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Branding Built-In – No Matter What We Do

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Branding Built-In – No Matter What We Do

When building an online brand, many people believe that it’s all about the logo or trademark, tagline, typography, or website colors. They think that having a website design with a brand identity is enough to get them what they want – customer loyalty, global recognition, ultimate domination. However, there is a lot more that goes into building a brand than simply brand identity.

Think about some of the most popular brands. Who comes to mind? Coca-Cola®? McDonald’s®? Google®?

What do all of these brands have in common? They connect with the consumer. They evoke an emotion. They deliver results.

Branding originated as a stamp of ownership and evolved into a source of high quality. Today branding is all about what it can offer to its consumers. What does Coca-Cola offer its consumers? Connections, a sense of belonging – #ShareACoke. What does McDonald’s offer its consumers? Experience – with McDonald’s, you can get the same experience almost anywhere in the world. What does Google offer its consumers? An endless stream of information.

While having a strong brand identity is essential to building a brand, if you truly want to succeed, you need to ensure your brand is incorporated into every aspect of your business from website and logo design to social media, customer service, products, marketing, and more.

At 1Digital Agency, we’ve been in branding since our inception. We know the importance of a strong brand, and we know how essential it is to integrate your brand throughout your business. That is why we make sure we have branding baked-in to any project we accept, whether it’s design, development, marketing, or a combination of all three.

Take one of our clients, When Buy Rocket Motors reached out to 1Digital Agency, they were looking for a way to increase sales and get users to come back for more – and share their business with friends and family.

One year ago, Buy Rocket Motors had a website with no recognizable brand identity. They sell rockets, rocket motors, parts and accessories – all fun and engaging products that target a very specific niche. However, they were missing the mark. Their website design and brand identity were unable to properly communicate to their consumers the types of products they sold in order to convert.

After partnering with 1Digital®, Buy Rocket Motors transformed its website. Our designers worked with the team at Buy Rocket Motors to deliver their vision and create a memorable brand. We built a fun custom design that played on space exploration and created a themed logo and digital mascot that helps catch attention, promotes visibility and memorability, and assists in identifying the brand’s voice and tone, providing emotional appeal and more.

One of our other clients, Casa M Spice Co®, came to 1Digital Agency because they knew that if they wanted to create the business they were hoping for, they would need to start off in the right direction. Casa M Spice Co came to 1Digital with a vision. They had no website, no business outside of their products, and they needed a team to help them get where they wanted to go.

With constant communication between our design and development teams, Casa M Spice Co was able to create the website of their dreams with branding built-in throughout every aspect. Their products are spices – and their website is able to relay exactly what they’re going after – “Great flavor makes great food and great food creates great memories.” With a branded design that speaks throughout the entire site via eye-catching images and a spotlight on their spices, and with information that offers their consumers value via mouth-watering, specific, and easy-to-follow recipes, Casa M Spice Co is not only connection to their consumers and evoking an emotion, but they are also delivering results via their fantastic products, content, and customer service.

In addition to the design and development of their site, Casa M Spice Co also has an ongoing SEO marketing campaign with 1Digital that not only helps with increasing visibility and drawing in more traffic and conversions but also aids in adding value to their site via informative and ongoing content creation with a branded voice that gives readers a reason to eat with Casa M Spice Co.

Buy Rocket Motors and Casa M Spice Co came to 1Digital for the same thing – both wanted to boost their business and create a brand that sticks. Whether through our design and development process with both clients or through our ongoing SEO marketing efforts with Casa M Spice Co, any project you pick with us is going to have some aspect of branding built in because we know that in this growing age of eCommerce, if you don’t stick out, there’s no way in.

To learn more about what 1Digital Agency can do for you, browse our site, check out our portfolio, or take a peek at our before/after page. 1Digital Agency has been in eCommerce since 2012, and as the industry evolves, so do our clients and so we do – to better, bolder, simpler, focused, transparent, confident, and up-to-date.

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