An Expert eCommerce Digital Agency Spills the Beans on eCommerce PPC

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An Expert eCommerce Digital Agency Spills the Beans on eCommerce PPC

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An Expert eCommerce Digital Agency Spills the Beans on eCommerce PPC

An Expert eCommerce Digital Agency Spills the Beans on eCommerce PPC

The Importance of eCommerce PPC Advertising and How an eCommerce Digital Agency Can Help

As an eCommerce Digital Agency, when advising our United States customers on marketing strategies, our primary focus is often on SEO. The fact is that your clients turn to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to search for products online. They bank on these sites to provide them with results that come closest to what they are looking for using a bunch of keywords. As long as you rank for your target keywords, you are pretty much guaranteed conversions.

But SEO is complicated and can take some time to come to fruition. So the time it takes for you to start ranking for any keyword is the time when you won’t be getting much traffic. And then there is always the chance that your SEO strategy could fail. The honest truth is that if you don’t rank among the top 5 or 10 results for a keyword, there may not be any traffic coming to you.

An eCommerce Digital Agency right here in the United States is the order of the day. Not only can we help you create a content strategy that boosts your site’s organic rank in SERPs, but are experts in designing campaigns that will give a substantial boost to your online presence. We understand that your products need to appear at the top of SERPs for any kind of click through. It’s irrelevant whether this is through SEO or PPC (pay-per-click).

The most common and successful form of online advertisements is the PPC model. In fact, SEO and PPC are the yin and yang of digital marketing and an important part of any eCommerce Digital Agency’s arsenal. You need to tap into both of them if you want to increase sales and ROI.

Organic rankings are the best. There is no doubt about that. But running PPC ads allows you to jump on top of the line quicker and target a particular type of customer for higher conversions. Plus a PPC campaign on a social media site like Instagram or Facebook gives you access to a unique market.

At the end of the day, if you have the money to invest in ads, a well-run PPC campaign will get results. And business is all about results.

An Expert eCommerce Digital Agency Spills the Beans on eCommerce PPC

Why is PPC Better Than CPM?

So when you are planning an advertising campaign, you will be confronted with the decision of selecting a model. While this does not affect how your ads turn out or how they perform, they do affect your budget. Let’s talk about the two most popular types i.e. PPC and CPM to understand which one is better for an eCommerce site.

PPC stands for pay per click in which you only pay for you ads when someone clicks on them. PPC is also sometimes referred to as CPC (cost per click). When users click on your ad, they are directed to your product page or website. The great thing about PPC is that your advertising costs are directly related to results.

The other type of model is the CPM which stands for cost per mill. Basically, in this model, you pay for the number of times viewers see your ad, irrespective of them clicking on it. While the bidding rates for these are much lower than CPC, the total advertising costs actually turn out to be much higher since there is no correlation of these costs with the conversions. With that in mind not many eCommerce Digital Agencies (including us) recommend CPM. CPM is more of a Plan B if you like, where some part of the budget is diverted into it to create an online presence regardless of the conversions.

eCommerce PPC

Running a successful PPC campaign in the US in conjunction with an eCommerce Digital Agency will get you traffic and a lot of it fast. But traffic does not always translate to sales. Because of this, PPC has got a bit of a reputation for not getting results and therefore being a bad investment. This is not true. PPC will get you traffic to your eCommerce site, but it can’t convert for you. It is the structure of your website, the content, the user accessibility and other factors that will dictate whether a visitor on your site stays and completes the transaction or bails on you.

As a famous saying by Avinash Kaushik goes, “Never let ads write checks your website can’t cash.”

You need to make sure your eCommerce site, your landing pages are good enough to handle the traffic that a PPC campaign will send your way. This is step number one. Injecting loads of money into PPC won’t do you much good if you haven’t laid down the foundation first. If you are not sure how to do this, get in touch with an eCommerce Digital Agency like us to lend you a hand.

To Use a PPC Campaign for Your eCommerce Store or Not

There are a lot of things going for PPC which makes it a worthwhile investment. Setting up and launching a campaign is a walk in the park. You get quick, measurable results which allow you to identify what is not working and change it up. The ROI of a PPC campaign is more often than not on the higher side as well.

Expert eCommerce Digital Agency

There are no fixed costs. You only pay if you get a click. This eliminates risk on your end. Using SEM, you can keep track of all your ads, their target keywords, their CTRs, and thus their performance. All of this data will help you make better business decisions. You get the chance to do a bit of trial and error and get things right. You can schedule and target ads using specific perimeters. All of this makes PPC a vital cog in your marketing machinery.

So why is it that not everyone is into PPC? Or more pertinently, should they be? Well, you’ve got to understand that PPC is an ever running expense. As long as you want traffic, you’ll need to pay for it. It could help you build a dedicated customer base in the long run, but for that kind of time investment, SEO provides much better results. What this means is that you must have a rolling budget dedicated to it.

It is you who must make a choice. If your profits from orders are not high enough to warrant PPC, then so be it. If your website is doing good enough business from organic search, then you don’t need PPC. But if you’re struggling to build a customer base or rank in search, PPC may very well save the day.

Still not sure if you need PPC? An eCommerce Digital Agency like us can take a look at your business needs and help you decide.

Get a Professional eCommerce Digital Agency in the United States to Tailor Your PPC Campaign

PPC offers tangible results but only if you know what you’re doing. It will get you visitors and sales if you know how to tap into its potential. Most advertisement providers like Adwords or are designed for business owners like yourself in mind. But turning to experts who have the know-how and experience to run successful PPC campaigns is always better. It’s not always about your advertising budget. It is how you use it that matters.
1 Digital Agency offers PPC expertise all across the board. Be it Google, Bing or social media, our experts are well versed in the art of creating ad campaigns that promise exceptional ROI and conversions. We put your needs in front of our own at every turn. Give us a call at 888.982.8869 or contact us and let the best eCommerce Digital Agency to show you how it’s done.




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