professional that converts traffic into sales. The results were out of this world.

Custom Development: Buyrocketmotors.com provides a unique product that requires hazmat shipping charges to be included on some purchases. Our developers built custom scripts and shipping rules to apply hazmat shipping charges to products that required special handling. The task was identifying a complex variety of different cart combinations and actions that needed to be considered when developing these shipping rules. The site now has automated processes that occur during the checkout to apply the correct shipping charges creating a seamless path for the customer to complete their purchase.

Optimized Checkout: To compliment streamlining the custom shipping processes we put in place, we implemented a one-page checkout to reduce friction while customers complete their purchase. In addition to the one-page checkout, we configured PayPal express checkout confirming shopper’s confidence and the store’s ability to convert.

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Framework Update: Trailheads originally reached out to 1Digital® when BigCommerce updated its theme framework. The theme framework is the skeleton on which all of a platform’s stores are built. Trailheads knew that they would need to update from the old framework, Blueprint, to the new framework, Stencil. After deciding on an new design and some new custom features, we were able to build Trailheads a new version of their site on a new theme framework.

Migration: Even though Trailheads was going to remain on BigCommerce, they still needed a migration. As it happened, their blog had the domain trailheads.com and the store was on shop.trailheads.com. This multiple domain setup is inadvisable for maximizing SEO effect. We changed the main domain to point to the store and migrated the blog content from WordPress the BigCommerce so that Google could crawl all their content in one place.

Custom Development: One of Trailhead’s differentiating features was their ability to create custom orders. We designed and developed an FAQ page with a gallery and expandable content areas to explain the benefits of custom orders and explain to visitors how to place one. We also knew that Trailheads had a ton of product video they wanted to make the most of. Our custom product page has multiple areas where a browsing customer can access Trailheads high-quality explainer videos.

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AV Leaderz

Custom Design: Shams from AV Leaderz first reached out to us at 1Digital® because he wanted SEO for his site. He’d had the business for years and was doing well on eBay and Amazon, but his eCommerce site was seeing almost no sales. As soon as we saw it we told Shams that even the world’s best SEO campaign wouldn’t bring him new sales because his site design was so out of date. He had missing images and broken pages to boot. We put AV Leaderz on an accelerated design track so that he could get a new design up quickly which would be able to convert the new traffic he’d be getting from his SEO campaign.

Development: In addition to some of the broken pages on the site, Shams also had a custom search tool which was no longer functioning. AV Leardez sells car stereo equipment. This tool was built so that customers could enter the make, model and year of their car and get back the corresponding stereo equipment. He originally asked us if we could salvage the tool which had been added originally by another firm. In the end, it was beyond saving, so we replaced the tool with a new one created by our development team.

SEO: While fixing the more basic elements of the AV Leaderz site, we were able to get an SEO campaign up and running. eCommerce SEO takes time to build momentum. In the months that his new site was being designed and developed, our SEO team was creating content and fixing mistakes. This jump-started work began to rank AV Leaderz pages for some of the most competitive terms in their industry by the time the site was ready to go live.

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New York Replacement Parts

Migration: When New York Replacement Parts reached out to 1Digital® they were on an eCommerce platform known as nopCommerce. Though nopCommerce was free they did not feel like it was giving them the functionality and reliability they wanted. They had targeted BigCommerce Enterprise as their new home. 1Digital® is particularly highly regarded among BigCommerce partners when it comes to platform migration. We performed a full data migration for New York Replacement Parts including products, categories, customers, orders, and blogs.

Design: New York Replacement Parts is a B2B business and therefore did not place paramount importance on how their site looked. We counseled them that even B2B sites can benefit from a modern design. Even if your customers don’t particularly care about the latest in web design trends. They will benefit from clearly laid out pages that are designed to make it easy for them to find what they need and get it quickly. Our new layout made it simpler for customers to find items by brand and to learn about New York Replacement Parts Business Accounts.

Development: A new design can go a long way towards making it easier for customers to shop, but it can certainly be helped by a couple of well-placed custom design elements. On New York Replacement Parts we used extra functionality to make it easier for customers to shop by subcategory. The category pages have an additional subcategory section which allows the customer to drill down as soon as they enter one of the top level categories. Some even have a custom subcategory slider which allows the customer to browse more specific selections.

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Case Study

Resonate Gifts

Branding: When Logan McAlister reached out to us at 1Digital Agency he was considering a total rebrand for his business. His site, under the name Welcome Home Joe, was a very simple WordPress template site with no eCommerce functionality. Logan was considering launching a completely fresh site with a new look, under a new name, that would allow his customers to purchase his services directly through an eCommerce cart. After extensive discussions about his requirements, we were able to find a suitable eCommerce platform which could provide the custom functionality he needed, as well as settle on a new look to go along with the new name, Resonate Gifts.

Development: Resonate Gifts is not a typical eCommerce store. They sell gift packages, meant to be sent out over a period of weeks and months. So naturally, Logan needed a lot of changes to the out of the box BigCommerce functionality. Our developers were able to build a complex step by step process that allows Resonate Gifts customers to create and customize their gift packages, all within fields that Logan can manage in the BigCommerce admin area.

Design: The Resonate Gifts site needed a fresh, modern look in order to differentiate it from the old branding, but it also needed much more than that. Since this is an unconventional eCommerce product with an unconventional purchasing process, we wanted the site to explain clearly to every customer exactly what they were in for. The simple, clean design takes every opportunity to explain the steps of the process and make clear the difference between each of Resonate Gifts different packages.

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SEO Case Study

White Mountain Knives

eCommerce SEO: With a brand new redesign under his belt, Justin from White Mountian Knives knew he needed to get traffic to the site in order to make it’s new and improved look pay off. When we began his campaign, the store didn’t have any rankings in the top ten pages of Google. Now they have page one rankings for competitive industry search terms. We’ve also been able to leverage the email list that Justin has built over the years to provide regular boosts in sales from intelligent email promotions.

Testimonial: Testimonial: I could tell that it was essentially a full-time job, I had no more time to do it. Why not find someone who was an expert in it rather than adding something else to my repertoire. 1Digital® has done a great job!

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Inspyr Gear

Branding: The folks at Inspyr got in touch with 1Digital® because they were starting from scratch. They had a template site on a Shopify store and they were redoing their branding from top to bottom with a new logo, new colors, new packaging and more. They needed a design partner who could bring the alterations they had already made to the other parts of their brand to their web presence seamlessly.

Strategy: Based on their notes we new the best way to approach this new web presence was for Inspyr to get their story across. Inspyr’s brand is based on how customers relate to the story of the company, and how that makes them feel about their own journey. The products and the brand are imbued with messages of inspiration, so we felt that the website should be too. At each and every turn we took the opportunity to make sure the website made the story of the company clear.

Design: In addition to updating their template, we designed a new Homepage and About Us page for Inspyr. Both of these pages are crucial to giving a visitor to the site a strong impression of the brand. Inspyr gave us comprehensive brand guidelines which we were able to follow to the letter in order to deliver new page designs which flow perfectly with the new direction for their business.

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SEO Case Study

Gator Chef

eCommerce SEO: Gatorchef started on SEO work after working with us on a custom redesign for their Volusion site. Their industry, B2B restaurant and kitchen supply, is one of the most competitive out there when it comes to organic ranking. Gatorchef had been trying to make a dent by themselves, but their small marketing team was pulled in too many different directions. We had already proved during the design and development process that we were eCommerce experts, so Gatorchef decided to let us take on the challenge of pushing their site up these competitive search terms with more dedicated time and expertise than they were able to spare.

Testimonial: Even when we had a person dedicated to doing it before, I don’t know that he was as structured as you guys are doing it. As far as effectiveness, you guys have been very effective as far as technique and writing style.

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PPC Case Study

Location Sound

There is a (probably apocryphal) quote often attributed to Michelangelo about how to sculpt an elephant. You simply start with a block of marble and then chip away everything that isn’t the elephant.

“As a one-person operation, you can only do so much. You have to learn to key into what sets of information you want to concentrate on. 1Digital® has helped me focus in on the metrics I want to follow.”
– Angelica Dewlow, Location Sound

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Hammock Gear

Consulting and Conversion Optimization: When Hammock Gear first contacted us they had a problem which went deeper than just an outdated looking site. Their products are involved and intricate, but the navigation on their site was simple, too simple to allow customers to easily find the exact combination of options they wanted. We suggested a more robust menu with dropdowns and sub-dropdowns which allows customers to drill down to the product they were looking for while also minimizing their number of clicks. We also suggested subcategory landing pages which allow customers a visually engaging way to select the types of products they’re after.

Design: When Hammock Gear hired 1Digital® they were using the same BigCommerce template they had set up when they opened the online store almost 10 years ago. Their customers, however, are in large part younger, hip, and outdoorsy. They knew a more modern design was required in order to appeal to this customer base. Our design pops with color and makes liberal use of lifestyle and product imagery in order to communicate a story of Hammock Gear’s brand with their customers and decrease bounce rate.

Development: Hammock Gear’s products are highly customizable. We wanted to ensure that the customers were able to envision the product they were buying as clearly as possible on Hammock Gear’s product pages. We set up custom product option rules in the BigCommerce system so that customers could change just the liner color of a hammock, or just the fabric, or the color of the straps, and the product image will continuously update to display the chosen combination of options.

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SEO Case Study

Velvet Cloud

eCommerce SEO: Velvet Cloud reached out to 1Digital® because we’re well known in the vape industry as good partners for SEO. Nicotine products can’t be directly advertised on Google, Facebook, or myriad other digital platforms, so vape merchants rely on good SEO to get their products in front of new customers. That makes this a very competitive space. We’ve been doing vape SEO so long that our writers were already well versed in how to create content for them when Velvet Cloud signed up. We were also able to help Velvet Cloud improve their reach in other ways including email marketing and day to day development for their eCommerce site.

Testimonial: That is probably my favorite part. 1Digital Agency does everything, as things come up or as I need something as we grow. For example, we had to implement an age check system, and of course, you guys can do it. It’s like having a development team on staff, especially because you work with the same people all the time, so you feel like they are on staff.

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Pro Teeth Guard

Branding & Design: JP & the Pro Teeth Guard team came to 1Digital® for a total website overhaul. They have a great product that was selling well, but they wanted to increase conversion rate & improve customer experience. They knew their product needed some explaining and were looking for help getting that information across in a way that wouldn’t turn visitors off. 1Digital® helped by giving the Pro Teeth Guard audience a more straightforward and enticing design to engage with. This new custom site employs a welcoming flat design aesthetic. This layout is designed to tell a story that explains the product while also focusing on its myriad uses. The site was designed to be an exceptionally informative experience on both desktop and mobile.

Development: We developed the website on BigCommerce so that each available nook and cranny could be utilized to relay information about the product. The site has small tweaks all over for a better experience that allows customers to easily scroll through content. We also added small popups to keep users on the page, while delivering snippets of important information. We integrated a highly recommended 3rd party plugin called stamped.io to draw attention to the company’s strong reviews.

Optimization: When we first looked at the Pro Teeth Guard site it was loaded down with content. Even though it was overwhelming for the site’s visitors, all that content was catnip to Google. We optimized the content in its new form so that it’s easier for customers to read while still impressing Google algorithm.

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Shades Daddy

Migration: When the folks at ShadesDaddy first contacted 1Digital Agency, they were looking to do a site speed optimization of their Volusion store. Upon further review with their team, we soon discovered that a simple speed optimization would not be quite enough to bring the ShadesDaddy site to the point where they wanted it. We suggested a full platform migration from Volusion to Shopify Plus, a more premium eCommerce service with the newest features. 1Digital® did an in-house migration of all of ShadesDaddy’s order, customer and product data into the Shopify Plus system. By taking the time to create a custom script and set up a server as an intermediary we were able to move ShadesDaddy’s business from platform to platform with almost no interruption for their customers.

Design: The new ShadesDaddy design was created to be as sleek and modern as their new platform. Shopify Plus sites move smoothly and this design does as well drawing the customers eye into each section without obvious breaks in the flow. The clean black and white color scheme is perfect for this chic fashion brand.

Development: ShadesDaddy wanted to bring just one tool over from their Volusion store. We rebuilt their ‘email me a better price’ button to work seamlessly with the new platform. This tool uses a custom application which we built on an external server and connected into the Shopify store. It allows ShadesDaddy customers to request a lower price on products that are pre-approved. As soon as they do they receive an automated email from our app which takes the customer back to the site and offers a generated coupon code. It’s been so successful at pumping up conversion, that ShadesDaddy has already had us add this tool to another site they manage.

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SEO Case Study

Girls Round Here

eCommerce SEO: Girls ‘Round Here was a new eCommerce store on a BigCommerce template looking for a way to get itself in front of a specific group of customers, women from the South. As a new store, they didn’t have a clear way to put their site out where it could be discovered by the right customers. We focused on specific, brand related keywords and we were able to rank each of the 20 keywords in their campaign on Google’s page 1 within the first 3 months.

Testimonial: “Leave it up to the professionals. When you think about the time it would have taken me to learn how to do this, it’s a much better use of time to interview companies and find someone who you trust.”
– Ben Alford

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Casa M Spice

Design: When Mike and Manny from Casa M first reached out to 1Digital® they were starting a new business from scratch and they knew they would need to start things off on the right foot. One of those things would be to settle on a design language that would be carried through to the rest of their brand. That’s what we set out to do when creating Casa M’s home on the web. We gave their images of delicious food spotlight on this site, while also packing a lot of content into the most eye-catching places. This design is structured to easily educate customers about what makes Casa M’s rubs different, while also making you hungry!

Copywriting: As a new brand, Casa M was working on finding their voice. They knew that in order to convert, the site would have to clearly explain to customers why these blends were superior to ones already on the market. Our copywriters took briefs on the company, the process, and the products and turned them into a captivating and informative copy for the site.

Digital Marketing: For any new brand, starting marketing right away is crucial. A new domain is going to take a lot more work to put on the map than a revamp of an old site would. For Casa M we had keyword research done during the design and development process so that our marketing team was ready to begin building traffic as soon as the site went live.

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White Mountain Knives

Design: White Mountain Knives came to us looking to step up their game and increase conversions. The first step that 1Digital® took was to redesign the site with the latest in design standards that pushed the envelope to their target demographic.

Custom Development: We developed the site on the latest Stencil version and made sure that the site is responsive, has a great mega menu, welcome popup, wholesale integration, ability to add to cart from the search page and more creative enhancements that allow the user experience to be better than their competition.

Digital Marketing: We’re continuously working on a stragic SEO, PPC, email marketing campaign and a well rounded copywriting campaign to target repeat visitors, and new visitors to the site. “Sales quadrupled by the time the site was live” was a quote received from the founder, Justin at WMK.

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Cream City Music

Design: The original Cream City Music website lacked the easy navigation necessary to escort shoppers to the items they sought after. With 1Digital®’s help, the new design keeps eCommerce in mind and makes finding the desired item a breeze. The brand story remains center stage, and the site is now customer-oriented with the best user engagement strategies implemented.

Development: Design is one thing, but users also want an easy interface. Utilizing the BigCommerce Enterprise framework, we created a fluid and enjoyable user experience that customers will love. Now, with a fully mobile-responsive website, advanced features keep customers happy and engaged and lead to conversion. That’s what we’d call a top-notch website!

Conversion: Cream City Music has been an industry leader in the Guitar Industry since 1999. Adapting to the online world lead them to a genuine problem: “How can we increase our conversion?” 1Digital® suggested a redesign, optimized for engagement and conversion. Cream City Music now enjoys a sleek and modern eCommerce website that boosts their conversion and engagement rates.

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Design: When Claude from eCowhides first reached out to 1Digital Agency, he had a precise vision for what his redesigned site would look like. While double checking to be sure each of his design notes was compatible with modern eCommerce best practices, we were able to take Claude’s exact vision and bring it to life on the BigCommerce platform.

Development: Because the design vision for the site was so well defined at the outset of the project, we were able to anticipate much of the custom development that eCowhides would need in order to deliver the site that Claude envisioned. However, during the process, we remained flexible through change orders and tickets to add and change functionality when requested. This lead to a project with a strong central vision, that was also agile enough to adapt when necessary.

Post Project Support: The eCowhides site has very custom product pages which would not be possible with the out of the box BigCommerce system. We created this product page template from scratch, but we knew it would not be as easy to manage as a standard platform product page. 1Digital® provided training and instructions so that eCowhides can manage this complex product page on their own in the future. We also provide assistance beyond our included 30 days of free support, through our ongoing monthly support retainer contracts.

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Play Better

Custom Design: When the folks at Play Better contacted us they knew they wanted an update to their current site, which was also custom designed, but getting a little long in the tooth. Their priority was to get as much taken care of with this design update as possible so that this version of the site would be usable for years to come, as their last version had been. We maintained the branding elements from the previous design but modernized every element in order to create a design with longevity, rather than kowtow to any design trend of the moment.

Custom Development: The custom developed elements in Play Better’s site are all based around natural usability, like a sticky add to cart button, or an easy to expand shipping information window. If you didn’t know they were there, you might not even notice them. However, each element is tailored to smooth out user experience at every turn, so that the site is as easy as possible to explore and place an order on.

Advanced Responsive: For most of Play Better’s site, the standard BigCommerce responsive worked perfectly fine. However, they have a few bread and butter products which required some special attention. Those use an alternate product page specifically designed for mobile so that their optional bundles and upsells are easy to parse and even easier to order.

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Asher’s Chocolates

Platform Migration: Asher’s Chocolates is a unique eCommerce store that requires unique functionality from their eCommerce platform. When Rob Ekstrom from Asher’s reached out to us, their site was on Magento, but he felt frustrated with the time and effort Magento took to maintain. Rob wondered if there was another solution available. One that could give him the functionality Asher’s needed, but with fewer day to day headaches. We took a look at Asher’s requirements list and found that everything they need could be done more simply, and with less operating cost, on a WordPress site.

Development: One of Asher’s most important requirements was the ability to ship to multiple addresses. Their products are often given as gifts, and their customers need a way to ship to family and friends in multiple locations. We configured custom shipping rules with WordPress, as well as set up single page checkout, faceted search and a ton of other usability upgrades for the new version of Asher’s site.

Design: Our design for Asher’s Chocolates was also centered around giving customers an easy way to give these products as gifts. Specially designed informational pages clearly explain how to order Asher’s as corporate or personal gift using easy to follow steps. We also took full advantage of Asher’s gorgeous products by peppering the design with supersized images and subtle hover effects to highlight them.

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Custom Design When we first talked, Vapaura was a brand new business, but their design made them look old. By taking direction from Ben Winterburn, Vaparua’s owner, and cues from the vape industry at large, we were able to hone in on a fluid and sleek design that matches the aesthetic conscious products that Vapaura carries. Vapaura is starting out on the right foot by projecting professionalism to every new visitor.

Branding: When you’re in a market like vape, your options for getting your brand out in front of potential customers are limited. That’s why, when a customer does interact with your business, you have to make a strong impression. We sat down with Vapaura to discuss exactly the kind of impression the business needed to make, what kind of customers it need to impress, and how to best achieve that vision with eCommerce design.

SEO: When Ben began his design and development process with us, he knew the road to strong organic rankings was going to be a long one. Vape is one of the most competitive industries for SEO marketing, because so many other advertising channels are closed off. We started to plan his SEO strategy as the Vapaura site was being completed. Now, thanks to constant work over several months, Vapaura is a new store that’s starting to rank on the first page for highly competitive vape terms.



Strategy: Duracable came to 1Digital® looking for higher conversions, engagement, organic positions & sales. 1Digital® analyzed the website and came up with a redesign & SEO approach.

Design: 1Digital® worked with Duracable assets and put together a great looking website that tells a story, brings confidence and is perfect for it’s intended demographic. The site is professionally designed, the UX/UI is the perfect blend of professionalism to help bring it’s products onto the forefront for their BtoB customers.

Custom Coding: We developed the site on Bigcommerce stencil with all the latest framework and coding techniques. The site has tasteful effects, a great mega menu, a sticky header and is fine tuned to perform.

SEO: 1Digital® put together a great strategic, custom tailored SEO plan by checking previous analysis, looking at the competitive landscape, and finding the best target keywords. We then honed in on putting together a great content marketing plan, with building channels that show Google that Duracable is the authority in their space. Since started we’ve moved countless keywords into the top 10 positions, and we’re now on our second campaign to drive even more SEO results to the Duracable website.

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Perfectly Priscilla

Strategy: Perfectly Priscilla is a clothing company that was having trouble with their BigCommerce Blueprint site. When Tommy from Perfectly Priscilla came to 1Digital Agency for help, we helped them way out the options. They could either switch platforms, or stay on BigCommerce and upgrade to Stencil. After some probing from 1Digital®, Perfectly Priscilla realized that staying on BigCommerce was ultimately better for their long term goals.

Custom Design: Although the bulk of Tommy’s sales and traffic could be seen on mobile, 1Digital® noticed that his conversion rate was largely lacking. With boosting this conversation rate in mind, 1Digital® sought out to fix the problem. We recognized that user experience would be the main focus in the battle to increase Perfectly Priscilla’s conversion rate and average order value. That user experience is exactly what we were able to create.

Custom Development: Developing the new site took a lot of work, but in the end, it looks fantastic. With the use of advanced responsive, we created a custom desktop and a mobile view. Staring down at a new Buy The Look section, customers now have the ability to purchase products seen as part of a collection or look with ease. Perfectly Priscilla now enjoys their brand new site design almost as much as their customers!

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Messages In Metal

Design: Casey, the owner of Messages in Metal, came to 1Digital® with a well-considered goal. He wanted a website that told the story high-quality products being created in the heart of Montana. We created a custom design that is centered around the gorgeous products that Casey is creating. Every element of the site is tailored to show craftsmanship and communicate the uniquely high quality of this product line.

Development: For this custom design we considered mobile to be the foundational experience. We built the framework for mobile first with advanced responsive design and custom development tweaks that change the behavior of the design based on screen size. We also customized the BigCommerce Enterprise system to take advantage of unique features that facilitate user experience.

Branding: Casey wanted the site to exude the same high-quality confidence that his products do. We rebuilt his branding from the foundation up with a new logo, and a custom designed theme to match. These handcrafted products look even better when surrounded by a high-quality site.

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Di Bruno Bros.

Customization: DiBruno wants to be on the cutting edge, and do their own thing at the same time. We provide them with the latest design elements, as well as the custom features that are unique to their retail space. “Meeting you guys and seeing your capabilities was impressive,” Director of Marketing Janeane Tolomeo told us. “I think we can really count on you to keep us up to date.”

Maintenance: A website can only be future proofed so much. So when those annoying little bugs pop up, or a new feature needs to be implemented, we’re on retainer to help DiBruno Bros. get them fixed right away.


Kosmo’s Q

Strategy: 1Digital® took one look at KosmosQ’s analytics and determined that his conversion rate on mobile was lacking, so we created better functioning mobile version that draws in more traffic and appeals to customer’s needs. While creating his fully custom designed store, we created an SEO optimized recipe page that functions as a blog as well as a Frequently Bought section on his product page. Now, KosmosQ enjoys a fresh, modern, and fully customized site that just screams southern barbeque!

Custom Design: When Darian came to 1Digital®, he had a very unique vision for his website. With a homey southern look in mind, he was very specific with how he wanted his responsive site to display. Our designers morphed his previous blog into an informative recipe page that also functions for SEO purposes, enabling him to share southern barbeque aesthetic and simultaneously climb Google’s ranks.

Development: Similar to Amazon, KosmoQ wanted a “Frequently Bought Together” section in which they could display specific products to the customer and enable them to bulk purchase items that were frequently bought together. Our developers gladly complied and created the bulk order capability that Darien wanted for his site. Now customers benefit from these suggestions and can purchase related items in bulk!

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