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Bigcommerce SEO is what we do best as a leading industry expert in eCommerce digital marketing & SEO services. Bigcommerce is an awesome platform, especially when it comes to SEO and marketing. It’s designed to make it easy for merchants to control some important aspects of SEO. However, whenever you’re on a hosted platform, certain challenges and barriers exist and you’ll need someone with great Big commerce SEO skills, along with knowledge of the platform to properly achieve top results for your store.


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Bigcommerce provides SEO friendly URL structures and the ability to enter title tags, meta tags and alt tags. While it may be easy enough to find how to change these through the admin panel, knowing what to input takes a lot of experience. Also, understanding the perfect formula or balance is the tricky part of the equation.


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We’re also a Google Partner so our team is vetted, educated and intimately work with Google on different digital marketing campaigns.


Prepping Your Bigcommerce Store for SEO

When you’re designing your Bigcommerce store, make sure you’re not overloading the site with a ton of unnecessary options, customizations, and images. You want to eliminate anything that distracts the user from making their purchase, so that means avoiding the Las Vegas casino look. Try keeping the website light, lean and elegant.


So how lean is your website code? How about those heavy image files? Is your developer experienced enough to properly structure and optimize the code for faster load times? These are all factors that play into proper SEO for your Big commerce store. You’ll need a good Bigcommerce developer to help you with these development tasks.


Hire Bigcommerce designers and developers that have experience with the Bigcommerce file structure and code. Working on Bigcommerce is not like developing on WordPress, Magento or other open platform systems. There are limitations that a good developer knows about. There are certain areas in Bigcommerce where customization is best avoided.

Bigcommerce SEO Services

If you’re selling products on Bigcommerce, SEO can quickly become overwhelming as your inventory expands in volume and variety. We designed our proprietary Bigcommerce SEO strategy to navigate you toward the top.


Hire Bigcommerce SEO Experts

Making real progress in Bigcommerce SEO is no easy feat, and takes quite a lot of work on a consistent basis to gain traction. Knowing the ins and outs of Bigcommerce has value for any SEO team. A reputable team will be able to navigate and understand the structure, code and other factors that play into proper Big commerce SEO services.


If you’re just starting out and lack the budget, take our tips from this page and try your best to avoid bad programmers, heavy customization or websites that are overloaded with heavy images. Make sure to optimize all meta tags, code and site load speed as best you can.


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If you’re serious about beating your competition then you need the right strategy and expert Bigcommerce team behind your business. Picking out a free template and poking around not knowing what you’re ding isn’t going to cut it. Once you’re ready to build a real Bigcommerce store and and advance online against your competitors you’ll really want to focus on the right strategy that combines user experience and digital marketing. It’s rare to have online success without a functional website and great customer experience.

Once you have the right Bigcommerce expert team it’s time to brainstorm and customize features for that better user experience. Features can be from mega menu’s, sticky menu’s to custom programming special features based on behavior or function.

It’s all about hiring the right team with the right experts. Once you figure that out, you’re on track to winning with your platform and your business. Whether you know exactly what you need or might have trouble articulating what you think is an advanced request, contact our Bigcommerce Expert team so we can help.

For questions or to get an idea of how our team can help you with your Bigcommerce store, don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 888.982.8269

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