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The web can be a harsh place, where opinions can crystalize within seconds. You need to send a clear message about who you are and what you do that anyone can understand. Online, if you don’t define yourself, you’re leaving your eCommerce identity and branding to the will of others.

Branding is the key to any eCommerce website. It incorporates the business’s background and mission and combines it into one overarching visual language that can be used to differentiate your business and your products from competitors. 1Digital® Agency is a leading eCommerce design, development, and marketing agency that can help with the branding of your business. We focus on creating a memorable voice and visual style that relays your brand throughout all aspects of your business.

We’ll take the time to talk with you about what elements of your brand logo design are and are not working. We use that information to come up with a strategy that creates a consistent experience from design to content creation to provide your customers with a recognizable, trustworthy voice that delivers a seamless message.

One of the most important things every business should have is a logo. Your logo will be the image you display across all physical and digital media so that customers can easily identify your brand and business without ever having to see your name. In order for it to be memorable, a good logo should be simple and incorporate the company’s values. A well-defined brand image communicates the nuances of the business that it represents.

Survey and Rebranding: JB TOOLS

Tools Identity Landscape

Strong, masculine, no-nonsense, up-front attitude, evoked through:

  • colors: primary colors — red, blue, and (darker) yellow
  • form / shape: generally rectangular (horizontal or triangular) to impart stability
  • spatial / visual weight: self-contained; compact; heavy, sturdy
  • typography: mostly sans serif with no-fuss treatment to suggest mechanical and reliable

Identity Update Criteria

Target Audience

  • customers are mostly men
  • car dealerships; tire repair shops; collision/body shops; professional mechanics
  • DIY-ers
  • automotive enthusiasts

Brand Positioning

  • current: value, fast, selection, quality, discounts
  • new: deals, modern, service, faster, organized

Color Scheme

  • red to minimize any branding confusion with past customers (client preference)
  • accent / support: greys (metallic)
  • secondary: explore darker yellows


  • sans serif; slab serif
  • typeface with intrinsically unique characteristics
  • use medium or bolder weight to impart authority and presence, but retaining a level of “modern”

New Logo Considerations

Non-product Brand

JB Tools is an on-line brand with no physical products or locations. Use a simple logo design that is text based.

Visually Neutral

As a seller of a plethora of brands and tools, a variety of branding and packaging colors may conflict, if not directly compete for attention.

The new JB Tools logo should retain a neutral color scheme and simplicity.

Quiet and Understated

The logo should not reflect too closely to other brands to avoid the perception of being in favor, or the confusion that it is part, of another brand. JB Tools logo should serve as a quiet partner as it receives advertising funds from suppliers and the home page is a good spot to capture funds. The mark should allow featured items / manufacturers and deals highlight to stand out.

Tools Identity Landscape

Logos: Legacy, New Options, Solution

Branding Application: eCommerce Website

How We Do It


Through detailed research and analysis, we evaluate your competition and immerse ourselves in your brand.


A well-thought-out and thoroughly planned strategy lets us create a campaign that works for your brand and your business


Our skilled graphic designers create consistent logo variations that deliver the true essence of your brand all in one image.


Ensuring our plan is in line with your branding views allows for a smooth execution across a variety of media.


A streamlined execution throughout provides seamless implementation for peak engagement and brand awareness.


Analysis of each campaign gives us insight into future brand initiatives.

Branding Redesign and Refresh

Custom Design

With a custom design from 1Digital® Agency, your vision can become a reality. Free from the limitations of templates; our designers and developers work together to create a unique and polished look that encompasses the branding of your business, and displays it throughout your site for unbeatable user experience.

Content Creation

Our creative copywriters know how to capture the tone and voice you want to express and use this to create well-written and engaging content that flows with your brand. Through on-page website copy and content marketing, our writers will enthrall consumers with informative content that begs to be shared and remembered.

Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing efforts offers a unified and consistent brand experience across all of your business platforms. Through implementation of website design and content marketing, our team can deliver a overall feeling of your brand that reflects your mission.

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