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Before I jump into showing you a case study done on one of our SEO clients, I want to tell you a little bit about SEO. If you’ve stumbled onto this page, it might be because you already have a website up and running but don’t seem to be getting any traffic (or many sales), and you’re not sure why. Or, maybe you’ve come across this page because you know what SEO can do for you and you’re looking for an agency that can help you fully optimize your website. Whatever the case, I hope this article helps in explaining why committing to an effective SEO campaign can assist in greatly boosting your rankings.

What is SEO and What Does It Do For Your Website

So, what is SEO? Literally, SEO is Search Engine Optimization. If you Google SEO, you’ll find – after the advertised (paid) SEO service links – a few websites that basically say the same thing. One of them, Wikipedia, explains SEO as “the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results – often referred to as ‘natural,’ ‘organic,’ or ‘earned’ results.” Contrary to SEO, these paid search links that you see at the top of the results page are there because of the fact that they have been paid for. It’s tricky because, although these paid search results might be popular and dependable brands, a lot of people might skip these ads because they don’t see them as trustworthy. And, once these payments stop coming through, these ads will disappear. So, all that money you spent to advertise your website at the top of the search engine results page made no lasting effect. This is where SEO comes into play.

With SEO, the hard work that goes into creating informative – and relevant – content using specific keyword terms all gets paid back by resulting in a (hopefully) higher ranking on search engines that will not only draw in potential clients and consumers but, by committing to an aggressive SEO campaign, you’ll get a constant flow of content that will actually maintain this higher ranking and, with the right audience, convert to sales.

How KRG Found 1Digital®

Now that you know a little bit about SEO, let me tell you about one of our clients: Kinetic Research Group (KRG). KRG is a company that designs high-end precision rifle accessories. Founded by a group of veteran Army Special Forces soldiers, KRG came to be because of the lack of satisfactory and acceptable small arms and accessories. The KRG guys have been shooting guns since their youth and are very well-trained and experienced gun professionals. They know what works and what makes shooting better, more accurate, and more fun. Officially founded in 2010, when KRG first created their online store, they had an old college friend help them optimize their site. They quickly realized, however, that they weren’t getting the kind of traffic or conversions that they were hoping for. They had a list of competitors on hand and knew that they needed to do something in order to establish their authority within their industry and build their rankings. They started to do some research into how to gear more traffic towards their site and found that, according to Google’s “Dangerous Products or Services” policy, and because KRG offers gun products, they could not utilize the help of Google AdWords to their benefit. What now? Well, that’s when they found 1Digital Agency.

KRG came across our website and found that our genius SEO strategy appealed to what they were looking for. They submitted a quote request and viola…1Digital® answered!

What We Found

When KRG first came to us, we did what we always do when we run an SEO campaign. Our first step was to do a thorough website audit. In this step, we completed a full analysis of KRG’s website to determine its search visibility and to give them a deeper understanding as to why their site wasn’t generating the traffic, and thus the sales, that they were looking for. During our audit, we found that KRG had bad links, broken links, crawl errors, and a site that was not fully optimized to their benefit.

What We Did

After conducting our audit and discovering these issues, we took the necessary next steps in order to improve their site. We ensured their website had a proper flow, because, as we all know, if a user can’t easily navigate a site, then they are more likely to “bounce’” and go to the next available option.

Easy Site Navigation = Higher Add-to-Cart Conversion Rates

Next, we sent our technical SEO guy down the path to keyword research. For those that don’t know, choosing the right keywords is essential to an effective SEO campaign. To do this, we utilized a competitive balance between primary keywords and secondary keywords. Then, we got to working.

We took our research and used what we found to optimize KRG’s link structure to create a strong foundation for SEO. We created on-page optimization that ranks to make it easier for people to find the site based on title tags.

Finally, we set loose our content team to create relevant and informative content that people would want to engage with. We started creating both onsite and offsite content on blogs, product pages, and category pages.

And slowly, sure enough, we saw KRG consistently rank higher and higher for each keyword we targeted.

Where They Are Now

As of now, KRG’s site has 0 broken internal links, 0 broken external links, and 30 healthy links pointing to their site.

For the keywords we targeted, KRG’s secondary keywords have consistently remained on Google’s first SERP, or search engine results page.

For the primary keywords we targeted, when KRG first came to use, they ranked below the third page on Google’s results pages.

After working with 1Digital Agency, KRG jumped from these low position rankings to a first page ranking on Google. From an average sitting position of 62, when they first came to us, to a current sitting position of 6, KRG’s SERP rankings has jumped significantly!

With 79% of traffic coming from organic searches, we continue to monitor and analyze KRG’s rankings so that they not only maintain high ranking positions, but also so that these rankings can convert to sales for a successful SEO campaign that lists KRG as a dominant force in their industry!

Why You Should Choose 1Digital Agency for Your SEO Campaign

If you have a website, or if you are in the process of building a website, one of the most important things you can do to ensure your website gets noticed is to have a competitive SEO campaign in place. SEO takes a lot of work; it’s not just a one and done type of project. SEO takes time and effort in order for results to show. That’s why getting a digital agency that specializes in SEO to commit to your project can be very beneficial. Here at 1Digital Agency, we pride ourselves on the fact that we create strategic SEO campaigns with engaging content that will not only bring people to your website, but will keep them on your pages longer for a better chance of converting to sales. If you’re interested in learning more about what 1Digital® can do for you, head on over to our website and check out our eCommerce SEO services or give us call at 215-809-1567, today!

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