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The Benefits of eCommerce Podcasting

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The Benefits of eCommerce Podcasting

5 eCommerce Podcasts For eCommerce Merchants

Podcasting is one of the most popular trends of the modern media. With so many podcasts to choose from, the platform has become increasingly competitive, leaving many attempts in the dust. Although it may be profitable for an eCommerce business owner to buy into the hype, it’s important to recognize how much effort actually goes into these podcasts. They need to be thought-provoking, informative, and entertaining, all at the same time. Not only this, but creating a beloved podcast takes a certain amount of rapport with your listeners. People need to trust you and want to hear from you, and that’s not necessarily an easy task to accomplish.


Those who have accomplished these coveted podcast positions in eCommerce have built quite a following, some of which use their podcast to boost their own business. Podcasts can drastically change your outlook on tactics and business strategies which, in turn, can boost your sales. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to recognize the benefits of podcasting as well as the effort that it takes to build an audience. It takes high quality content that engages the listeners and fills their minds with new information. Plenty of business owners could benefit from listening to podcasts that pertain to their industry, or just business as a whole, and that’s why 1Digital Agency has compiled a list of some of our favorites.

The Fizzle Show

We want to start off with The Fizzle Show because it truly ties together the most lucrative aspects of a podcast. It’s humorous, entertaining, informative, and will leave you with better ideas on how to run your business. With incredible business advice to go off of, as well as some nifty tutorials on, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable podcast about eCommerce. Sometimes, it’s nice to learn leisurely. Fizzle is the perfect podcast for that. They mainly focus on new eCommerce entrepreneurs, so if you’re new to the game, this is the perfect place to educate yourself!



Leighton Taylor is a web designer that offers eCommerce advice to startups and small businesses and conducts interviews with high profile entrepreneurs. What we like about this podcast is its versatility; you’re going to be able to learn about a wide range of topics and stay ahead of the competition. For any beginners, this is also a fantastic choice. The podcast keeps terminology simple and sweet, so there isn’t a huge learning curve. Whether you need help with conversion optimization, site building, or building traffic, you’ll find that EcommercePulse is a great place to start.


My Wife Quit Her Job

The host of this podcast, Steve Chou, portrays a real-world experience of what it’s like to start an eCommerce business. This one focuses on working practically and realistically; think of it as a “how to start an eCommerce business without selling everything that you own” guide. Through thoughtful interviews conducted with successful eCommerce merchants that tote rags to riches stories and Steve’s own advice, you’ll learn a lot about working smart, not just hard. 1Digital loves this podcast because it sensibly highlights some of the tangible struggles that anyone faces when starting their own eCommerce business.



Andrew Warner took a risk and created an internet business by using all of the credit on his credit cards. His risk paid off, and his business makes millions in revenues each year. MIXERGY is a follow up creation with the intention of educating business owners from a success story perspective. We’re not suggesting you max out all of your credit cards or anything, but check this one out! He interviews some of the top dogs of the eCommerce markets, like Andrew Mason of Groupon and Tony Hsieh of Zappos. If you want to hear advice from the people who’ve really made great things happen for their eCommerce stores, this is a wonderful podcast to start with.


Niche Pursuits

If you’re shooting for a niche industry or website, this is the perfect podcast for you. Spencer Haws builds niche websites that target the less competitive keywords. If you’ve ever heard of the Long Tail Pro tool that’s used for keyword research, that’s him too. Sometimes, all your business needs is some solid advice on how to maintain the simple things, like rank higher on your organic searches or better navigate your WordPress. For those who’ve cornered themselves into a niche and feel a little helpless at times, you might take comfort in knowing that there are solutions, and Spencer’s podcast will deliver a surplus of them.

Create Your Own Podcast

1Digital Agency employees love to listen to podcasts for extra tips and helpful guides. Nobody is perfect and everybody can use some advice every now and then, so why not dive in with some entertainment as well? Sometimes, when you aren’t working, a podcast can feel like a relaxing escape that also builds your business lexicon. However, sometimes it’s you who has things to say! If you think that you have what it takes to start a podcast, consider these few key elements:


Build Trust: Be the authority on your subject and don’t waste anyone’s time. Create thick and useful material that people can get behind.


Explain Yourself: People want to know who they’re listening to. Let them know. Explain why you’re the authority on your subject and why your business ventures matter.


Network: Get to know other podcasts and pick their brains for techniques. This goes for every facet of business; podcasting is no different.


Create a Sense of Camaraderie: Treat your podcast like you’re building a community. You want everyone involved to feel a sense of belonging, like it’s a place for refuge.

The most important step is to promote yourself. The whole point of your podcast is to create a conversation and reel in more business, so this should come as no surprise. Always remind listeners what business the valuable information is actually coming from. These other tips are to build a true podcast, instead of just an ad, but you still want people to know your name and business. A high quality podcast can actually reel in more customers and establish your business as a true authority in its field. Never be afraid to branch out and never be afraid to promote yourself as a success story!

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