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In the online marketplace, where trends are adopted quickly and consumer behavior changes seemingly overnight, you’ll need a flexible and adaptable partner with a history of solving complex problems. At 1Digital®, we are highly responsive to changes and challenges in eCommerce and respond with flexible approaches. We work with our eCommerce clients to provide insights and information they can use to make difficult, yet important business decisions.

Whether you are a current client or are looking for an eCommerce agency to get advice and support, we offer nuggets of useful information and bits of insight. Join us here for special topics and solutions from our team as well as other eCommerce business owners like yourself. Take advantage of 1Digital® special offers and tools that can help your business maintain a steady course.

Professional Website Design Tips: Seven Design Features to Avoid

We spend a lot of time offering our readers and our clients advice on design features that would benefit the layouts of their eCommerce websites. It’s useful information and our insight has propelled many of our clients to great success Read more

Build an Online Store in Minutes Using BigCommerce

BigCommerce is one of the top eCommerce platforms for online businesses. They offer a slew of functionality features and marketing analytics to help businesses grow and expand operations. 1Digital Agency is a BigCommerce Certified Elite Partner, and we can help you design, launch, maintain, and market your BigCommerce store. Give us a call and talk with one of our BigCommerce experts today! Read more

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We’re at the forefront of developments to eCommerce strategies and practices, and we’re offering the same expert SEO, PPC, design & development services and support that we always have. Be sure to check back to keep up with the latest news and developments. Call us at 888. 982. 8269 for a FREE In-depth SEO analysis — sign up today.

Using Google Stories for eCommerce

Google Stories, also known as AMP Stories and web stories, is a newer feature that Google has been testing the waters with, likely due to the rise in popularity of the “stories” format that has been adopted by Instagram, Facebook,… Read more

A Quick Guide on Editing Your BigCommerce Theme

You’re probably here because you’re looking at ways to update or edit the theme on your BigCommerce store. Good news – as one of the most trusted and capable eCommerce platforms for businesses of all sizes, in all industries,… Read more

What Is Instagram Shopping and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

nstagram has grown significantly over the past few years and now dominates the social media scene. With humble beginnings as a generic photo-sharing platform, it has since morphed into a trendsetting billion-user app that continues…Read more

5 Key Metrics That May Indicate the Need for an eCommerce Redesign

Design is only one feature of a website that affects user experience. It’s a huge one, though. Design impacts how a brand makes users feel, affects how users navigate through pages to find products and consume content, and how…Read more

Getting Started With Google Tag Manager for eCommerce

Communication and tracking between web properties and advertising platforms have grown increasingly important as businesses and website owners seek to learn everything they can about user behavior in order to improve customer… Read more

Digital Marketing Tips for Consumer Electronics Stores

Digital marketing is an essential part of operating a successful eCommerce business no matter what industry you are in. Some industries, however, are more competitive than others and may require a more sophisticated approach. Read more

Tips to Prepare for the Online Holiday Shopping Rush

The holiday season is important for most retailers – but this year, the holiday shopping season is going to be more impactful than most. Some online businesses might rely on this upcoming holiday season to reverse negative effects still lingering from the first half of 2020. Read more

Using SEO to Overcome the Challenges of the Fashion Industry

For most traditional retail businesses, it has been a rough year to successfully navigate. Even once popular brands have had to completely rethink their strategies, close locations, and cut… Read more

Open Up an Ecommerce Side to Your Retail Operations

Getting into business requires an entrepreneurial spirit. Staying in business requires adaptability, communication, attention to your market’s preferences, and much more. Luckily, those things come naturally to those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Read more

The Advantages of a Custom Ecommerce Website Design

When you need superior functionality and truly eye-catching layouts for your online store, it’s time to start thinking about implementing a custom design. Basic templates and plugins are great for small stores that are just getting started, but at a certain… Read more

Why Your eCommerce Website Needs Social Proof

Social proof – anything that indicates who is using your products or services, or why they are using them, how they are using them, when they are using them, and what they think of them. There are many different forms of social proof, and in today’s world,… Read more

3 Ways to Improve Ecommerce Search Functionality

One of the most important factors about every eCommerce website that tends to get overlooked is the search functionality. Search functionality is what allows your customers to find the product or content they are looking for on your website. Read more


Writers such as bloggers and copywriters, as well as SEO specialists, will often use the term EAT when referring to the quality of content on a website. This term is critical to understand for two very specific reasons. For one, it will vastly affect your user experience, and if that were not important enough, it can also impact your eCommerce website’s SEO. Read more | Free SEO Audit


For anyone who operates an online store, knowing all of the ways in which you can market your products and connect with your customers is important. Using videos for eCommerce is one way to increase the informative value of your product… Read more


The interaction between your customers and your eCommerce brand can have a variety of benefits. Not only does it give you the opportunity to continue growing your business, but it also allows… Read more

Defining Mobile Optimized Design

We’ve drawn attention to the rising, increasing significance of the portion of eCommerce known as M-commerce, also known as mobile commerce. As more and more people turn to mobile devices to research products… Read more

Increase Conversions and Lower Bounce Rate with Easy Navigation

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The spread of the coronavirus has had untold effects on everyone, in their personal lives as… Read more


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How to Quickly Launch a WordPress eCommerce Website

Despite its reputation as a reliable blogging platform, you can also create a powerful eCommerce website on WordPress by following a few simple steps. While you may… Read more

eCommerce SEO: Bring Organic Traffic to Your Online Store

Perfecting SEO on your website is never easy. You’re competing with everyone in your industry for those top 10 spots on Google. Here at 1Digital®, we can help you get at the top of those rankings and grow your organic ranking, traffic, and conversions.

Kmherbals Beyond Surviving and Thriving: Serving the Community

In recent weeks, there has been an unprecedented amount of coverage over the spread of the novel Coronavirus, and the overwhelming majority of that coverage has … Read more

Best Ecommerce SEO Practices Are More Important Now Than Ever

Now that many businesses are facing forced closures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, many industries have almost nearly ground… Read more | Free SEO Audit


The COVID-19 outbreak is having devastating effects for many businesses across the nation and around the world. With so many people staying home, business… Read more


You may have heard of the importance of content marketing and wondered if it was all it was made out to be. In the first place, it can be helpful to set some framework since content takes many forms and can be used for…Read more


With the rise of online presence and a need to go digital, many business owners and operations are starting to understand that there is… Read more | Free SEO Audit


Mobile shopping is not a fad. In fact, it is an irreversible tide of the digital marketplace. More and more consumers are turning to their phones,… Read more | Responsive Design

5 Small Development Support Projects You Didn’t Know Were So Important

  • Homepage

    There can be many reasons for you to add a homepage popup to get a specific message across to customers before they ever begin shopping with you.

  • Landing Pages

    Are you preparing for a big holiday sale? Do you have a new physical location with a new target audience you want to reach?

  • Navigation

    When people visit a physical location, they like to be able to find things quickly and easily.

  • Search Features

    Another way potential customers will navigate your website is to just search for the product or topic themselves by conducting a search query.

  • Checkout

    When your eCommerce store is your only form of business, you need to make sure that customers are able to get through checkout in a timely manner.

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Shifting your attention and business online.


Merchants operating only brick and mortar businesses may be missing out on the potential that eCommerce operations can afford. This doesn’t mean, however, that they must abandon their current scheme. Instead, businesses that are currently operating physical retail outlets may be very well positioned to build an eCommerce business in order to capitalize on the growth in online sales.

In addition, running both online and face to face operations can strengthen a brand, improve visibility, and make a business more adaptable to sudden changes in the market or shifts in consumer behavior. Getting into eCommerce can be easier than it seems, and there is no better time than the present to expand your business to the online world.

Here are only some of the reasons that established businesses can and should make this shift:

  • You already run a business
  • You know your target audience
  • Your customers already know you and trust you
  • You know what products to sell
  • You don’t need to develop any new products to start selling online
  • You already collect payment for products
  • You already have inventory
  • You are equipped to handle any customer service requests
  • You know how to market your products and their benefits
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