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Unlock the Power of Custom BigCommerce Templates

Your BigCommerce store should stand out in the crowded digital marketplace. Utilizing unique, custom BigCommerce templates instead of generic ones can give your online store a distinctive edge. While premium BigCommerce themes can be found in the marketplace, these might not meet your specific business requirements. 1Digital® Agency can bridge this gap with our BigCommerce template customization expertise.

Since our inception in 2012, we’ve been working closely with BigCommerce. With a combination of clean design, easy navigation, and a focus on showcasing your products, we help create BigCommerce templates that not only improve user experience but also drive conversions.

Customize Your BigCommerce Themes for Maximum Impact

BigCommerce offers a plethora of eCommerce themes for your website. But, whether you’re using free or paid themes, you may encounter limitations that can hamper your online store’s functionality. That’s where we come in. As an Elite BigCommerce partner, our BigCommerce template design services can help you overcome these constraints and build a fully responsive, high-converting online store.

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Our BigCommerce Template Customization Services

Custom BigCommerce Design

BigCommerce Design. Our team of expert designers can modify your BigCommerce website templates to create a unique, engaging user experience. With a design from 1Digital®, you’ll encourage customer retention, achieve your business goals, and spur growth.

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BigCommerce Template Development

BigCommerce Development.
Our BigCommerce developers are adept at designing an eCommerce website that meets the needs of your specific industry and consumers. We create sites that deliver what your customers are looking for.

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BigCommerce SEO

BigCommerce SEO. What’s a website without any visitors? We are a digital marketing agency that understands the eCommerce landscape. We have the expertise to drive traffic to your website through SEO, content, email, and social media marketing, ensuring your site’s lasting success.

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BigCommerce Partner

Elite BigCommerce Partner.
As an Elite BigCommerce partner, we bring a wealth of experience and inside knowledge to the table. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can provide everything you need for your eCommerce website’s success.

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Site Simplicity

Unleash the power of BigCommerce templates with 1Digital®. We transform your selected BigCommerce theme into an eCommerce site that promotes easy navigation, intuitive product searches, personalized product recommendations, and a seamless checkout experience. Elevate your customer experience with our BigCommerce template customization services.


Embrace an optimized BigCommerce site that Google loves. With SEO, site speed analysis, and technical optimization on the back end, 1Digital® transforms your site into a user-friendly, crawlable platform that escalates in rankings, increases traffic, and fits perfectly with the best BigCommerce templates.

Product Photography

Enrich your BigCommerce responsive templates with high-quality, optimized images. Showcasing various angles of your products and tying them in with your brand enhances user engagement, encouraging more clicks and purchases. In the world of eCommerce, a picture is worth a thousand sales.

Quality Content

Boost your BigCommerce website templates with targeted content. From engaging videos to compelling product descriptions, 1Digital® can help you identify what’s working and what’s not. Our BigCommerce design and customization services ensure that every piece of content on your site resonates with your audience.


While clever branding is important, your call-to-actions (CTA’s) need to be clear and concise. We make sure that they stand out, prompting customers to effortlessly add items to their cart and proceed to checkout. Enhance your customer’s shopping journey with our custom BigCommerce templates.

Responsive Design

Mobile-friendly BigCommerce responsive templates are a must in the current eCommerce landscape. We ensure that your online store is fully responsive, providing an excellent shopping experience across all devices. Don’t let your customers miss out on what your store has to offer due to subpar responsiveness.

BigCommerce Design & Development Services

  • Website Updates and Enhancements

  • Handling Plugin and 3rd Party Updates and Issues

  • Custom BigCommerce Template Design

  • Solving Website Bugs & Issues

  • Custom Integration Services

  • Custom Coding for Unique BigCommerce Designs

  • API Development for Enhanced Functionality

  • Smooth Platform Migrations

Discover more about BigCommerce Templates

How can I customize my BigCommerce templates?

BigCommerce template customization can be achieved through the theme editor, which allows for modifications in color, typography, and layout. For more intricate customizations, coding may be required. 1Digital® provides professional BigCommerce customization services to create a unique look and feel for your eCommerce store.

What makes a good BigCommerce theme?

The best BigCommerce themes provide an excellent balance between aesthetics and functionality. They should be visually appealing, easy to navigate, responsive across devices, and fast to load. Additionally, they should fit your brand identity and support all the features you need for your eCommerce business.

Where can I find BigCommerce themes?

BigCommerce themes can be found directly in the BigCommerce Theme Marketplace, offering a variety of both free and premium options. For custom themes, agencies like 1Digital® can design and develop a unique theme tailored to your specific business requirements.

What are the benefits of using BigCommerce designs?

BigCommerce designs provide a professional and aesthetically pleasing interface for your online store, improving user experience. They are also SEO-friendly and highly customizable, allowing you to create a unique brand presence and improve site performance.

What are BigCommerce website templates?

BigCommerce website templates are pre-designed themes that provide the layout, look, and feel of your online store. They come with various customizable features to match your brand aesthetics and promote functionality. 1Digital® specializes in customizing these templates to meet specific business needs.

Why should I consider custom BigCommerce templates?

Custom BigCommerce templates allow for a unique design that differentiates your brand from competitors. Customization ensures your website aligns with your brand aesthetics, enhances user experience, improves site performance, and meets unique business requirements.

Why is responsiveness important in BigCommerce templates?

Responsiveness ensures your website adapts to all screen sizes and devices, providing an optimal viewing experience for your customers. BigCommerce responsive templates are crucial for reaching a broader audience, enhancing user experience, and improving SEO.

What are the top BigCommerce templates for eCommerce?

The top BigCommerce templates for eCommerce include those that offer excellent design, responsive layout, easy navigation, and SEO-friendly structure. The specific choice can vary depending on the needs of your eCommerce store. 1Digital® can help you choose and customize the best template for your business.

Elevate Your Online Presence with BigCommerce Templates

Are you planning to elevate your online store with the best BigCommerce templates or seeking expert BigCommerce template customization? 1Digital® is your go-to agency. We excel in creating custom BigCommerce templates that are visually striking, user-friendly, and optimized for Google’s requirements. According to Statista, eCommerce sales are projected to reach $6.54 trillion by 2023. Harness this potential by optimizing your store with BigCommerce responsive templates. Take a look at our client portfolio to see our proficiency or get a quote today!

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