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We’d like to announce something… 1Digital Agency loves Volusion. That’s right, we’re not afraid of our feelings, and when Volusion offers the kind of amazing features, office support and services that it does, why should we be? We’re showing that love by offering up examples of our 5 Best Volusion Templates Designs.

At 1Digital Agency we’re proud to offer a wide range of Volusion custom templates and Volusion Store design services to our clients. The work our Volusion web designers have done in the platform is just a part of what makes 1Digital a top rated eCommerce agency. Take a moment to browse our top 5 Volusion templates designs, listed below. While you’re at it, check out our Volusion templates for sale, for the latest custom designed and premium Volusion templates in our arsenal and capabilities.

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Volusion Templates

Scandinavia – Volusion Template

With its clean lines, liberal use of white space, and muted color scheme, the Scandinavia Volusion template breathes relaxed elegance.  Scandinavia’s pages are well ordered and easily readable. This Volusion template uses color very sparingly, highlighting your item’s price, and the ‘add to cart’ button.

Volusion Template for sale


Beard – Volusion Template

Looking for a Volusion template that’s relaxed, but with just a tad more pop than Scandinavia? Check out Beard. Beard showcases your products particularly well by framing them just enough to draw the eye, but not so much that they seem cut off from the rest of the design. Its navigation is spread out and clickable, instead of hidden in a hamburger menu, off in the corner.

Best Volusion Templates

LA Banks – Volusion Template

The LA Banks Volusion template features a layered homepage that gives it a feeling of depth. With a lot of space for images, the colors in LA Banks jump off of the page. On the categories and products pages, LA Banks gets right down to business. These are simple, clean pages, with easy to navigate purchase options.

Custom Volusion Templates

Emmerson – Volusion Template

Emmerson is the glamorous member of this group of Volusion custom templates. The white and gold color scheme evokes a chic aesthetic that is perfect for displaying products related to the finer things in life. Emmerson also has especially prominent buttons for Volusion integration with social media, so your customers can interact with your store in all the unique levels of their lifestyle.

Free Volusion Templates

Primary – Volusion Template

Primary’s bright colors and blocky design give it’s homepage an intellectual sense of play that is reminiscent of Legos, or a Rubik’s Cube. But despite this Volusion template’s colorful levity, Primary was designed to look professional, trustworthy, and above all, be a serious space to sell a serious amount of products.


Custom Volusion Templates

If you’re thinking of getting into the eCommerce game, or already have a web store that’s thirsty for a redesign, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of Volusion Design experts is ready and willing to design a site that’s just right for you and your business.

Our Volusion custom templates offer the elegant look of a custom designed site, without the associated budget. However, if you’re interested in a web store tailor made for your exact needs, a ground up, custom Volusion store design is the best way to go. Whether you need an uncomplicated homepage that encourages account creation, or robust integration with your CRM, our team of Volusion design experts can craft just about anything the Volusion platform allows.

If you’ve liked any of the above designs you can check out more great Volusion custom templates right here, or give us a call to get an expert opinion on your eCommerce website.

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