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To run an effective and efficient online store that not only caters to your business goals but also offers your customers exactly what they want in an easy to use manner, then you’ll want to look into different third-party app integrations. There are many BigCommerce integrations available, but you’ll only want to use the ones that will be beneficial for your business. It is important to understand, however, that although these apps are available through the BigCommerce platform, it does not mean that there will be no need for any development work. Each site is different and each site will need to work around what their platform and their chosen app offer in order to integrate it seamlessly into their online store to provide the most benefits and enhancements to their site.

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Aside from conducting BigCommerce integrations, 1Digital® Agency has led many design and development BigCommerce customization projects into success. We’ve built sites from scratch and completed complete website redesigns, keeping in mind the business, the user, and the variety of ways in which to draw in and capture more traffic and consumers. If you want your site to perform the bare minimum and you don’t care about your bounce rate or increasing conversions, then we’re not the agency for you. However, if you want a site that stands out, a site that draws in more users, increases customer engagement and conversions, then you want 1Digital® Agency. Our BigCommerce experts know everything there is to know about building an eCommerce site that converts. We’re BigCommerce partners for a reason, why not give us a call and find out why?

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eCommerce platforms are not simple. If they were simple, then anybody could build a site and anybody could make money. There are so many platforms out there with so many different features and limitations that it is almost impossible for an online store owner to know everything there is to know about what their particular platform offers. In order to ensure that you are getting the most out of your online store, you need to enlist the help of an agency that has access to the nuances, changes, and updates of the platform you are working on. 1Digital® Agency is that agency.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we work across a broad spectrum of online commerce platforms and offer a variety of services from design and development to marketing and SEO. One of the platforms we specialize in is BigCommerce. 1Digital® has worked with BigCommerce since our inception and we continue to maintain close relationships with the team at BigCommerce so that we can offer our BigCommerce clients all the services and support they need to run a successful online business. Our close relationships, constant communication, and high success rate make us an Elite BigCommerce partner. What this means is that while we know our way around the limitations of the BigCommerce platform, we also get the first-hand knowledge and insight into the updates and changes that are happening with the BigCommerce platform. Our elite partner status allows us to stay up to date and informed so that our clients never fall behind.

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BigCommerce offers over 100 marketing apps through their platform. From affiliate programs to CRO, digital marketing and advertising, email marketing, marketing automation and more, we at 1Digital® have the expertise for a seamless integration. One of the email marketing apps we also work closely with is Klaviyo. Read our blog to see how they can help with marketing, client retention, and conversions.


Shipping is one of the biggest issues that eCommerce sites come across, yet it is one of the most important features of any online store. If you want your customers to have a positive experience shopping with your business, then you want to be sure that shipping your products is efficient, easy, and seamless. With experience implementing ShipperHQ, ShipStation and more, 1Digital® can solve the problem that many online stores have.


Managing your cash flow and keeping track of your customer and order data is incredibly important. If you don’t have a proper system in place, you could end up spending an enormous amount of time, money and resources trying to fix mistakes. Utilizing the accounting applications provided through BigCommerce, expert 1Digital® developers can seamlessly integrate any app you prefer so that you can have a quick and easy process that works.


With an open API, BigCommerce allows their platform merchants to build a custom BigCommerce integration with whatever software they need for a more streamlined business. 1Digital® has the expert BigCommerce developers who can help you custom build the API integration of your dreams to offer you more flexibility and allow your business to offer a unique approach to your website and brand.


With third-party apps being integrated into your BigCommerce store, you might find that your website needs a redesign. With countless eCommerce design projects under our belt, 1Digital® designers know what users want and know how to deliver it in accordance with your unique business. They’ll listen to your needs while keeping in mind best-practices to deliver a finished and distinctive site design that impresses.


Work with a Certified Elite BigCommerce Partner like 1Digital® Agency to give your business the best chance it has at a unique eCommerce site that works smoothly without any bugs or issues. With UX and UI in mind, we can transform your online store into a welcoming and engaging site that brings in a high volume of traffic for a maximum chance of conversion.


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If your website doesn’t invite and encourage users to explore, then you have a very small chance of getting them to convert. 1Digital® BigCommerce designers can aid in a website redesign or complete custom website design that encompasses everything a successful eCommerce site needs.

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In order to make things work properly and efficiently, you need to be sure that the development of your website is top notch. From category and product page BigCommerce customization to API and 3rd party integrations, 1Digital® can offer you an exceptional BigCommerce development so that your customers get an experience with your eCommerce store they won’t forget.

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Marketing in eCommerce is everything. With a large number of businesses moving into the online space, you can either advance ahead with marketing or fall behind. From eCommerce SEO, PPC management, social media and email marketing and more, 1Digital® has the expert BigCommerce marketers to boost your rankings and make your business an authority within your industry.

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Choose 1Digital® Agency as your digital marketing agency. With our insight and knowledge of the BigCommerce platform, our close ties to the BigCommerce team, and our experience in BigCommerce integration and customization encompassing design, development, and marketing, we are the agency you need to pull ahead in the eCommerce space and grow your business.

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