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Tactics to Lower Your Bounce Rate

One of the most heartbreaking parts of tracking your eCommerce analytics is viewing your bounce rate. For those

Walmart Purchases Majority Stake in Flipkart

Walmart Dips Its Toes Into Indian Markets On Wednesday, Walmart announced that it had reached a multi-billion deal
Companies Like Facebook and Twitter Are Bringing ECommerce to Social Media in Revolutionary Ways

How 3 Companies Are Bringing ECommerce to Social Media

The Face of ECommerce May Change Forever One of the most fundamental changes that is sweeping the internet
Cryptocurrencies for ECommerce Stores Can Open New Doors

Understanding CryptoCurrencies for ECommerce Stores

Can Volatile Online Currencies Actually Benefit Your Business? In the last few months, the names of cryptocurrencies have
The Customers of 2018 Need Secure ECommerce Stores

Building Secure ECommerce Stores for 2018

News Travels Fast for Customers and Merchants Alike 2017 was one of the most turbulent years to date
ECommerce Platform Features Trend Towards Mobile

The Newest ECommerce Platform Features to Watch For In 2018

2018 Could Bring Big Changes for Online Merchants The biggest names in eCommerce solutions tend to keep a
An Online Sale for the New Year Can Make Business Boom

4 Surefire Tactics to Ensure Your Online Sale Flies High After the Holidays

A New Year Means New Opportunities With Christmas and Hannukah both passed and New Years’ quickly approaching, you
Success in Holiday Customer Service Means Long Term Gains

Concrete Techniques for Pristine Holiday Customer Service Online

Service Is Essential for Online Merchants In our most recent blog posts, we’ve been spotlighting various ways that
Devoted eCommerce Brands Understand Gifts

Why the Holiday Rush Doesn’t End in December for Devoted ECommerce Brands

A Two-Part Race for Vital Customer Satisfaction The holidays have always been a critical time of year for

How to Prepare for the Next Wave of Voice Shopping

The Future Is in Voice Shopping In the future, voice shopping could allow consumers to make a purchase

5 Reasons Instagram Stories is Making a Mark in eCommerce

A Brief Explanation of Instagram Stories Instagram Stories is one of the latest features on the Instagram social

Do You Need to Personalize the eCommerce Experience On Your Site?

Customers Increasingly Seek Companies That Personalize  It isn’t just an advantage when a company decides to personalize eCommerce

New Focus in Mobile ECommerce Is on Streamlining the Process

Shopify Looks to Make Mobile ECommerce Even Easier With “Shopcodes” Last week, Shopify made a seemingly minor announcement

Podcasts Can Help ECommerce Companies Enter a New Realm of Digital Marketing

Building Customer Engagement Through Digital Marketing The more time potential customers spend with your brand, the more likely

Omnichannel Retail: A Way Forward for Brick-and-Mortar and ECommerce

Creating Space for Omnichannel Retail by Big Brands Often the relationship between brick-and-mortar retailers and eCommerce merchants is

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