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Casa M Spice: The Essence of Spice

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Casa M Spice: The Essence of Spice

Recently, the owners of Casa M Spice Co., Mike and Manny Hernandez, contacted 1Digital Agency seeking a custom website design, PPC and SEO to effectively promote their unique and original blends of spices and seasonings. 1Digital Agency partnered with them on this project, creating a new custom design on Shopify Plus that just launched and preparing for PPC and SEO to promote their brand.

About Casa M Spice

Before diving into the project creation, let’s first provide some background on the client. Casa M Spice is the creation of Mike Hernandez. Mike’s background in chemical physics and passion for food, as well as a lot of experimenting with spices and ingredients, from Cajun to Mexican to Southwestern cuisine, led to the creation of Casa M’s original blend, Chain Reaction.

Chain Reaction has served as the base and foundation for all of Casa M Spice’s products. It is made from all-natural ingredients including paprika, salt and pepper, garlic, onion, spices and ground chiles to combine smoky and earthy flavors with a building heat from the chiles. The seasoning pairs wonderfully with meats, beans, fruits and vegetables and eggs. They even recommend using this seasoning to rim the glass for a margarita!

Using the Chain Reaction seasoning as a foundation, Mike, his business partner Manny and the team at Casa M Spice have created a number of additional flavors, including Controlled Chain Reaction (a milder version of the original) and Uncontrolled Chain Reaction (a wilder version of the original).

For over two decades, the blends of spices and seasonings were tested among family and friends. The name Casa M Spice Co. is the dawning of Mike and Manny’s business venture, making these blends available to you so you can enjoy the many flavors and share them as they have over the years.

Great flavor is the top priority to the team at Casa M Spice. After many years of creating their spice blends and seasonings, Mike and Manny wanted to present and offer these flavors to customers. In addition to the original blends, there are also specific blends for different meats, such as chicken, beef and pork, creating a vast catalog of seasonings for your choosing.

Why Shopify Plus?

To create the custom store, Mike and Manny chose to use the Shopify Plus platform as modeled after the website of a previous client of ours.

With so many different blends and spices to choose from, Mike and Manny needed a template that was able to showcase a number of products to show the variety within the company. Shopify Plus offered the right template for Casa M.

In addition, Mike and Manny wanted a lot of functionality within the website, making it easy to understand and to complete purchases. Through our development, we were able to create a website that offered a sleek design, showcased the products effectively through images and creative copy and provided easy access and functioning for resources such as reviews, cart, and search.

Custom Design

As mentioned previously, flavor is the top priority of Casa M Spice Co. In creating the custom design for Casa M Spice, we wanted to focus on creating a website that highlighted these flavors and promoted their brand.

The website contains a number of images to showcase the delicious food enhanced with the spices and blends from Casa M Spice. The design of the website focuses on educating customers on everything they need to know about the blends, what makes each blend different and the history and story of how Casa M Spice was created. Using eye-catching content in as many places as possible was also a goal to further promote the brand and showcase the Casa M blends.

This also includes more than just eye-catching images. The website needed a voice that would connect with customers and food lovers. Our copywriters took note of all of this, highlighting the company story, the creation of their products and detailed product descriptions to draw customers.

What’s Next?

Being a new business means essentially starting from scratch. Once the website was completed, getting started on marketing is a crucial step.

Casa M Spice created a new domain for the website, which meant getting on the map through search engines was going to require additional work.

At 1Digital, we used keyword research to set up an SEO and PPC plan for Casa M so that they could be ready to begin marketing the website. The SEO campaign plan was for a 65 Keyword National SEO Campaign, focusing on keywords that will rank quickly and be relevant to the Casa M audience. Casa M is also going to start a PPC campaign that will set up keywords and ads to boost promotion of the business and provide different channels of digital marketing.

Mike and Manny are very dedicated to their new business and striving for success. They were very involved and dedicated to the process from creating a custom design and development of the website to the SEO and PPC campaigns that are going to launch into digital marketing to further promote their creations.

We at 1Digital think this design is very appealing and will draw in many food lovers. The easy navigation of the many blends and spices provides great presentation. Ultimately, the website reflects Casa M Spice’s dedication to the flavors they have created while providing a customer experience that makes you feel like family.

Do you need an eCommerce website? Looking for a new design? Contact the experts at 1Digital Agency to get started on creating your new eCommerce website today. We are Shopify Plus partners and can provide assistance with your project from start to finish. Call us at 888-982-8269 or send us an email at to get started today!

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