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Why Amazon PPC?

Because PPC is tough, and if you go into an Amazon PPC campaign blind, you can end up throwing away money, chasing after bad keywords. 1Digital® can increase your ROI while decreasing your ad spend by optimizing your Amazon PPC campaign. We’ll get rid of the keyword targeting that isn’t producing, and create strong variations of the keywords that do work.

Increase Sales

Many shoppers come to Amazon ready to buy. Advertising helps you reach customers who are searching for products like yours to purchase.

Get Discovered

Advertising provides an instant visibility boost to your brand and products. Ads appear in highly visible placements, like page one of search results or on product detail pages.

Control Costs

Pay only for the clicks your ads receive. Campaign reports track ad spend and performance, so you can learn what’s working and fine-tune your campaigns.

How it Works

Select your products and enter keywords

Your ads may appear alongside search results

Shoppers who click are taken to the detail page where your offer is listed

You only pay when your ad is clicked

Ready to get started?

1Digital Agency has the tools to make your products stand out amongst the biggest crowd in eCommerce, the Amazon Marketplace. Our laser targeted Amazon PPC campaigns will allow you to speak directly to your customers, in one of the nosiest places on the internet.

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