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If You’ve come across this page chances are you already know how important SEO is to an eCommerce store. Especially if your store is running on BigCommerce. Without SEO, your site won’t get the traction or results it deserves. With 1Digital, you’ll get a BigCommerce partner that has a team of elite designers, developers and SEO experts that will work together to optimize your onsite content, title tags, product descriptions, images and more for a powerful site that boosts and maintains your rankings. We’re a top BigCommerce elite partner, so you can trust that we know the BigCommerce platform better than any other digital agency.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can either make or break your eCommerce site. At 1Digital Agency, our BigCommerce SEO experts know the difference between black-hat and white-hat SEO techniques. Along with our back-end and on-page optimization, site speed analysis, and keyword research, we also have some of the best copywriters who can adhere to the voice you want to speak to your consumers. We create both offsite SEO content and onsite blog posts that are informative and engaging to drive traffic to your site by utilizing backlinks to get your site ranking high on search engine results pages. Since BigCommerce SEO is one of the pillars that 1Digital stands on, we’re confident we can help improve your organic SEO rankings with our expert abilities.

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Why choose us as your BigCommerce SEO Expert?

Simply put… We rank BigCommerce stores better than the rest. We’re one of the top BigCommerce digital agencies in the country that handles BigCommerce SEO services, and we’re certified Elite BigCommerce partners. Our BigCommerce SEO marketing team knows this platform inside and out, and our work speaks for itself. Review our SEO case studies to better understand our impact.

As Elite BigCommerce partners, our designers, developers and SEO team work closely with BigCommerce on a day-to-day basis to create custom designed eCommerce websites that are user-friendly, generate traffic, and convert more. Our BigCommerce SEO experts can create a custom SEO campaign that performs well to help navigate Google’s search algorithm. Since our eCommerce SEO team has been involved in so many BigCommerce projects, we know the do’s and don’ts for the best overall performance and can take advantage of our years of eCommerce SEO experience.

  • keyword research
  • thorough analysis
  • content generation
  • content marketing
  • website audit
  • industry analysis
  • on-page optimization
  • partner & link strategy
BigCommerce SEO Expert

BigCommerce SEO

We designed our proprietary BigCommerce SEO strategy to navigate your site towards the top of SERP rankings to bring in a higher traffic volume and user engagement for all aspects of your site resulting in a higher conversion rate.

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Prepping for BigCommerce SEO

We have the ability to maximize BigCommerce SEO activities since we have years of experience in digital marketing. We are also BigCommerce Elite partners with hundreds of BigCommerce stores under our belt, so we can offer you the best in SEO friendly website design.

BigCommerce SEO Partner

BigCommerce Developement

We’re a certified shop with certified BigCommerce developers. All of our developers are proficient in BigCommerce development and can create/alter a site that is optimized for SEO. You need the correct structure and code on your site, and our elite experts can help you get there. We’ll build a custom website that works for both you and your customers!

Affordable BigCommerce SEO

BigCommerce Custom Design

Working with 1Digital means that you’re working with a digital agnecy that understands both the importance of custom design and SEO. A site with great SEO, but a lack of a good user interface or design will translate into a bad conversion rate. A good custom designed website is just as important as great SEO.

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Marketing your website through high quality, relevant, and engaging blog posts, video presentations, infographics and other types of media exposure is critical to getting recognized. We provide excellent content written by expert writers who have one thing in mind, SEO!

BigCommerce SEO Experts

BigCommerce Experts

Expert BigCommerce services: Employing the use of BigCommerce experts to design and develop your BigCommerce store all while utilizing the right SEO balance to boost your rankings is crucial to building a successful eCommerce store.

BigCommerce Elite Partner

Top Bigcommerce SEO Services


A website without a great design falls short of customer expectations. Choose from one of our beautiful templates, or create a professional looking BigCommerce custom web design with our talented web designers.

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Because it is a hosted platform, BigCommerce development can be limited. Access and information is not always readily available. With 1Digital, you get developers skilled in navigating the platform and creating solutions.

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Professional BigCommerce SEO

BigCommerce Partner

Don’t just get any agency to build your eCommerce store. Get a BigCommerce certified expert agency like 1Digital to handle all aspects of your online store from design and development to SEO. We’re premier partners for a reason!

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BigCommerce SEO experts

BigCommerce Maintenance

1Digital will stay on top of your BigCommerce project and make sure that, as BigCommerce evolves, so does your site.

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BigCommerce SEO Agency

So you have a BigCommerce store and now you need to bring in traffic. A BigCommerce SEO agency can make all the difference in providing the right words and using the best SEO practices to help you achieve the success you desire. At 1Digital Agency, we have created a path to this success, an SEO strategy that is designed to effectively create backlinks and engaging content that speaks for and about your business.

BigCommerce SEO Tidbits

Make Keyword Research A Priority

Your BigCommerce SEO campaign will only be a success if you put proper research into keywords that can improve your rankings. Finding long-tail keywords that have favorable search volume and are not a focus of your competition can give you the upper hand on early success in your campaign.

Write Unique Product Descriptions

BigCommerce SEO can be more effective if the content you put out is unique. This is especially true of product descriptions. Don’t just use the information provided by the manufacturer. Give it your own unique spin and add descriptions you create that will resonate with search engines and engage customers to complete a purchase.

Don’t Cram Keywords

You want to include keywords in product descriptions and headlines, but don’t force the keyword into places where it doesn’t fit naturally. Copy should be able to flow naturally and be easy to read. You may think using a keyword as much as possible will help your SEO, but it actually is not beneficial to overstuff content with keywords.

Include Keywords in Page Titles and URLs

You should always try to include the target keyword in your BigCommerce store page titles and URLs. Many customers search for specific items, so using specific target keywords can help get those pages ranked higher on search engine results and improve click-through rate.

Product Content Should Match Headline

There is nothing worse than targeting a keyword, drawing the attention of a potential customer, and having them click through to a link where the headline says one thing and the rest of the content says another. Creating trust with your visitors is essential, so make sure the content matches the headline and offers value to your customers.

Feature Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a great form of on-page content and serve several purposes. Updating your pages is good for BigCommerce SEO, so adding new reviews is a way to keep your pages (and your customers) up to date. Reviews also influence customers to make a purchase by building the trust of new visitors.

Write Regular Blog Content

The more you write, the more trust you build with search engines. Search engines are most responsive to websites that have a constant stream of content production that is both new and unique. To achieve success, you need to be constantly producing new and valuable content.

Add Videos to Product Pages

Videos are another form of content that can be tagged with keywords and can offer the customer a lot of value. Videos are a great way to demonstrate a product or show its features, and search engines like to see a variety of content in different formats such as high-quality photos and videos.

Increase Website Speed

Search engines also take notice of websites that perform well. You can have a BigCommerce website that looks great, shows off the product well and uses keywords properly, but if it doesn’t load quickly or function as it should, it will still have some struggles with ranking. Compressing images, keeping custom coding to a minimum, and avoiding large font can improve your website speed, which should help rankings.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are like product descriptions but for entire website pages, not just products. If you want to draw people to your BigCommerce store’s blog, your About Us page or your homepage, well-written and engaging meta descriptions can help encourage people to click through. Be concise and feature your target keyword in the description to improve your chances of success.

BigCommerce SEO

Let’s Talk BigCommerce SEO

It’s all about hiring the right team with the right experts. Once you figure that out, you’re on track to winning with your platform and your business. Whether you know exactly what you need or might have trouble articulating what you think is an advanced request, contact our BigCommerce SEO team so we can help. We’re a team of professional digital marketers that are ready to help you be where your customers are online. We’re known in the industry for our top-notch eCommerce SEO campaigns, and results yielded by them. Our team members have been optimizing SEO campaigns since 1999 and eCommerce has been the focus point. We’ve been working on BigCommerce since 2012. Once hired, we’ll put together a plan for your BigCommerce SEO campaign that will make the difference between the 1st page and the 10th page. Our eCommerce SEO results are real, and create real impact. Contact our genius Shopify SEO team today!

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