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Better Product Pages = Higher Conversions

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Better Product Pages = Higher Conversions

Whether you run a successful eCommerce store, or are building a new eCommerce store, one of the most important parts that needs attention is product pages. Product pages are the last thing your customers are going to see when they decide to either check out and purchase your products or bounce from your site. If your product pages are hard to navigate and don’t offer a lot of product information, there is a high chance that your site’s visitor will bounce. However, if your site has product pages that are easily navigable with great images, optimized and informative content and descriptions, customer reviews, etc., there is a higher chance of conversion.

When working on products pages, many people might think that because their site has a great design layout and is developed and optimized for a positive user experience, this will convince visitors to purchase their products. However, although how the rest of your site looks and navigates is an essential part of a better user experience, product pages are where customers get all of the information they need about the specific product they are interested in. Even if your products are hard to find and of great quality, if your customers can’t find this out via the product pages, then you lose a potential recurring client.

Let’s take Amazon, for example. I use Amazon for a number of different reasons; their products are sometime cheaper than anywhere else on the web, and they have a variety of products to sift through in order to find exactly what it is I am looking for. Now, sometime I’ll find some products on amazon that I like and could use, I go to the product page, read the information available, read the customer reviews, and then decide that this would be a great choice. They gave me all of the information I needed, gave me options to see similar products that were purchased with the one I’m looking at, and they offered customer reviews about the product and shipping. Other time, however, I go to the product page, I see a short, uninformative product description, no reviews, and no insight whatsoever into what is included in my purchase. With minimal information like this, I am reluctant to purchase the product I am looking at. At that point, I’d rather do some more digging to find another option that gives me better and more information rather than take a chance with something that might give me more work to do in the future once I receive (if I receive) the product.

In order to ensure your product pages are written and designed to offer your potential customer all the information they need for an irresistible purchase, you should take note of the following tips:

Create Amazing Product Photos

When creating your product pages, one of the most important aspects is product images. When people search for products online, the first thing that draws them in is a great product photo. If your photos are dark or only have one image, users aren’t likely going to go through with the purchase. Product photos offer users an idea of what they will be purchasing and gives them a better grasp of what the product will look like when it arrives on their doorstep. Be sure to offer your potential customers clear, quality images with a variety of viewpoints so that they can get a clear picture of what they will be spending their money on.

Create Irresistible Product Descriptions

When selling to online consumers, product descriptions can go a long way. Not only can excellent and informative product descriptions give the consumer a better idea of what they might be purchasing and the benefits involved with making that purchase, but they can also aid with the SEO of your entire site by drawing in more traffic with optimized content that motivates user to buy.

Provide Customer Generated Reviews

Offering your customers a glimpse at what other buyers think of your products is a genius idea for eCommerce stores. Consumers tend to trust their peers, or other like-minded individuals, when it comes to purchasing online. By giving your potential customers insight into what other buyers thought of your products is a great way to increase traffic and trust in your business.

Create A Clear Call to Action

Once a user reaches your product page, finds it easy to navigate with clear and useful information, they will then decide whether or not they will complete the purchase. It’s important to provide users with a clear call to action button (for example, ‘Add to Cart’) to lead them through your purchasing process. You’’ want a button that is easy to find (possibly colored) so that users find checking out on your site easy. However, there are also plenty of cases of users visiting your site with the intention of browsing to purchase at a later day. (I know I’m guilty of this, and I’m sure you are too). Aside from having a clear ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Checkout’ button, you might want to consider adding an ‘Add to Wishlist’ button. This will give users the option of saving items for later and it will allow you to be able to send out reminders every once if and when you’ve received their email.

In this blog post, I’ve only mentioned four tips to keep in mind for your eCommerce store. There are, however, a great many more one can consider when beefing up product pages. One of them being options. Color options, size options, any other options you can think of for your product. If you adhere to these tips (and more) when it comes to your product pages, you’ll have a higher chance of converting users to customers. For more information on how to keep customers engaged on your product pages, check out 1Digital Agency. We’ve worked with a number of different eCommerce stores and know what it takes to convert consumers to customers. Head on over to our website and check out our portfolio or give us a call at 215-809-1567 and let our experts help you build a site worth buying from!

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