The Advantages of a Custom eCommerce Website Design

When you need superior functionality and truly eye-catching layouts for your online store, it’s time to start thinking about implementing a custom design. Basic templates and plugins are great for small stores that are just getting started, but at a certain point, these simplistic solutions fail to get the kind of results you need. A custom eCommerce website has many clear advantages, such as: An artistic style that fully reflects your brand. Advanced functionality that can help improve the user experience. More attractive product pages that can convey authority and boost conversions. Optimized coding that mitigates load times. Different checkout ... Read more

Why Your eCommerce Website Needs Social Proof

Social proof – anything that indicates who is using your products or services, or why they are using them, how they are using them, when they are using them, and what they think of them. There are many different forms of social proof, and in today’s world, it is one of the most important avenues to gain new customers and cultivate loyalty with existing ones. Back in the day, advertising was one of the only forms of communication and promotion between organizations and potential customers, but today, social proof has become one of the most important forms of promotion, and ... Read more

Maintaining Website Performance through a Redesign with a Little Help from SEO

Design and development projects can vastly improve the performance of your website, improve your user experience, and boost your conversions and revenue as well. Businesses that run eCommerce operations are at the mercy of customer behavior, and there are some things that customers just can’t stand. Some of these things are poor checkout experiences, site design that is not conducive to easy navigation, poor product imagery, and lack of brand integration. That is a very small list of things that eCommerce customers can’t stand in general, but it makes a strong point. There are two common ways to fix these ... Read more

3 Ways to Improve eCommerce Search Functionality

One of the most important factors about every eCommerce website that tends to get overlooked is the search functionality. Search functionality is what allows your customers to find the product or content they are looking for on your website. All it takes is for a user to enter a search query (a word or phrase) into the search function on your website so that your website can display the products that are relevant to their search. This is not only a convenient function to prioritize having on your website, but it will also help improve your eCommerce website’s user experience ... Read more

1DigitalⓇ Agency Starts Work For Reece Boutique

Philadelphia PA: 1DigitalⓇ Agency is excited to announce that they are beginning an SEO campaign for The Reece Boutique, a retailer of affordable and fashionable women’s clothing based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. They are dedicated to offering clothing that is affordable and always in line with current trends. As their online storefront has begun to expand, the team at The Reece Boutique has decided that they need to expand online as well. After exploring their options, they have chosen 1DigitalⓇ Agency for their expertise in eCommerce SEO services. Certain eCommerce industry categories, like the fashion industry, can be fiercely ... Read more

Breaking Down E-A-T

Writers such as bloggers and copywriters, as well as SEO specialists, will often use the term EAT when referring to the quality of content on a website. This term is critical to understand for two very specific reasons. For one, it will vastly affect your user experience, and if that were not important enough, it can also impact your eCommerce website’s SEO. That gives a special significance to the meaning of E-A-T, but what exactly is it? Collectively, E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust, and is a sum of factors that will indicate how valuable, original, and useful the ... Read more

Perfecting Your Workflow With eCommerce Custom Development

I was sitting on the floor, working on my bike this week. I like to try my hand at simple repairs myself, rather than take it to the bike shop down the block, because I pride myself on a certain amount of self-sufficiency. However, this time I got to a point in the job where I hit a hard stop. I simply did not have the specialized tool required to remove this particular part from the frame. I could visualize what it looked like, hanging there behind the repair desk at the bike shop, but I just didn’t have the ... Read more

How to Properly Use YouTube Videos For eCommerce

For anyone who operates an online store, knowing all of the ways in which you can market your products and connect with your customers is important. Using videos for eCommerce is one way to increase the informative value of your product pages and make your website more engaging for your visitors. YouTube is currently one of the easiest and most effective ways of providing video content on your website. Rather than uploading a video directly, which would chew up bandwidth and provide limited functionality for your users, you can simply embed any YouTube video of your choosing onto your store ... Read more

Five Good Practices for Creating a Positive Checkout Experience

Every element of your site design, and the functionality it offers, will affect your total user experience. Site navigation can impact conversions because it will affect how easily you put your users in touch with the products they want. Valuable information on your category pages and in your blog can do the same if it answers questions your users came to you to answer. Yet if one thing could be considered the most critical element of your site, it might very well be the checkout experience that your eCommerce business offers. This is not to diminish any of the other ... Read more

Five Key Elements of SEO

As a premier eCommerce SEO expert, we know a thing or two about how SEO works, including best practices and what search engines are looking for when they crawl your website. Pay attention to some of these features when you are building your website. They may not seem important, but they can have quite an impact on your search engine optimization. H1 Tags H1, or header 1 tags, are one of 6 different HTML tags that mark text as a header on a web page. H1 tags are more important than others because they are one of the first things ... Read more

5 Ways to Boost eCommerce Customer Engagement

The interaction between your customers and your eCommerce brand can have a variety of benefits. Not only does it give you the opportunity to continue growing your business, but it also allows you to retain the customers you are interacting with, thus enhancing their experience with your online store. While customer engagement can undoubtedly have a positive outcome, it may not be the easiest to decide where to start. Luckily, there are a few simple ways you can enhance your engagement strategy with your customers to continue growing your business organically. If you’re looking for ways to boost customer engagement ... Read more

A True Tale of Triumph over Advertising Restrictions

Google is a powerhouse of a search engine; a huge volume of searches take place daily on Google, and many of these come from consumers looking to make online purchases. This couldn’t be any more true in the present day when eCommerce has only grown faster in response to shutdowns that have placed a temporary lid on brick-and-mortar operations. This is a blessing and a curse because, while eCommerce sales are growing and only continue to grow, the competition for online visibility has stepped up as well. One of the greatest ways to achieve visibility and draw traffic to an ... Read more

Thinking About an eCommerce Site Migration?

If you feel as if your eCommerce platform is no longer the best fit for your business, it may be time to consider migrating your entire website. An eCommerce site migration is sometimes necessary to give your online store the functionality and resources needed in order to stay competitive. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to migrate off of the platform you are currently on. You do, however, want to analyze the needs of your business and decide if it is the best possible choice, and this quick guide will help you do just that. If your store seriously requires a ... Read more

What is Headless eCommerce and Why It Matters

eCommerce is full of buzzwords, and though some of them refer to basic, simple processes or phenomena, that much isn’t apparent by their names. Terms like conversion rate optimization, search engine optimization, payment gateways, and many others get tossed around on the daily. While they might sound dense, they are not very difficult to grasp once you take a step back and look at them from a different perspective. Another of these terms is headless commerce or headless eCommerce; again, it sounds daunting, but all you’re going to need is a simple explanation to wrap your understanding around it. So, ... Read more

1DigitalⓇ Agency Starts SEO for KM Herbals

Philadelphia, PA: KM Herbals has continued their partnership with the team at 1DigitalⓇ to begin an SEO campaign after the completion of a successful eCommerce site redesign and migration to BigCommerce. KM Herbals is a brand dedicated to producing quality personal care products using natural herbal ingredients. Their online business has continued to grow as their products are being ordered and enjoyed by consumers across the country. This success means that KM Herbals has to scale its business and continue to invest in its online website. As part of that investment, KM Herbals decided it was time to find a ... Read more