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Breaking Down E-A-T

Writers such as bloggers and copywriters, as well as SEO specialists, will often use the term EAT when referring to the quality of content on a website. This term is critical to understand for two very specific reasons. For one, it will vastly affect your user experience, and if that were not important enough, it can also impact your eCommerce website’s SEO.

That gives a special significance to the meaning of E-A-T, but what exactly is it?

Collectively, E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust, and is a sum of factors that will indicate how valuable, original, and useful the content that appears on your website is to visitors, and to a separate degree, to search engines. To understand this, we have to take it apart.


When a visitor comes to your eCommerce website to consume content, he or she could be coming for a variety of reasons. One might come for information on the history of your products, another might come to learn about the uses of your products, and a third might come for entertainment. The specific content they seek may vary, but all of them come to you because they seek expertise on the matter.

That is to say, they go to you instead of a competitor because they expect you to be more of a specialist on the matter at hand than your competitor. That makes it critical for you to offer expertise on your products, services, the industry in general, or uses for such things.

Whether it’s pictures, videos, recordings, or blogs, the content you furnish should show that you have a deep understanding of the subject matter and that you have experience and expertise in the arena.

Experience, however, is not the only indicator of the quality of content.


Authority is another element of E-A-T and will also impact how your customers receive the content you furnish. When a customer (or a search engine) is looking for authority, they are looking for indicators that either you or the sources you provide are reputable.

That means they want to know, among other things, that your information is credible and trustworthy. If you have authority on a subject, you don’t need to look elsewhere for validation, and neither do those who rely on you for education.

Authority, therefore, gives your content more clout than other content. For example, a customer might come to us for information regarding a platform migration and rely on us because we are authoritative on the subject. We have conducted many eCommerce migrations as well as replatformings in the past and have a long history of success. That, and our proven process, are indicators of our authority.


The final component of E-A-T is trust, and it is a critical component at that. While your content might connote expertise and authority, if it is not trustworthy, no one will use it, and you will have very few repeat consumers.

While content may be original and rely on your experience, if it does not appear trustworthy, it will lack value. Therefore it is very important to cultivate an atmosphere of trust as a part of your brand and integrate that into the content you deliver. It must be believable but not too pushy, and in some situations, you must be able to show the results of your work; that itself can help to foster trust.

In short, without trust, the other elements of E-A-T, will, unfortunately, fall by the wayside.

Why It Matters

As mentioned, the audience of customers and users you develop organically who routinely consume your content, in whatever form, will be critical to the success of your business. That is one of the more important reasons that E-A-T is something that you should always keep in the front of your mind when copywriting, drafting other forms of content, or managing social media.

However, as we mentioned earlier in this article, indicators of E-A-T have become increasingly valuable to search engines like Google, and are becoming key ranking factors in the wake of Google’s May 2020 Core Update. That means that E-A-T not only impacts your user experience but also your SEO.

That gives you two great reasons to take E-A-T seriously. While you are an authority in your field, experienced SEO specialists are experts in theirs.

That’s one of the reasons why working with an eCommerce SEO expert like 1Digital Agency can help improve the SEO of your online business in order to increase sales, traffic, revenue, and conversions for the long term.

Our eCommerce SEO company’s team of content specialists is experienced in copywriting and trained to help deliver results that address your needs to show E-A-T through your eCommerce website, but there is more to eCommerce SEO services than this alone. Our SEO process is thorough and incorporates content production but goes further, addressing the technical aspects of your website and even encompasses a backlinking strategy to boost your authority and ranking.

If you’re looking at ways of generating better results for your eCommerce website, get in touch with a member of our team today and let us know about your goals. We can put together a custom SEO campaign for your organization; all we need is a little input from you.