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Since 2012, 1Digital® has been a top-rated BigCommerce Enterprise agency and elite partner. 1Digital® helps eCommerce merchants work on multiple facets of their online presence, consisting of but not limited to BigCommerce custom design, BigCommerce custom development, platform migration services, along with BigCommerce SEO and digital marketing services. We have been known as the “go-to agency” for ongoing BigCommerce support and enterprise-level advanced customization. Here at 1Digital®, we custom tailor our work to suit our client’s needs, meaning every project is uniquely built around each and every client specifically. At the beginning of the process, our expert BigCommerce team acts as consultants in many ways in order to not only comprehend what is needed but to also bring a level of expertise to the table in order to recommend not just fixes but also talk about custom solutions that may bring a new level of performance to a BigCommerce site.

BigCommerce Features

What type of BigCommerce projects does 1Digital® typically work on? From a very high-level, the easy answer to the question is BigCommerce custom design projects, BigCommerce custom development projects, and BigCommerce marketing projects, however for obvious reasons each of those categories can qualify as a large umbrella which encompasses many different classes within them.

To start, BigCommerce custom design projects include having 1Digital®’s trained BigCommerce designers work with the client in order to frame a contemporary and custom aesthetic that acts as the face of brand and BigCommerce store. When custom designing, in many instances the design team is building deliverables like homepages, category pages, product pages, about us pages, but certainly the number of pages being built from scratch varies. Our BigCommerce designers also design with BigCommerce functionality in mind, ensuring any/all mock-ups are perfectly aligned with the BigCommerce platform which ensures a smooth and efficient development process. While drafting a BigCommerce site’s front-end aesthetic encompasses a considerable amount of what “BigCommerce custom design” can include, our team also designs a myriad of other elements for BigCommerce clients which can include branding packages, custom logos, bespoke marketing emails, welcome and/or newsletter pop-ups, unique menu layouts, custom tool user interfaces, and much more.

BigCommerce development is most likely the largest category when talking about 1Digital® projects. While BigCommerce development certainly comprises of taking custom designs and building them into the BigCommerce platform in order to allow for the unique aesthetic to display and function properly, the development grouping also contains a great deal more.

One of those sub-categories is eCommerce platform migrations and eCommerce data migrations. When migrating to the BigCommerce platform there is a considerable amount to account for, however, 1Digital®’s experience and processes ensure an effective and professional transition.

1Digital® Agency has been “the” BigCommerce migration team for almost 8 years and is continually recommended by the BigCommerce team for all types of migration projects. Whether a merchant is migrating from an open-source platform like Magento or WooCommerce, or if a client needs BigCommerce Enterprise level solutions to be built during the migration, 1Digital® can accommodate. Many companies still perform data migrations using thrid-party “cart-to-cart” tools which can be very harmful when talking about eCommerce data migrations since data almost always lands on the new platform in an unorganized and unstructured manner. At 1Digital®, we take a unique approach in order to protect the integrity of a client’s data. We custom build temporary servers in order to field map data to the new platform and take advantage of BigCommerce’s API in order to drive data into BigCommerce in the most effective manner possible.

What else besides BigCommerce platform migrations does custom development include? Stencil migrations are another service 1Digital® performs regularly on behalf of the BigCommerce team. Since the BigCommerce Blueprint framework is no longer being supported, 1Digital® has overseen countless BigCommerce Stencil migrations in order to ensure a merchant is transferred to the most up to date version of the platform while also not losing critical elements of their site along the way.

Lastly, this custom development umbrella consists of creating and integrating custom tools, custom solutions, and custom BigCommerce functionality in order to bring a new level or robust functionality to a BigCommerce store that previously did not exist. Creating new tools, functionality and operations can include extremely large custom systems with many moving pieces in order to ensure BigCommerce API integrations are properly constructed. Some smaller BigCommerce custom functionality may consist of items that give users additional abilities when navigating a site or to allow customers to more easily locate the products which they are looking for. In other instances, custom development means includes building conversion rate optimization tools into a BigCommerce site and allowing for a merchant to take full advantage of all the traffic they receive.

Our BigCommerce experience helps us build unique websites that yield higher conversions, attract new customers, and provide great user experiences. Our clients range from medium to high volume businesses who are looking to take their BigCommerce store to the next level. We stand out from our competitors because of our quick response time, in-depth discovery process, matchless customer service, fiercely competitive rates, and above all, our outstanding results.

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If you want the best for your eCommerce business, you can’t afford to put your BigCommerce store in the hands of anyone else. We’re certified and Elite BigCommerce partners since we opened our doors, placing us among a select few agencies that BigCommerce recommends to their customers in need of in-depth customization. Our BigCommerce designers, developers and marketing team knows this platform inside and out, and our work speaks for itself.

We’re BigCommerce Stencil certified & capable of customization beyond the basics. We have the technical know-how and skills to build custom features, perform integrations and utilize the power of Stencil to deliver a better quality BigCommerce site.

As Preferred BigCommerce partners, our designers and developers work closely with BigCommerce on a day-to-day basis. Our BigCommerce web designers create clean layouts with easy to use navigation, as well as organized category and product pages that offer users a natural flow that will guide them down your sales funnel. Our BigCommerce designers have created hundreds of eCommerce websites over the years. Those decades of combined experience produce layouts that are user-friendly, generate traffic, and convert more.

We’ve helped BigCommerce merchants from all over the globe reach new heights of success online. Our clients have reaped the rewards by utilizing on our years of expertise, our top quality tools, and our passion to perfect the art of eCommerce and we look forward to continuing that trend. For and additional details on 1Digital®’s BigCommerce’s services, feel free to reach out to us. Opening a dialogue and helping out is what we are here to do.

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Digital marketing on BigCommerce is an essential part of the eCommerce equation. Our Digital marketing experts can help your BigCommerce store rank with the best in the industry.

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Our BigCommerce custom designs will stun new visitors. We’ll design your template & theme on the new Bigcommerce Stencil framework.

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Our developers have been working on BigCommerce websites since the platform was created. No other eCommerce digital agency knows BigCommerce more thoroughly.

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Our BigCommerce developers are experts at theme customization. From small functional projects to complex integrations or customizations, we’re your team!

Don’t Trust Your Data to "Just Anyone"

Go with the Experts

No matter how many times you’ve done a data migration (trust us we’ve done quite a few), unexpected twists and turns are bound to arise. Everybody has little idiosyncrasies with their data. A unique naming scheme here, or a set of duplicate products there. The advantage to working with an agency, like 1Digital, that’s experienced in data migrations, is that we see those issues coming from a mile away. An automatic migration program will just dump your data into the new platform, and if something doesn’t fit quite right, that’s a shame. You get what you get, and you’ll need to fix it later. Our migration scripts, however, are set up manually by our developers after taking the time to investigate your data. We’ll let you know if there’s an issue with the way your data is set up, so we can fix it before you end up on your new platform with half the information you thought you had.


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BigCommerce SEO

SEO is the combination of the art of content creation and branding, with the science of digital marketing and optimization. A delicate balance that very few perform well. When you add eCommerce into the mix, things get complicated fast. Add to all of that the fact that BigCommerce has its own set of SEO tools that come into play. Luckily, you’re at the place where eCommerce SEO and BigCommerce expertise meet. Let’s talk about your BigCommerce SEO campaign and start driving traffic to your site today!

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Crafting a Smart SEO Campaign in a Competitive Niche

Client Requirements

Finding themselves in an industry with tough competition, MakeYourOwn.buzz needed a powerful marketing solution that would help boost their position in the SERPs and get them more organic traffic and sales.

1Digital® Solution

In order to get traction, 1Digital® Agency constructed a smart SEO strategy that used an aggressive approach, focusing on competitive product-based keywords and an engaging content strategy that resulted in explosive growth for MakeYourOwn.buzz. In only 6 months, they saw dramatic increases where it matters most: conversion rate and organic revenue.

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BigCommerce FAQ

Should I hire someone to build a BigCommerce site for me?

If you want a website that stands out from all the cookie-cutter templates on the web while also giving your users and elevated shopping experience, then, yes, you should hire someone to build your BigCommerce site. A custom designed and custom developed website speaks volumes when trying to build an eCommerce brand. By hiring an agency to design and develop your BigCommerce website, you’ll have a team that looks at and implements all the aspects an eCommerce store needs to have such as a fully responsive design, great user interface and experience, site speed and more.

What kind of custom development can 1Digital® Agency offer me?

If you’re considering a custom developed website, then you have a customer-centered mind. Any template on the BigCommerce platform can take users from your home page through the product pages to checkout. However, these templates might not offer users the best shopping experience that a custom developed website could. With a certified BigCommerce developer building your site, you can get a website with SEO built into the framework all while creating a website that takes your users through your website to the checkout page quickly and easily for a higher conversion rate.

What is the process of working with 1Digital® Agency?

When you partner with 1Digital®, you’re partnering with a team that wants to see you succeed. We are here to offer you best practice digital solutions so that you can focus on making sales and growing your business while we focus on all the work that goes behind it. When you partner with us, you not only get 24/7 access to your own workspace in our CRM, but you also get access to a team that is always there even after your project has been completed.

Why should I partner with 1Digital® Agency?

At 1Digital® Agency, we don’t just design, develop, and market eCommerce websites. We push the boundaries of each platform so that each and every merchant that partners with us has an online store they can be proud of. Our BigCommerce designers push the envelope of design to draw people in while our BigCommerce developers enhance the usability of your site, and our digital marketers, writers, and technical SEOs optimize your website for speed, quality content, broken links, site structure and more.

Can 1Digital® Agency perform digital marketing for my BigCommerce store?

As an eCommerce digital marketing agency, we not only pride ourselves on our excellent design and development work but also our SEO. SEO is the cornerstone of any website, especially an eCommerce website. Our digital marketing team consists of skilled, creative writers, technical SEO gurus, and analytics analyzers that will look at every aspect of your website to ensure you are utilizing SEO for maximum gain. Along with optimizing your website on the back-end, we also optimize for speed and create informative and relevant content that targets the right keywords to boost your search engine rankings and keeps your website visible.

What information should I pass along to the agency I partner with?

If you plan on partnering with an agency, the more transparent you are, the better support you will receive. If you plan on changing platforms, your agency partners need to know. In order to offer you the best solutions and the best service, we need to know of any changes to ensure that none of our work is lost in the process. This will not only open the floor for a better working relationship, but it will allow us to stay on top of any changes that might negatively affect the success of your online store.

What can 1Digital® Agency do for my BigCommerce store?

1Digital® Agency is a BigCommerce Partner that’s been certified, preferred, and elite since 2012. We’ve worked with BigCommerce since our inception and, thus, we not only know the ins and outs of the platform, but we have an excellent working relationship with the team at BigCommerce so that we can offer our customers the proper support they need. Whether you have an online store you want to migrate to BigCommerce or are simply starting from scratch, our certified SEO experts and design and development teams can help transform your website to become an authority in your industry.

Can you help optimize my BigCommerce store?

While digital marketing is what brings users to your website, design and development are what makes them stay. Our BigCommerce SEO experts will create a list of relevant target keywords that your website should rank for and take you from not ranking in the top 100 to ranking on the first page of Google. Our designers and developers, on the other hand, have worked on countless BigCommerce stores. They know what it takes to keep users engaged and they implement these procedures to give you the best ROI.

What can I expect from a custom BigCommerce design with 1Digital®?

Having your website custom designed by a certified BigCommerce designer provides many benefits. Aside from having a uniquely-designed site in which every aspect from color and font to images and content are tied in with your brand, you’ll also get a website design that is customer-centered and keeps user experience in mind. Whether this is how a session flows from page to page, the breadcrumbs, or the checkout page, each piece of your website will be well-thought out with site speed, responsive design, branding, and user experience incorporated throughout.

What kind of support should I expect from BigCommerce?

Like many eCommerce platforms, BigCommerce has a support team that helps its customers with any needs that might arise. However, support only goes to a certain point. If you need custom coding built into your site to aid in functionality and design, then you may not get the help you need from the BigCommerce support team. What they will do, however, is refer you to one of their Elite Partners to help you with the design, development, and marketing of your eCommerce store.

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We handle all sorts of clients who are ready to push their online business to a new level. Sometimes that means a modern design, a complex tool, or a targeted digital marketing campaign. Sometimes it means all three. Whatever it means to you, we have the expertise to upgrade any BigCommerce store. Let’s talk today and get started.

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