Boost Customer Sales With An OsCommerce and Integration
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Boost Customer Sales With An OsCommerce and Integration

Find Out How an OsCommerce and Integration Can Expand Your Business

The eCommerce industry has become the new marketplace for shopping; not only is it more convenient for the customer, but it also allows the owner to reach a more expansive network of customers easier than a traditional brick and mortar store. While a traditional storefront may only reach customers within 15-25 miles, an online store can reach hundreds, thousands, even millions of customers! As an eCommerce business owner on the east coast, you could be selling to customers in California, or even across the globe. However, this kind of exposure can be tricky to acquire with the intense competition and vast amount of merchants that are in the eCommerce industry. So, how do you reach more customers?

The recent push of eCommerce platforms is integrating with larger marketplaces in order to help their merchants achieve this more expansive customer network. And OsCommerce is right there with them! An OsCommerce and integration allows you to reach more customers, easily control your products and inventory through your intuitive OsCommerce store panel, all while watching your sales and ROI increase every day. An OsCommerce and integration is a more effective and competitive way to get ahead in the eCommerce industry.

Why Matters To Your OsCommerce Site

When any customer thinks of online shopping, the first name that pops into their head is often Amazon. But, there’s another option that’s climbing up the eCommerce charts: Amazon has been at the top of the eCommerce and online shopping game since it’s conception, but is quickly becoming one if it’s biggest competitors. was acquired by Walmart, who wanted to get their foot in the door of the incredible revenue opportunity that is the eCommerce industry. offers customers an eCommerce Walmart experience, by providing customers with lower priced items than Amazon.

How An OsCommerce and Integration Can Boost Your ROI

With an OsCommerce and integration, not only are you selling to your original OsCommerce customer base, you are now a part of a larger and more expansive network. In short, the exposure of your brand will dramatically increase almost instantly. When before you may have been limited to your customer exposure, now visitors to could easily come across your products through a simple search through the marketplace. By aligning your products with a greater eCommerce marketplace, you are guaranteed to see an increase in the size of your customer base.

You can also see benefits of an OsCommerce and integration through less direct ways than just increased sales and ROI. By putting your products on’s marketplace and increasing your exposure can generate relationships between your company’s brand and new or potential customers. Customers can turn to your website directly and interact with your blog, start following your social media or even subscribe to your marketing emails. Data and analysis of sales have always shown that the more your customer is invested and has interacted with your brand, the more likely they are to become a repeat customer with your brand and your company.

How An OsCommerce and Integration Is Accomplished

The integration of a powerhouse eCommerce platform with one of the leading eCommerce marketplaces seems like a complex task for everyday eCommerce business owners, right? Wrong! The integration of OsCommerce and is easily integrated through CedCommerce (a third-party extension and plugin provider for eCommerce platforms), and easily integrates your inventory, prices, and product details from your OsCommerce site to your account. Your requests for orders, products, inventory, and more are kept up-to-date on with automatically synchronized requests from OsCommerce. With the OsCommerce and integration, you have access to bulk management of all your product and product features across OsCommerce and and can keep track of order imports and shipments across both platforms from your OsCommerce panel. The OsCommerce and integration also gives you the added benefit of controlling any potential returns or refunds from on your OsCommerce panel.

There are even more benefits to an OsCommerce and integration than just how easily both can be managed through your OsCommerce panel. When you integrate both the platform and the marketplace through CedCommerce, you will also be assigned a personal account manager from to see you through the process. The account manager can help you become familiar with all of’s operations and their selling process and also help you with any assistance related to setting up your products up until the point that you have a success order. is also committed to keeping their software up-to-date and with every new upgrade, it will quickly be released to its merchants.

How 1 Digital Agency Can Help with an OsCommerce and Integration

At 1 Digital Agency, we are a full-service eCommerce design and development agency. Whatever your eCommerce needs are, we can help achieve them. Many eCommerce platforms try to set up their dashboard and website to allow for easy and intuitive design and development by the eCommerce business owner. However, the best way to create a website that is unique and customized to your business and your brand is to turn to the professionals. Increased customer exposure isn’t the only important way to increase your ROI. By partnering with us, not only can you achieve a beautiful, streamlined website design that is customized to your preferences, we can also give your customer a heightened shopping experience. And with the push in eCommerce trends to integrating with larger eCommerce marketplaces, we can help you every step of the way to ensure that your integration is done smoothly, and will only serve to benefit your business. Contact us today and find out how we can help you achieve an OsCommerce and integration that will help bring your business to the next level.