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Why Should You Consider Selling Your Products on Amazon Using an Expert With The BigCommerce Platform

Amazon has become arguably the world’s largest online retailer, meeting the growing demands of consumers who love the “one stop online shopping” experience that Amazon provides. The 33 million customers worldwide who shop on Amazon are purchase-minded and highly motivated to purchase with a simple click on their tablet or phone.

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This high buy-rate of such a varied audience has gotten the attention of online merchants around the world, motivating them to make the shift to the Amazon marketplace. It can’t be argued that leveraging Amazon’s massive user base can be a very effective way to drive up sales for online merchants. In recent years, thousands of BigCommerce merchants have adopted strategies that allow them to sell on Amazon while continuing to grow their own direct sales on their online stores. The business model used by Amazon has made it easy for businesses of all sizes to offer their products to Amazon’s users, giving them a much larger audience than they would likely get on their own. However, navigating the Amazon selling structure can be a nightmare for even the most experienced of businesses. It takes knowledge and experience to ensure that your products don’t get lost among the thousands of other retailers also using Amazon. Enlisting the assistance of an expert digital agency that is experienced with BigCommerce will help you get the best results when you take your online business to the Amazon Marketplace. The developers at 1Digital have been working with BigCommerce since the platform’s creation. No other agency has more expert knowledge of how to use BigCommerce to grow your business!

BigCommerce Seamlessly Integrates With Amazon Selling

BigCommerce is one of the world’s leading ecommerce platforms for virtually every size and type of online merchant. Ecommerce experts love BigCommerce because of its plethora of incredible options and integrations that make it simple to customize it to each retailer’s precise needs. BigCommerce offers more features to grow your sales than almost any other shopping cart software on the market. It includes features like single page checkout, real time shipping quotes, and ability to use coupons, discounts and gift certificates. Features like these help make your customer’s shopping experience top notch.

Included in the ever growing list of features that BigCommerce offers are many items that are designed to increase your chances at ultimate success and growth of your business. The experts at 1Digital Agency know how to make the most of BigCommerce features like built in blogs, ratings and reviews and over 40 payment gateway options. We will work with you to create a responsive website filled with SEO tools and website analytics to help increase your sales.

BigCommerce Comes to The Rescue With a New Amazon Integration Tool

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One of the biggest things that makes BigCommerce stand out against the rest is its awareness to the needs of online retailers that use Amazon selling as part, or all, of their business. In the past when an ecommerce merchant used selling on Amazon as part of their sales strategy, it was difficult and time consuming to maintain separate product catalogs and inventory management. It would also cause a host of problems stemming from inaccurate inventories, such as shopping cart abandonment when an item is out of stock upon checkout. If you add in the time and money lost on having to maintain double listings, utilizing Amazon for sales had a lot of drawbacks.

Last fall, BigCommerce showed yet again how they are experts in providing the best tools for their customers when they added a new Amazon integration. BigCommerce listened to the needs of their customers, and worked to develop a solution to the issues that were happening with adding an Amazon sales channel. When BigCommerce added their Channel Manager, it gave online retailers an amazing way to simplify how they handle their branded storefronts in relation to selling on Amazon.  With this integration, BigCommerce merchants are able to simultaneously sell the same products and control inventory on both their ecommerce websites and on Amazon while maintaining product details, inventory counts and order processing in a single interface. The release made BigCommerce the first cloud-based ecommerce platform to natively support selling on Amazon, Facebook and Pinterest from a single interface.

“We want to help our retail customers capitalize on the revenue opportunity provided by selling on Amazon,” said Jimmy Duvall, chief product officer for BigCommerce. “Effectively competing in today’s retail environment begins with ensuring your products are present wherever your customers want to shop.”

Utilizing BigCommerce’s Channel Manager will save time and money. It is now possible to bulk list products through your BigCommerce website and Amazon at the same time. You can choose which items to list to Amazon, or send the entire catalog. You can automatically sync your inventory across your multi-channels of sales, while maintaining a single product catalog. In addition, you can create custom product titles, descriptions, and price points for your Amazon listings to cater to Amazon’s unique search engine, increasing the chances of your product being seen by the customer. Another advantage of this optimized inventory tracking system is the more efficient and accurate order fulfillment which helps drive up customer loyalty for BigCommerce merchants among Amazon’s vast user base.

The more places that your items can be purchased increases visibility and your chance of sales conversions. When retailers are looking to expand their selling channels, it is imperative to make inventory tracking a top priority. However, with the ever increasing choices that customers have in online shopping, a seamless experience is a must. If a customer runs into a glitch caused by inaccurate inventories or other inconsistencies between shopping mediums, the likelihood of them making a purchase is very slim. This is why you should consider finding a BigCommerce expert who can help you automatically map known products to Amazon categories and ASINs.

1Digital is Your Expert Agency For Your BigCommerce Business

1Digital Agency is a full service Digital Agency that specializes in BigCommerce. Our staff is made up of eCommerce experts and professionals, who focus all of their time and energy into making eCommerce websites that surpass expectations for our clients. Our passion is everything eCommerce, and we work diligently every day to provide solutions to every ecommerce issue facing our customers. Our goal is to help your eCommerce business grow with the support, strategy, consulting and expert knowledge 1Digital on your side!

BigCommerce Experts Answer All of Your Amazon Integration Questions


The eCommerce experts at 1Digital Agency have worked closely with BigCommerce since their inception and they’ve listed 1Digital as one of their certified partners. Our BigCommerce designers, developers and marketing team know this platform inside and out, and their work speaks for itself.

When you choose 1Digital as your BigCommerce digital agency you’ll have a personal account manager keeping you abreast of everything that’s happening with your project at all times. At 1Digital Agency, we work with you to define your needs and vision, then use our BigCommerce expertise to give your site the look and functionality that will make it stand out from the eCommerce crowd. Contact us today for your consultation. When you want the best for your eCommerce business, you can’t afford to put your web store in the hands of anyone else!



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