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The eCommerce world is complex and ever-changing. Website functionality is constantly adapting and requires updating and maintenance. In order to maintain a competitive advantage in your industry, you must choose the most advantageous partnerships. Working with a Shopify Plus agency that has experience developing custom solutions for businesses like yours will help you respond effectively to competitive challenges and changing consumer behavior. Our expertise in the minute intricacies of a multitude of eCommerce platforms enables us to deliver creative and effective solutions, ranging from API integrations to ensure functionality to custom coding of proprietary, original tools. 1Digital® Agency draws on years of experience as a Shopify Plus development company to furnish you with the ability to meet and triumph over the challenges specific to your eCommerce business.

Superior Shopify Plus Experts

1Digital® Agency’s experts work with all of the top eCommerce platforms and have developed a thorough expertise in the operation and management of each of them. Our Shopify Plus experts are uniquely qualified to manage and solve the problems Shopify Plus merchants face, even in significantly different industries.

Merchants looking to grow their businesses may be challenged by issues as simple as bugs to issues as complex as the need for a unique Shopify app that will require extensive, advanced custom coding and integration. For our clients, we’ve provided both services and everything in between. Familiar with all aspects of Shopify Plus sites, from the basic interface to the API and backend coding of the Shopify platform, our Shopify Plus development agency puts the skills of some of the most talented developers in the field to the test. We’re preferred Shopify Plus partners with both the experience and the credentials to prove it.

Shopify Plus Developers Enhancing User Experience with Custom Development

Shopify Plus, like all eCommerce platforms, balances native functionality with a set of limitations. These limitations can be frustrating to some merchants of the platform, but they are not insurmountable, especially when you employ the aptitude of a seasoned Shopify Plus development. Our Shopify Plus developers have designed and developed websites from the ground up, tackled complex app development projects, created high-quality responsive designs, and completed complicated API integrations for our Shopify customers. Though our experience is far-reaching, the needs of eCommerce businesses are often specific to the operation and can only be uncovered and solved through individual discovery, which is where our consultative Shopify Plus experts really provide extra value. We don’t just solve issues; we help develop competitive eCommerce websites that will grow and scale accordingly to meet increased demand, shifting competition and other unique challenges.

Why Choose Us as Your Shopify Plus Development Agency?

1Digital® Agency has extensive experience working with the top eCommerce platforms, and with customers in various industries. Drawing on that experience, we have developed a process that consistently enables us to deliver high-level results for our clients, regardless of their unique needs.

We allocate a specific workspace to each and every Shopify development project that we manage. All Shopify Plus design and development work that we perform will be completed within the confines of a sandbox to protect your live website from the issues associated with an ongoing development project. Even after we have completed the development deliverables as per the scope of your project, we will complete a comprehensive quality assurance check to identify and rectify any potential issues that might arise if the updates were developed on a live site. Once QA testing has been completed, we migrate the changes from the sandbox to your live site and then provide a free support period during which you may contact your project manager to address and solve any issues that you might experience. Explore examples of the work that our digital marketing agency has completed for real clients, visit our Client Portfolio. Contact a Shopify Plus developer at 1Digital® Agency at 888-982-8269 today to get started developing a more competitive Shopify website.

is a Top Shopify Plus Development Agency

Custom Development

You want your website to stand out. You want it to entice users to keep clicking and convert into repeat customers. From inviting category pages to product page customizations that allow for personalization and checkout cart pages that encourage users to complete a purchase, 1Digital® Agency is the agency you need for a fully custom developed website that converts.

Responsive Development

Responsive development is a necessity for any online business that wants users to visit their site. If your website is not responsive, it will not only deter people from visiting your site, but it will also tell Google that your website isn’t optimized to cater to your audience, which will result in fallen rankings.

Mobile App Development

Make your eCommerce store easier to shop by giving your customers what they want: simplicity and ease of use. At 1Digital® Agency, our mobile app development team can create an app, for Apple, Android, or both, that will allow your customers to easily shop your site without having to use a web browser.

Shopify Plus API Integration

Shopify Plus offers merchants a larger number of prebuilt APIs compared to regular Shopify stores. If there isn’t a prebuilt connection, 1Digital® has the Shopify Plus expert developers that can build API connections seamlessly into your store so that you can focus on the business of selling rather than collecting and saving data.

Conversion Rate Optimization

For a higher conversion rate, you need to be sure your website caters full circle to your audience. Through design, development, and marketing, 1Digital® will ensure your site delivers the best performance with the best appearance and continues to draw in new and repeat users.

Shopify Plus Development Agency

If you want a team that can deliver the best results all while working in conjunction with you and your Shopify Plus team, then you want 1Digital® Agency. As preferred Shopify Plus partners, we have the connections, the experience, and the know-how to bring an eCommerce site from almost there to flawless perfection.

Shopify Plus Development Services

  • Website Updates & Enhancements

  • Plugin and 3rd Party Issues & Updates

  • Graphic Design

  • Website Bugs & Issues

  • Custom Integration

  • Custom Coding

  • API Development

  • Consulting

Shopify Plus eCommerce Services

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