BigCommerce Partner Discusses What’s New in BigCommerce

The Latest BigCommerce Updates Are Giving Users and BigCommerce Partners Major Advantages

BigCommerce is currently one of the largest eCommerce platforms out there with over 50,000 online stores using it. Some big players like Toyota, Martha Stewart and Schwinn bank on the stability and innovation of the platform to stay on top of their competition. BigCommerce maintains their trust by staying relevant and keeping up-to-date with the current needs of the market. This way they ensure that their customers never feel the need to go elsewhere. This also makes it easy for a BigCommerce partner like us to recommend BigCommerce as the go-to eCommerce platform.

As a BigCommerce partner, we can tell you with all honesty that is to your advantage that the BigCommerce team is working round the clock to come up with updates and features. You have to understand that the eCommerce marketplace is always in a state of flux, always changing. Trends pop up all the time, while others fade away. You need a platform that keeps abreast of these changes. You don’t want to lose your competitive edge just because your platform couldn’t provide you the functionality you needed at the appropriate time.

BigCommerce has come up with some awesome updates recently. Below a BigCommerce partner takes a look at some of them and explains how they are proving to be game-changers.

Selling on Amazon

Amazon is the single largest selling network in the world right now. In fact, right after Google, the most searches made online for products are done on Amazon. What that tells you is that if you are not tapping into Amazon, you are missing out on a significant chunk of the action.

BigCommerce Partner Discusses What’s New in BigCommerce

BigCommerce heard you and has become the first cloud-based eCommerce solution to offer Amazon connectivity from its own interface. Now, there were some solutions out there that could do it for you before. But for small or medium sized businesses, these solutions could be quite costly. Often they wouldn’t provide the kind of functionality that was needed and ended up being a waste of resources. And the effort that a BigCommerce partner like us had to put in to develop these integration solutions was also not worth it.

Anyway, multi-channel selling is not something that can be ignored in the current eCommerce climate. BigCommerce spent over a year working on an integration that makes it a breeze to supervise your store and Amazon simultaneously.

As Chief Product Officer, Jimmy Duvall said earlier in March, “So many consumers use Amazon, and they trust that brand — plus Amazon already has all their shipping and payments data, which is a massive timesaver. It really streamlines checkout — and that is what BigCommerce is all about.”

The update gives users a chance to manage their products listings on their BigCommerce store and Amazon using the same console. You can review your listings, edit or delete them through the Channel Manager. Every change you make takes effect in real time on Amazon. So you can always stay on top of your product offerings and stock information. Need help setting up the integration? You can always turn to a BigCommerce partner agency like ours!

eBay Integration

You can’t talk about multi-channel selling and not mention eBay. With over 160 million active buyers, it is another sales channel that you can’t do without. BigCommerce has also partnered with eBay and made available a new integration that allows you to list and sell products on eBay all through your BigCommerce interface.

Simple to setup and manage, this integration removes all the complexities of jumping between two sales channels. You get more done, more easily. You open your store up to new customers, all in a matter of minutes. Sync your product listings, manage inventory or pricing, everything is at your fingertips. Order management and fulfillment are also dealt with from your BigCommerce store.

BigCommerce Partner Discusses What’s New in BigCommerce

Additional Support for Facebook

Shopping on Facebook is a growing phenomenon. With over a 1.8 billion active users on Facebook currently, it is one market that is somewhat untapped but has humongous potential. With that in mind, BigCommerce has launched a number of new updates that can help you reach Facebook audiences more efficiently.

In 2015, Facebook simplified its advertisement technology by launching a new Facebook pixel. The retargeting and tracking feature of pixel was optimized to the nth degree. This year, BigCommerce joined hands with Facebook to allow its users to utilize Facebook pixel from their BigCommerce store.

Jimmy Duvall said of the partnership, “Through our work with Facebook, we’re helping our merchants both increase sales from Facebook advertising and reduce the time required to launch and optimize targeted campaigns.”

No coding or complicated installations involved. What this means is that better targeting of Facebook customers and cross-platform advertising with advanced options. Basically, you open up the dynamic world of Facebook ads to your BigCommerce store.

BigCommerce has also enhanced integration with Facebook shops. You can now sync your product catalog with your Facebook store in real time. Customers can order from your Facebook shop without being redirected to your store and check out directly from there. Although quite simple to use, a BigCommerce partner could help you manage the intricacies of the integration.

BigCommerce Partner Discusses What’s New in BigCommerce

1 Digital Agency – The BigCommerce Partner You Can Trust

1Digital Agency is a full-service BigCommerce partner that comprises of experts that are the best at all things eCommerce. We’ve been working with BigCommerce since its very inception and have years of experience working with the platform. We always stay on top of new updates and keep an eye on any upcoming releases that could benefit our customers.

It is you, our customers, who matter here. The aim is to keep you informed and make sure your store remains competitive under the changing landscape of eCommerce. Our working methodology involves around working with you to achieve your vision. We take your ideas, your dreams and make it a reality. Whatever expertise we have is only to make sure you are successful.

There is a reason that BigCommerce considers us to be a partner. And that is because we have a proven track record of delivering results. We have an extensive list of satisfied clients who know they can trust us to handle anything related to the platform. From designing to coding to digital marketing, 1 Digital is the BigCommerce partner you can rely on to step up in your darkest hours. Call us on 888.982.8269 or contact us if you want to make sure your BigCommerce store is reaching its full potential.



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