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1Digital® is a collective of distinctive personalities with diverse skill sets all working towards one common goal, to make eCommerce websites great. Our developers are relentless problem solvers, looking for new ways to make eCommerce platforms do more. Our designers are meticulous architects, building out site designs by placing one element at a time. Our marketers are obsessive researchers, constantly gathering information about new methods and strategies. We’re a digital marketing agency that helps brands ignite their true eCommerce potential.

We work best as the go-to digital team for committed eCommerce merchants who are enthusiastic about taking steps towards improving their online business. If that sounds like the kind of business owner you are, we want to work with you. Get to know us. We think you’ll want to work with us too. We service clients in the mid-market and we’re partners with enterprise eCommerce solutions from platforms like BigCommerce Enterprise, Shopify Plus and Magento. We’re best known for our top eCommerce website design services, custom development work, and best in class eCommerce SEO services.

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The 1Digital® design team is composed of artists and creatives working collaboratively on exciting statements made with visual language Our designers work with you, get your input and filter it through their years of UX/UI experience so that your design hits all the eCommerce marks, and still conveys your unique story.


Our development team is made up of experts in every eCommerce CMS platform. They know the limitations of each eCommerce platform and how exactly we can stretch them to help our clients achieve their goals. If you give our development team your specific requirements, chances are good we’ll find a way to make them work with your site, and if we can’t we’ll let you know what your best options look like.

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing department is probably the most skill set diverse in the entire 1Digital® organization. We have writers that create engaging content. We have analysts that look at data and solve problems creatively. We have technical managers that keep clients sites in top shape. Digital marketing can be challenging to take on by yourself. Our team can help you create a cohesive plan of attack.


Our account managers, designers, and developers all work together on supporting our clients. We want the end of our initial project to mark the beginning of a longer and more fruitful relationship with our clients. Our lines of communication remain open after a project is closed so you can come back for whatever services your eCommerce business might need.

I’m Dan Kogan

Founder and CEO of 1Digital® Agency. My entire professional career has been spent accumulating expertise in the eCommerce world, and I’d like the chance to put that expertise to work for you.


My eCommerce Journey

[ what a ride! ]

In 1999, eCommerce was the new frontier, but only for those who could recognize the potential. As early as this was, you could find me posting products on eBay (long before it was a household name) and simultaneously programming for Intel. I knew that eCommerce was the future, so I did something about it. I left Intel to start my first eCommerce store, which sold As Seen On TV products, and it was an instant hit! My enthusiasm for the world of fashion led me to sell that business and found the premium fashion company, Emoda. Between 2003 and 2009, Emoda grew into a $10 million per year in eCommerce business with three brick and mortar locations in Philadelphia & Atlanta, until the financial collapse in 2009.

After years of helping family & friends with their online businesses, I moved on to consulting for enterprise eCommerce companies that needed my help. In 2012, I founded 1Digital® Agency, and we’ve stormed onto the eCommerce scene as one of the most well-regarded digital marketing agencies around. We are laser focused on eCommerce, and we’re eager to shape your online business into a success story.

Today, 1Digital® continues to refine the art of Genius eCommerce® every day with a strong portfolio, a network of trusted partners, and an expanding base of satisfied customers that take eCommerce seriously.

My mission is clear:
I want to help merchants achieve online success.

Genius eCommerce® is in our DNA [ ecommerce digital marketing agency ]

We’re real people

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They love us too

Awesome team to work with! They know what they are doing and they are easy to work with / I was previously using one of their competitors that actually is not to far from them and it was the worst experience / After finding 1Digital and working with them on our initial project we have now worked together on several projects
Shams | Avleaderz.com| avleaderz.com
1Digital was great to work with and I would highly recommend – I am even having them develop more for me because of how great a job they did! After hearing the unique checkout process needed for my company and the budget constraints, they developed a custom and creative solution that saved both time and money
Logan | Resonategifts.com| resonategifts.com
Working with 1Digital Agency was a pleasure! Mason and his Team over-delivered on the look, feel and functionality of our new site / The communication throughout the process was excellent – with Mason and the Team troubleshooting any issues quickly and professionally
EMF Blues| emfblues.com

eCommerce SEO

If you work in eCommerce, you know that an eCommerce web store is not your typical website. The same goes for eCommerce SEO. eCommerce sites can have dozens, or hundreds or thousands of product and category specific content fields, which can raise or tank your search rankings, depending on how they’re handled.

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eCommerce PPC

Our PPC experts have the experience to bespoke a top performing PPC strategy that will make your business stand out and outbid competitors while spending less money in the process. That’s because we take the time to get to know your eCommerce business, your goals, your competitors, and your unique challenges, before we start planning. Then we activity test and track your metrics and data.

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