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How BigCommerce Design Experts Use Redesign to Hit Your Target Demographic

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How BigCommerce Design Experts Use Redesign to Hit Your Target Demographic

The Essential Strategies of BigCommerce Design Experts Revealed

According to the BigCommerce design experts, your website should be redesigned every six months. If you wait longer than six months, then customer trends and SEO strategy are likely to outdistance the capability of your website. An outdated site begins to lack credibility and look unprofessional, particularly compared to a revamped competitor. The top eCommerce companies recognize that regular redesign is part of a strong business plan.

However, redesign should do more for your eCommerce company than keep up with the competition. It is an opportunity to create a website that actually reflects your brand. Better yet, it is a chance to hone in on your target audience. The following strategies employed by BigCommerce design experts, such as 1Digital Agency in Philly, are the perfect ways to use redesign to hit your target demographic.

BigCommerce Design Experts Know, Even “Boring” Brands Can Tell a Story

Storytelling is one of the most successful strategies in website design. Yet, a number of businesses shy away from storytelling on their website. Why the aversion to this incredibly useful technique?

Perhaps the history of the company is complicated, or maybe the brand falls into the category of “boring” industries. Many brands are simply uncertain how to frame their story. These and many other factors can cause an online merchant to use punchy marketing techniques, instead of storytelling. Yet, the best BigCommerce design experts will ensure a website redesign tells a cohesive story about the company.

When Duracable came to 1Digital Agency for a redesign of its BigCommerce site, one of the first initiatives was developing the brand’s story. Drain cleaning machines, cable, and blades aren’t flashy or savvy products to sell online. The old Duracable website made this painfully obvious by highlighting incentives to purchase, instead of highlighting the story that makes Duracable different from competitors.

Sometimes your brand’s story doesn’t fit into words. Images, video, infographics, and other media can also communicate a clear message to your customers. A BigCommerce design expert can incorporate all types of media into your BigCommerce theme to ensure it speaks volumes about your business.

Give Your Brand a Digital Mascot

One constant obstacle for eCommerce companies is humanizing the shopping experience. Whereas online shopping offers convenience and easy product comparison, brick and mortar stores still have human interaction. The distance between business and customer can make it difficult to build trust and connect with customers.

Even business-to-business merchants, such as Duracable, need to create a comfortable shopping experience through their website. It is uncomfortable to buy from a faceless name, no matter what product you are shopping for. A creative tactic by the BigCommerce design experts at 1Digital Agency was the creation of a digital mascot for Duracable.

Duracable Dale is a constant and engaging presence on the new Duracable website. Dale is the representation of the hardworking team at Duracable, and that humanizes the company for customers. He helps customers understand the brand and products sold by Duracable, and encourages a closer relationship between customer and company.

Plus, Duracable Dale is most memorable part of the website. Special offers and free shipping might bring a customer back, but only if they can remember what eCommerce company provided those benefits. Duracable Dale helps with recall. A customer who is shopping around is more likely to return to come back to the Duracable website because Dale sparked their memory.

Bring Your Products to the Forefront

Your customers visit a website to shop, and they want to immediately see what your online store has to offer. This is why images are so important on a BigCommerce store. Themes and custom design offer multiple ways to highlight your products. However, some work better than others.

One issue with the Duracable website before the 1Digital Agency redesign was the products were overshadowed by the intense font and busy layout. What caught your attention was color and contrast, not the individual products. This is a big problem for conversion.


BigCommerce design experts, such as 1Digital Agency, are adept at building online stores that move product placement to the forefront. Even on landing pages, you want the focus on what you sell (and how it is different from competitors). You can see the Duracable website now displays the company’s products effectively. Specific products are showcased in the changing slider. These can be updated as the company receives new inventory or wants to push a specific product. However, the slider isn’t overpowering or aggressive.

In the next section, other products are offset by a subtle red background. The red color catches a viewer’s eye, but doesn’t outshine the product itself. Overall, change to tone and vibrancy of color made a big difference during the Duracable redesign.

What About SEO?

The 1Digital Agency team offers a comprehensive and strategic approach to redesign of any website. Our focus is on how to improve your business by creating a website that speaks to a target audience. We do this through design strategy, custom coding, and branding. However, our redesign services are not restricted to what happens in front of your customers. 1Digital Agency builds a strong SEO strategy to accompany the new website, to ensure your BigCommerce store moves up in search engine rankings and is actually seen by the right customers. In fact, SEO is one of the most important building blocks of our redesign services.

When reworking the Duracable website, 1Digital Agency developed an SEO strategy from the start. We ensured content across all web pages included the optimal keywords and phrases. Now, search engines will preference this stunning website, which is sure to increase the company’s revenue.

If you want to learn more about the 1Digital Agency redesign services, simply visit our webpage on Website Redesign Services.

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