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Enterprise ECommerce Will Score Through Mobile

BigCommerce Takes on The Biggest Project Yet – Enterprise ECommerce

With the world of eCommerce becoming more and more competitive and drawing the attention of some of the biggest players in traditional brick-and-mortar business, enterprise eCommerce is becoming an industry in its own right.  The needs of larger businesses making the shift to eCommerce are much different than those of small businesses starting out with a webstore as their first venture.  The good news for companies like the former above is that BigCommerce is undertaking major changes that are likely to further change the game of eCommerce going into 2018.  Looking closely at all the innovations BigCommerce has made this year, as well as those that are already in the pipeline, reveals an eCommerce platform that is hungry to win over the favor of the veterans of offline success.

BigCommerce’s 2017 Victories Outline a Solid Prediction for 2018

Possibly the biggest indicator of BigCommerce’s preparedness for the needs of enterprise eCommerce is the extent of success its current clients have had.  Companies like Etsy and Camelbak, once niche sites are now giants in their own right, and both of them utilize BigCommerce for their webstores.  Etsy’s success is particularly notable, with the custom-product site reporting that almost 30% of their sales come from mobile, a fact whose relevance we will explore in full below.  These companies had their greatest successes online and did so with the help of BigCommerce as a platform and service.

However, BigCommerce’s big wins of 2017 aren’t limited to online-focused businesses.  Martha Stewart Cafe has been on BigCommerce for some time and had fantastic success this year.  It goes without saying that you can’t get much more recognizable than Martha Stewart in regard to brand, and Martha Stewart products have largely had massive success through partnerships with brick-and-mortar veterans like Sears and Target.

With Amazon being the biggest and baddest competitor to all eCommerce companies online, it can be refreshing to see platforms like BigCommerce standing fearless and aiming to keep pace with the titans of online sales by making massive wins for their clients and users.

BigCommerce Strikes Gold Through Mobile Leadership


One of the most interesting changes of the last decade has been the rise of the smartphone.  Few could have predicted the absolute paradigm shift that came with consumers’ ability to browse and shop on their phones, which they usually carry with them everywhere.  As a result of the speed of changes in consumers’ browsing and shopping habits, few companies who were not already fully established in enterprise eCommerce have been prepared to keep in step.  BigCommerce seems determined to change that.

With 2018 quickly approaching, BigCommerce has introduced a collection of tools designed specifically for mobile.  Additionally, the popular eCommerce platform has begun to educate its users about the importance of mobile and has shifted to a more mobile-commerce focused theme in their blog content.  One of the most significant improvements made to BigCommerce in 2017 was the increased integration of digital wallets, like ApplePay.

Digital wallets have proven to be one of the most effective tools in combatting cart abandonment, a problem that plagues eCommerce businesses of all sizes but has a particularly painful effect on enterprise eCommerce clients.  Cart abandonment has been recognized as an issue for years, but it is only recently that major eCommerce platforms realized how significantly their sales were being impacted by lengthy checkout processes which are completely obliterated by digital wallets.

ApplePay, Venmo, and PayPal have all announced major changes this year which have brought new users flocking to their services.  Those users represent an enormous market that has largely been untouched; BigCommerce is poised to funnel such consumers straight to their clients.

Integration With Marketplaces and Social Media Proves Valuable

Integration Solves Problems for Enterprise ECommerce

BigCommerce made waves in 2017 with its successful integration of one-click connections to marketplaces.  EBay, Facebook, and Pinterest are all examples of marketplaces that were brought into BigCommerce’s new Omnichannel Control Panel.  The Omnichannel Control Panel allows BigCommerce users to list their products simultaneously on a wide number of popular marketplaces while controlling the purchases, fulfilment, and tracking centrally through a single page.  Customers see the products listed like any other in their marketplace of choice and do not have to jump through any hoops to make a purchase of a product they want.  Purchases are as little as a single click away.

Few platforms have been able to compete with Amazon’s ability to list other company’s products within their product listings.  However, BigCommerce’s Omnichannel Control Panel seems prepared to be a serious competitor, as it does not require the user to make a separate storefront, unlike Amazon, which often requires sellers to create an Amazon storefront before listing.

BigCommerce’s embrace of the social media markets is in-and-of-itself quite interesting.  Few companies have embraced unconventional selling channels like Facebook Marketplace, largely out of fear of risk.  However, BigCommerce has made tools available for sellers who wish to capitalize on the feature Facebook has been selling so hard.  This has a dual effect: in addition to encouraging sellers to explore a new market, it also builds customer confidence by bringing recognizable products and names to an eCommerce frontier.

Keep an Eye on BigCommerce in 2018

Companies looking to enter eCommerce in 2018 should undeniably keep their eyes tightly focused on BigCommerce.  While BigCommerce isn’t the solution for every company, the promise it holds for enterprise eCommerce is truly exciting.  With companies like Wal-Mart planning a move int0 eCommerce in the coming year, the sky is the limit as to what is possible online.  Traditional brick-and-mortar companies simply need to equip themselves with the right tools and work with the right partners to have fantastic success online.

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