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New Pinterest Features

Pinterest is still one of the best platforms for eCommerce merchants that want to promote their products, capture more organic traffic, capitalize on trends, and scale their business effectively. 

Here we will dive right into some of the best Pinterest growth strategies you can use in order to grow your online store. We will also highlight some of the newest features that Pinterest just rolled out with, including the Watch Tab and “Takes.”

Make Video Content For Pinterest

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, these days, video content is what gets clicks

While Pinterest began as a photo-only platform and was a slow-mover compared to some of the other social media giants in terms of having decent video functionality, that has all changed. You could even say that Pinterest has taken a video first position with the rollout of the Watch Tab.

This should not come as a surprise. TikTok, along with YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels are now the dominant way to serve engaging content online. 

Pinterest has just released a few sweeping updates that have changed the way users scroll their feeds. You can opt for the traditional Pinterest experience by using the Browse Tab (which is now dominated by video content anyway), or switch over to the Watch Tab, which is Pinterest’s take on the TikTok experience. 

Pinterest released “Idea Pins” a while ago, which were essentially a pared down vertical video format that seemed more like a Twitter Fleet than an actual Instagram Reel. They worked for what they were meant for however, and that was mainly for simple calls to action, recipes, and outfit inspiration ideas. 

The Watch Tab is designed to curate only Idea Pins that are based on what the users want to see, so in other words, a TikTok-esque algorithm working in the background. Good news for content creators and merchants that want to get as many eyes as possible on their products organically. 

Idea Pins (on iOS and Android, no desktop support just yet) get a full makeover. Video editing, music tracks, stickers, the works. Video content is the Pinterest growth strategy you should be utilizing, and is one of the key elements of our own Pinterest marketing services here at 1Digital. 

Pinterest Board Strategy

Proper Board Structure

Pinterest has come a long way from being a digital mood board. 

Pinners still use the platform to pin content in random boards according to their own hobbies and interests, but as an eCommerce merchant this isn’t what you should be doing with your account. 

Make sure that you are utilizing Pinterest Boards to their fullest potential, by plotting them out in the same way that you have your category pages structured on your own online store. 

This not only makes relevant content easy to find for users that search your profile, but helps improve your overall Pinterest SEO, which is a key growth strategy for growing your account. 

Everything that applies to traditional eCommerce SEO applies here: you want to make sure each of your boards is labeled clearly, with the right keywords and a description that explains what users will find on that board, with the right keywords as well. 

The pins you put on these optimized boards will have a better shot at ranking in the Pinterest Search engine, as well as in Google if your board gets enough attention. 

This is another key aspect of our Pinterest management services, so take this as your cue to get your Pinterest boards in order, stat!

Pinterest Takes

Take on Community Growth With “Takes”

Another feature that was popularized on TikTok, Pinterest “Takes” allow for a greater depth of user engagement by allowing anyone to “respond” to Idea Pins with their own content. 

Pinterest actually took away the ability to like and comment on pins a few years ago, which turned out to be the wrong move. Even if most people want to use Pinterest as a search engine and not so much a social media platform, that extra level of engagement was part of what hooked users. 

So they brought back these features (along with “react” likes and some other functionality) not that long ago. “Takes” completely changes the way users will interact with content on the platform now, however, as these response videos will act much like TikTok videos in the sense that users can play off of the Idea Pins of other creators and put their own spin on them. This encourages content creators to create Idea Pins that are suitable and engaging enough to be worthy of Takes.

Keep this in mind as you develop your Pinterest growth strategy going forward, the content you generate should allow users to engage with it as best as possible for maximum exposure. 

Pinterest is a Shoppable Platform

If you are trying to boost traffic and sales for your eCommerce store, you’re missing out if you aren’t taking advantage of the fact that Pinterest has features that make it highly shoppable. 

You might be wondering what that means.

Simply that the platform is designed to encourage shopping. Large, high quality product graphics that click through to product pages has always been a staple of Pinterest and why it enjoys the highest eCommerce conversion rates in the entire social media world. 

This trend is likely to continue as Pinterest continues to update its shoppable features. Product tagging, Idea Pin product tagging, shop integration, and of course engaging video content in the popular TikTok style are all ways Pinterest is competing in this arena. 

Certain products even have AR Try On enabled on Pinterest, which allows you to see yourself wearing, for instance, a color of eyeshadow. This augmented reality feature is expected to explode across most major social media and eCommerce platforms in the next few years, and it’s interesting to see Pinterest come out ahead on this one. 

You also can’t forget about Pinterest PPC advertising. While Pinterest is great for generating organic traction, it has always had a seamless and rather effective advertising suite that is only getting better. As you scroll both the Browse Tab and Watch Tab, it’s hard to even spot which posts are ads and which aren’t, which is a testament to the seamless way in which ads are served on the platform. 

While there are less targeting options on Pinterest compared to PPC powerhouses like Facebook and Google, for many eCommerce industries, Pinterest advertising makes a lot of sense. If you are already on the platform and see decent organic engagement, chances are you would see a healthy ROAS with the help of a skilled social media advertising agency at the helm.

Pinterest Influencer Marketing

Best Pinterest Growth Service For Stores That Want to Scale

If you are ready to start scaling your eCommerce store, Pinterest very well could be a game changer for you. With so many interesting new features that seek to compete head on with the other social media platforms, it makes sense to be present there. 

Let’s review some of the key benefits of Pinterest and new features they have rolled out: 

  • Idea Pins (engaging TikTok format video content in a dedicated feed)
  • New Idea Pin features (filters, stickers, editing, music tracks, and more)
  • Product tagging (any pin can be feature a clickable link to one of your products)
  • Pinterest SEO: gain organic exposure by using tried and tested SEO tactics
  • Takes enable users to engage with and “respond” to your content in a whole new way, like TikTok but better suited for community growth
  • Augmented Reality “try on” functionality for certain products
  • Creator Code, a content guideline rule set released to enforce high standards on the platform
  • Pinterest Trends has been overhauled to provide marketers and merchants with even more insight into buying trends
  • Seamless advertising that doesn’t feel invasive 

Need a Pinterest growth strategy? We got you covered

We specialize in meaningful marketing campaigns that improve user engagement and traffic, as well as brand impact and your bottom line. Here at 1Digital, we are eCommerce focused, which means Pinterest is one of our favorite platforms to create strategies on. 

If you have been looking around for a Pinterest growth partner or Pinterest marketing services and want to approach your marketing efforts on Pinterest in a strategic fashion, just get in touch with us. We love to help merchants succeed on Pinterest and we think your shoppers want to see more of you there too! 


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