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A Beginner’s Guide to BigCommerce SEO

When people spend enough time in a marketing or digital marketing atmosphere they start to learn the lingo and are able to fluently talk with their peers about projects and campaigns within their field without any risk of miscommunicating. The issue is that once someone spends TOO much time within the marketing field they may forget that not everyone understands the same jargon as they do.

The words “BigCommerce SEO” probably mean very little to someone that doesn’t have a background in digital marketing. At 1Digital®, we don’t expect everyone we work with to already be a BigCommerce SEO expert. In this guide, we will go over the basics for anyone who’s completely new to the world of BigCommerce or SEO

What is BigCommerce?

You can’t learn about BigCommerce SEO unless you first know about BigCommerce, so let’s start at the beginning. BigCommerce is a business that provides an eCommerce platform as part of a SAAS delivery model. SAAS stands for “system as a service” and means that their eCommerce software is licensed under a subscription-type basis. Essentially, BigCommerce is an eCommerce store builder that powers thousands of online businesses around the world.

If your eCommerce shop is already utilizing BigCommerce’s SEO services, then you’re a step ahead of the game. If you haven’t already it’s important to familiarize yourself with BigCommerces’s many different features. Here are just a few of the many beneficial BigCommerce

Customizable Design Themes – When using BigCommerce you have a collection of themes available at your fingertips that makes a design for your eCommerce store that much simpler. The innovative platform allows a business to design with ease, but it also makes integration easier for an outside agency to help with design and development on your eCommerce site.

Abandoned Cart Saver – This feature is one that most BigCommerce users brag about. It allows a way for you to recover lost sales. You can decide whether or not you want emails to go out once a customer abandons their cart. The customization is endless. Create a message that fits your company’s aesthetic.

What is SEO?

Here at 1Digital® Agency, our team of eCommerce experts live and breathe SEO, so there’s no one better to answer the question of “what is SEO”. SEO stands for search engine optimization. In the most basic of terms, SEO is the process of making your website more easily visible on search engines like Google.

To succeed in any competitive online market it is essential to rank as highly as possible. Without visibility, no potential customers will be able to find your site. Even a well-built and smooth-running eCommerce store will not translate to sales if people are searching for items that you sell and your competitors’ sites are at the top of the ranking. This is what makes SEO so crucial for any eCommerce business.

The SEO Process

Obviously, the process that leads to higher Google results is a bit more complex than just magically gaining a higher rank. SEO involves a strong team of experts to truly succeed. Extensive research goes into choosing the keywords that your target market is searching for and which searches will lead to the highest ROI for your company. It’s a constant dance between what searches can get people to your site and which clicks to your site will result in sales.

When working with a professional BigCommerce SEO agency, the next step after keyword research and keyword selection would be content creation. At 1Digital®, off-site content is created by knowledgeable and experienced writers to keep a professional tone while matching the company’s aesthetic. They are then used to build backlinks so that Google acknowledges you like a website that’s worthy of higher rankings.

This offsite content combined with an efficient and component team and onsite blogs for your eCommerce website make for a winning combination. We have a hands-on team that will work through every step of the process with you, so if you read through this article until the end don’t be concerned.

Does BigCommerce Work Well With SEO?

You’ve made it this far, so you’re probably wondering, “what does BigCommerce have to do with SEO”. SEO and BigCommerce go hand-in-hand. The BigCommerce platform is ideal for SEO because of the many helpful features that it offers. This is where many believe that BigCommerce takes the edge over their major competitor, Shopify.

One of the many features that BigCommerce offers is based on SEO and SEO management. This can help immensely with an SEO campaign. Many other eCommerce-based platforms don’t have something as innovative as this. Without proper experience and knowledge of the inner workings of SEO, it still may be difficult to maneuver, but a qualified BigCommerce SEO expert can easily make the difference.

The Importance of Working with a BigCommerce Partner

At 1Digital® Agency, we are a certified BigCommerce partner. This means we are well-versed with BigCommerce and its tools. If you are using BigCommerce for your business then we already have a good idea of how things are going from a development standpoint. As a BigCommerce SEO company, we have the skills to provide more than just SEO work for our clients. When it comes to design and development, we have a history of success for our clients.

Working with a well-rounded BigCommerce SEO agency will come in handy for any issues or hiccups that arise over the course of your campaign. Because we specialize in BigCommerce SEO, design, and development, the transitional learning period is nearly non-existent when working with companies that are using the BigCommerce platform. Our experience with BigCommerce definitely gives us a major advantage.

1Digital® Agency is a BigCommerce SEO company that is well-versed in all things BigCommerce and all things SEO. If you are interested in increasing your google search rankings but don’t know where to begin feel free to reach out to us on our site or at 888-982-8269. We are excited to use our knowledge and experience, and offer our Bigcommerce SEO Services to help your company grow.


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